Thieves' Guild Grandmaster, Agent of Nocturnal, Breeze


Khajiit Caravan, Multiple Gangs, Thieves' Guild

Place of Birth

Corinthe, Elsweyr


Fa'teka (mother)

Ma'Zaka is a Khajiit thief and bandit from Elsweyr, who currently lives in Skyrim as the Guildmaster of the Thieves' Guild.

Early life

Ma'Zaka grew up in the slums of Corinthe, where thievery and some skill with a dagger was required to survive. His father had abandoned his family shortly after he was born, and his mom was terribly sick. He had a a difficult upbringing. He was much smaller than the children, who frequently picked on him. He used to always walk around with a dagger he found, wanting it for protection and even used it to try and sharpen his claws. He was however, very fast, and knew how to sneak. He was an excellent thief, being able to steal from many different places in the city.

His mom passed away at age 10, and after that, he was brought up in a gang. He spent his time going from gang to gang, stealing for them and earning his keep. But he wanted more for his life, not to live in the slums anymore or have his children grow up that way, so he eventually ended up joining up with a Khajiit Caravan, smuggling Moon Sugar and Skooma for them, which he had an addiction to for a short time. Their work got them out of the province and into Cyrodiil, where he started to sell goods with the Caravan and continue to smuggle there substances for them.

Working with the Caravan

Ma'Zaka moved around a lot, since the Caravan would need to travel in order to sell there supplies across the nation and keep there reputation. He saw a lot of different people and things, which did open his mind drastically.

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