Weaver, with Akaviri looks






Luna, usually referred to as Commander Luna, was a Weaver and a commander within the Black Fang. She was the mother of Setsuna, and could therefore have been described as Lucien's lover.

She had proven to be one of the greatest warriors amongst the Black Fang, her skill nearly unmatched. She also served as one of the greatest assassins amongst the Black Fang.


Little is known about Luna's past. At a young age, her family was killed by Tsaesci raiders, but the girl was successfully saved by a few Black Fang who happened to be nearby. The Black Fang were about to leave her to her own fate, when she suddenly asked to join them, as their honour and pride had reminded her of the tales her parents had told her of ancient Akaviri warriors of ages long passed.

She was Akaviri, and so were her parents, but she had an Imperial grandfather.

Personality and Nature

Luna was very proud and honourable, but she was also ruthlessly efficient in battle, and effective at silent killing and subterfuge. She was very dutiful, and followed any order without a regret. The Black Fang was her life, and her honour, and she served them faithfully until her death.

While proud and honourable, she placed duty before all else, serving her leaders in life and in death.


Luna's outfit was standard female Black Fang armour, and like most Black Fang, she preferred not to show her face.

She also carried a black katana with her, which she inherited from her parents. It did not have any special abilities or effects, but she valued the blade almost as much as she valued her usefulness to the Black Fang.

She also carried a pair of black daggers, as well as a pouch full of black throwing knives.


Luna's powers were never revealed before her death, but she was very skilled both in spell and in sword.

Like all Weavers, she was a master of umbrakinesis, as well as body morphing.


  • Luna was a Weaver, a creature of darkness and power.
  • Luna was one of the last Akaviri in existence, although her blood was overridden with Weaver blood.
  • Luna was arguably the best assassin amongst the Black Fang, but she could easily hold her own in both melee and ranged battles.
  • Luna was one of the only high-ranking Black Fang that did not enjoy manipulating and controlling everything around her.
  • Like most high-ranking Black Fang, she was very elegant and reserved.
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