Mental Magic, also known by many names, is a branch of magic that combines Mysticism, Illusion, Alteration and even destruction to create many effects, such as mind control, mind shattering, mind reading, psionic abilities and many more.

There are many practitioners of Mind Magic in The New Kingdoms, using all sorts of different forms.

Other Names

  • Mind Shaping
  • Mind Bending
  • Mind Warping
  • Psionics
  • Psychic powers
  • Telepathy/Empathy (not actually accurate, as this is only a portion of it)

Effects and abilities

Mental Magic can cause many effects that can be beneficial or harmful to others, It generally is seen as extremely high level illusion, due to how related it is to the mind, although its effects can replicate those of any Magic school. Thus, it is impossible to actually pin Mental Magic down into any one school, since effects similar to all schools of magic can be created with the powers of Mental Magic.

The abilities of mental magic are as follows:

  • Mind Control
  • Memory scrying and modification
  • Telepathy and heightened Empathy
  • Mental destruction and killing through the mind
  • Projection of Psionic waves/bolts that can hurt and destroy
  • Astral Projection
  • Extreme increases in Illusion capabilities
  • Creation of mental Simulacrums
  • Mental bridging for two way long range communication
  • Creation of magical, illusory copies of oneself or others
  • Mental shielding from other Mind Mages
  • Creation of Psionic constructs.
  • Giving others visions
  • Limited clairvoyance
  • Dreamstriding
  • Limited Reality warping (difficult to perform and very tiring even for the best mind mages, done via accessing the dreamer's mind and controlling it. Risks waking the dreamer)

The most common form of mental magic was the form practised by the former Archmage Alyssa Steelfang, who created a treatise on the subject. Her form causes bleaching of the hair when it is practised, with hair getting closer to white/platinum blonde as the mage masters the skills. Astrid Witchbane, Tavion and the Steelfang family all practise this form, with varying degrees of success.

Other forms exists that do not have the same side effects, or different sets of side effects. Some artefacts are also capable of creating the effects of Mental Magic, such as the Mind Gem from the Gems of Daedric Force.

Known Practitioners

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