Malik Shah ibn-Djadir al-Sahan, or just Malik Sahan is a reknown Alik'r warrior and mercenary hailing from Hammerfell.


Before Skyrim

Nearly nothing is known about Malik before he became a mercenary, besides the fact he hails from the city of Satakalaam. He made a name for himself all across Hammerfell as a competent and skilled mercenary who completed his task to the full, and was known for being ruthless and cold-blooded in the delivery. After achieving all he could in Hammerfell, he decided to travel to unknown lands for fame and glory, choosing Skyrim as his next destination.

Personality and traits

A proud yet humble and respectful warrior, Malik was level-headed and shrewd.


Malik's wears an intricate, masterfully made set of Alik'r armor, which he had done by a master blacksmith from Sentinel. Along with the armor set, he wears a crimson Alik'r hood, which covers the entirety of his head, while on his face lies an elegant and eerie silver-coated mask, which hides his identity behind a multitude of Yokudan inscriptions and symbols masterfully calligraphed into it. At his belt lies a beautiful sabre made by the best blacksmith in Skaven, with an emerald green silk scabbard and astoundingly well made moonstone handle, with sapphire gems adorning it.

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