Mithas is one of the last living Dwemer on Nirn. He is short, about 4'6, has gray skin, is bald, and has a long black beard. He roams around, wearing this armor and sword, as well as a Dwemer Crossbow. He is commonly referred to by many as mysterious, strange, and a good shot with his crossbow.

Early Life

As a child, Mithas loved practicing Mysticism spells, Destruction spells, and also Conjuration spells. During the night, when he couldn't sleep, he practiced these Schools of Magic. His father, whose name is unknown, trained him every other day in smithing, archery, and one handed weaponry. His mother, who disappeared during his childhood, taught him magic that he was interested in.


During his adulthood, he mined Atherium for the cities in Skyrim, before the Atherium Wars. One day, during his daily mining days, he found a diamond, which he later used to make his armor. Once he did that, he studied in Apocrypha, Hermaeous Mora's realm. During that time, he learned Snow Elf magic, became better in Dwemer magic, learned Maormer magic, and much more.


Mithas appears in Tale of the Dragonborn: Reloaded- Dawn as a common adventurer, as he has not revealed his Dwemer identity.


  • Unlike most Dwemer, Mithas is not aggressive.
  • Mithas' name is from lore.
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