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I'm use to being without a home, so do you mind if we stay here the night just until we get our bearings?
— Lurac asking the vagrant Hesnill for a place to stay

Lurac gro-Khazgur is an Orc archer, a former hunter of the Mor Khazgur stronghold, and currently in the service of High King Harald as a Karl. When disguised he uses the Atmoran name Randúlfr. In 1E 140, he ventured to the city of Vindhelm to seek mercenary work with the Atmorans. There he came to the attention of the High King and became involved with his conquest of Skyrim, becoming one of his soldiers.



Born as one of the many sons of the chief. Lurac was born to the chief's first wife, the Huntswife. He grew up like any other Orc, trained and taught from a young age to contribute and defend his tribe—his destiny was to follow in the footsteps of his mother and become a hunter. However, unlike the other children of the tribe, Lurac grew up with a nearly remarkable intellect; he was a thoughtful and curious child, who preferred tasks that involved his mind more than physical. Seen as weak but arrogant, he often drew the ire of his siblings during their childhood, with the exception of Balorn, an older brother, and Glasa, a younger sister.

Early on, he had a discontent with his life, as his destiny had been decided for him, he would be a hunter. He was born with little to no magical talent, so he never drew the attention of the Wise-Woman—he was left to follow a path he never wanted. Ostracised by most of his siblings, Lurac became quiet, shy and insecure. He merely accepted his circumstances, never fought for himself—only Balorn ever stood up for him. Despite his own misfortune, he grew protective of Glasa.

He left his stronghold, wandering Skyrim in a self-imposed exile. He is oft reluctant to speak of his history, for reasons he claims to be his own; however he is a man with a deep dislike for his own culture and people, often critiquing how daughters are treated as political broodmares and sons turning against their fathers to do the very same as them. He says he sought out the Atmorans and learned their language and ways to begin a few life. He acted as a mercenary for some smaller human communities despite the prejudice that he faced he was able to make a modest living.

When Lurac heard of Jarl Harald Word-Bringer's war declaration against the Falmer in 1E 139, he had not been very interested and ignored the conflict. It was not until he heard that in the aftermath of the war Harald declared himself High King that he took an interest and headed to Vindhelm to try to meet with this would-be king.

Walking Winter's Woe

Lurac in his armor

Lurac arrived in Vindhelm. As he was walking to the city entrance he encountered the typical prejudice against his kind. The humans avoided him, some ran in fear, but as soon as he entered he was accosted by the guards. They were unaware of his understanding of their language and spoke as if he was none the wiser. He surprised them when he retorted to their remarks, but that did not stop them from try to detain him it only seemed to spur them on. A hooded woman interfered, distracting the guards with pleas of a murder. Most of the guards left the area in search of the incident, but one remained to watch the Orc and to try to calm her down as she was hysterical. Lurac noticed that she was trying to allow him to escape unnoticed but, unfortunately for him, a crowd of onlookers were watching everything and one of them noticed the Orc attempting to flee. This caused the guard to try to stop him. The woman then tried to fake the guard having stolen from her and punched him, trying to get the crowd to pay attention to the two of them instead of the Orc. Lurac, however, attacked the guard as well and knocked him out. The woman then grabbed him by the wrist and ran with him further into the city.

The two of them hid in the alleyways to escape the guards. The woman introduced herself, she was an Orc named Lash. The two shared their reasons for coming to the human city. She mentioned that her goal was to make an alliance with the human king and her tribe. Lurac thought that she was a little naive, but agreed with her mission. He promised to help her as thanks for getting him out of trouble with the guards. Lurac needed a cloak to hide his appearance, so Lash volunteered to buy him something. She didn't have any human currency so Lurac lent her his coin purse. She headed towards the city market while Lurac waited in the alleyway. Sometime later she returned with the cloak and the purse. Thankfully for him she had not been scammed and paid a reasonable sum of the linen cloak. Now disguised, the two then headed for the city slums to look for a permanent place to hide out with the guards hot on their trail.

The Orcs avoided the guards once more and made it to the city slums outside the walls. There they discovered an abandoned warehouse, but found that it was infested by a large skeever. The skeever nearly attacked them when they approached its food. Lurac restrained himself from attacking the animal, seeing that it was only being territorial and not seeking to harm them. His caution proved fruitfull as a homeless man soon entered the warehouse. He was living in the building and the skeever was his pet. As they did not harm the animal they were able to gain the man's trust and he allowed them to stay the night. The man, Hesnill, befriended them though he did not know that they were Orcs. The two of them stayed with Hesnill in the warehouse, using the hiding spot to escape persecution from the city guard.

A few days later they learned that the High King was holding a melee, some sort of fighting competition. Lurac suggested that joining the melee would be a good way to get on the good side of the Atmorans as they respected strength. Lash was against senseless violence and her skills were as a healer, so she did not enter. To better his disguise, Lurac obtained a metal mask to cover his face so that he could fight in the melee. At the Hall of Trails, he caught a glimpse of his competition, several human warriors, members of the Companions and two Sea Giants. He was unfamiliar with the blue-skinned giants, but knew their land-born kin well during his travels. He didn't like his chances in the melee, but nevertheless he went through with it.

Lurac entered the undercroft of the Hall of Trials where the melee was to be held. He recognized one of the fighters as the guard that had first intercepted him on his arrival in the city. It made him nervous and it was not helped by the fact that he could not partake in refreshments before the match like the others due to his mask. He followed the others out into the pit and saw the large crowd that had come to watch the melee. He prayed to Malacath to watch over him as the roar of the crowd washed over him. He was introduced by the Pit Master as the mysterious warrior Randúlfr.

The two giants began the fight with quite a show, Styld summoning a spectral version of himself to fight the Companions while he attacked the veteran pit fighters. In the chaos Lurac drew his bow and provided cover to the guard, Jeskr, hitting the Nede that was fighting him. However, he was intercepted by the Companion Erik. The human was better equipped and a capable fighter, keeping up with the Orc's swings and pushed him back. Lurac tried a ploy to overpower Erik, but was downed and had the human's blade to his neck. Another Companion, Reynir, intervened and engaged Erik before he could finish off Lurac, much to the Atmoran's displeasure to which he berated Reynir's dishonorable intervention. Lurac had at first taken advantage of Reynir's intervention and backstabbed Erik, but was dissaded by the Atmoran's talk of honor. He returned the shield that he had previously disarmed the Atmoran of so that the fight could at least be on equal footing. Erik was pleased with this and fought off the two of them for a time before the two got the better of him and knocked him out.

By now the Companions had defeated Styld's spectre and some engaged Lurac and Reynir after he got their attention with an arrow. Lurac exchanged blows with the Companion Hoddbroddr, this time fighting one-on-one instead of relying on Reynir to aid him. The Orc wasn't able to best Hodd and was insted drawn to the giants. He proposed a truce, asking Hodd to help take on the giants together as they were the most dangerous opponents in the melee. Hodd agreed and the two joined the fight against the giant Styld who had seemingly killed Jeskr and several others. Lurac was hit in the back by the giantess Hlian. He resisted her first attack and was able to avoid combat as he spotted the downed Jeskr and attempted to rescue him as he looked in ba shape. A priestess came to retrieve Jeskr and the other downed combatants to return them to the undercroft, allowing Lurac to return to the fight. Due to the giant's defensive magic made Lurac's arrows near useless and his lightning cloak kept him from engaging him in melee. Nevertheless, he remained persistently attacking to distract the giant and allow the Tongue Geld to weaken the giant with his shouting magic. Hlian attacked Lurac once more, but Hodd intercepted her and kept the Orc from being defeated. He switched to helping Hodd against Hlian while the Tongue and others defeated the giant. Lurac used his mobility to his advantage. Reynir joined the fight against her and it seemed that they would defeat her together, but Geld, now that he had taken out Styld, went for the Orc.

The Nede Braonan joined Lurac against the Tongue and together the two were able to push the Tongue to his limit, to which he shouted and began to move like a blur. This allowed the Tongue to overpower the two and wail on Lurac with little opposition. Lurac held on long enough for the effects of the shout to end and that was when Geld struck his mask, shattering it and revealing to Geld that he was an Orc. Lurac was beaten, bruised and bloodied but he did not surrender and continued to exchange blows with the Tongue. He was able to knock over the Tongue and the two locked weapons, with the Atmoran's magic axe burning Lurac hands causing him to let go. He used his own axe, but was struck in the shoulder which ignited his cloak. He then removed it, showing his true appearance to the crowd much to their shock. He landed a lucky hit against Geld's stomach, forcing the injured Atmoran to surrender the duel. Lurac was not in much better shape, but he saw that Hlian was still a threat and so went to Hodd and Reynir's aid once more. Hodd was proply defeated by the giantess leaving only him and Reynir, both of whom were quite injured, to take her on. Braonan was fighting another human, Reyl. Lurac tried to convince them to stop fighting each other and help with the giantess, but to no avail. The Orc saved Reynir from one of Hlian's spells, but was then proply defeated as his body had reached its limit and the giantess shocked him to uncontiousness.

When Lurac came to, he was in the undercroft, having been dragged there by the priestess. He was healed up by her, who seemingly didn't care that he was an Orc. The melee was at its end then, with only Reynir and Reyl remaining. Lurac joined the Companions who were watching the last duel and offered his moral support to Reynir whom had aided him many times in the melee and to whom he felt a bond. The Companions did not appreciate his comments and shunned him. Reyl pulled the final victory, being declared the winner of the melee. Despite the melee having concluded, the guards kept the fighters inside the undercroft and in particular singled out Lurac.

High King Harald soon arrived to meet with the combatants. He complimented the fighters and thanked them for the blood they spilled in the Hall, promising them all compensation for their sacrifice. The king ordered the Pit Master to bring in the gold, paying all the fighters. To Geld and Reyl he extended the offer of making them a housecarl. To others he offered service or work. Among those were the two giants and Braonan. To the Orc, he offered him a choice of either prison or service. Reynir tried to defend him, calling him honorable given how he helped Reynir during the melee. Captain Bodvar chastased him for his dilusions. Unsurprisingly, Lurac accepted service. Harald then forced him to give him information on Lash. Still with little choice, he gave her all the information that he knew about her. By coincidence, they met her within the Hall as she had infiltrated to check up on Lurac. Harald did not give her a choice either, taking her as a political prisoner - a hostage - due to her heritage as the daughter of an Orc chieftain. She did not seem happy with the outcome as her suggestion of an alliance was turned down immediately by the High King.

Lurac spent the next week getting accustomed to his new role. He was given more liberty than Lash, who was kept hostage in the palace, but he was kept under constant watch by the guards. He trained and familiarized himself with the city, and meeting with lash a few times. However, they were kept mostly apart so that the two could not conspire in Orcish. Since Lash could not leave the palace, he was the one that went to retrieve their equipment from Hesnill's warehouse. A guard went with him since they didn't trust the Orc. When he arrived there was someone else in there, a boy. Thinking him a thief, Lurac checked up on their gear to find it all there. They questioned the boy, who was surprised with Lurac's ability to speak Atmoran. The boy didn't seem of any importance so the guard let him go. Lurac met with Jeskr's friends, whom had been there when he first entered the city. They thanked him for helping Jeskr out during the melee. He had survived, but was in a coma under care of priests. He did eventually awake, but had spent many days unconscious.

A couple days later, Jarl Arngrim of Saarthal had arrived in the city and challenged High King Harald for the right to rule in the old traditions of Atmora, which was very similar to Orcish customs. The two dueled in the Hall of Trials, with Harald pulling a victory after a hard-fought battle. However, Arngrim's son Hrani tried to assassinate the injured Harald. He shot Harald with an arrow, hitting him in the chest. Before he could finish the assassination attempt, Arngrim's former housecarl Ragnarr stopped Hrani and protected the High King. Lurac was among Harald's met watching the duel and upon the Housecarl Kane jumping into action he joined in against the Saarthal soldiers. He fought past the soldiers and entered the section of the bleachers where Ragnarr was holding off Hrani. He was joined by Ralof, another new servant of Harald's, and the two fought side by side. They came to Ragnarr's aid, forcing Hrani to rely on his thu'um. He froze Ragnarr and led his soldiers against them. Geld entered the fray, then he and Ralof used their Thu'um to overpower Hrani and defeat him. Lurac dueled against a veteran soldier, a man who was as tenacious as he was skilled. Though ultimately he killed him, though not without injury. Lurac came to Ragnarr's aid, helping the frozen man to safety and once he was freed from the ice helped him to a healer. With Hrani down, the other soldiers were soon defeated and the assassination attempt thwarted. Following the attempt, Harald called his banners to march his army to Saarthal, intent on conquering the holds.


Merciful, intelligent and philosophical. He is a man who wears his heart on his sleeve, he strives to be the kindest that he can be--yet he is all too aware of the cruelty of the world and aware that sometimes a firm hand is required.


  • Attributes: Strength & Speed
  • Skills: Expert Leadership/Speechcraft/Survival, Adept Athletics/Acrobatics/Light Armour/One-Handed/Archery.
  • Powers: Swift Warrior, Eagle Eye, Fighting Stance.
  • Equipment: Steel War axe, Mercenary Armour, Hunting Bow, Steel hunting dagger