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The Mologmer, or the 'Fire Elves', were a Race of Mer from Hammerfell.


The Mologmer were colonists from Aldmeris, come to establish a city. However, what they found was much worse. As they were excavating the sands to build a foundation for their new city, they came across a strange totem, with mystical powers. It gave the Aldmer the power to withstand the great heat of the desert. They were even able to walk through fire and feel no pain.

However, this power came at a cost. The totem told the Aldmer to worship Mehrunes Dagon, under the name of Mer-Aldu, as their god and savior. They invoked his name, and he came to them. He laughed at their worship, and transformed their golden skin into a red hue, and transformed their green eyes to grey. He then told them to go and conquer.

The newly christened 'Mologmer' attacked the other colonies in Hammerfell, bringing the Aldmeri/Ayleid colonies to ruin. However, they found that they were unable to build permanent cities, as they would burst into flame within a few weeks.

They became wandering tribes, attacking and burning any people that were in their way. Their Empire stretched to the countries of High Rock, Hammerfell, Valenwood, Cyrodiil, and Elsweyr.

Their end came at the hands of the Dwemer. The Rourken clan settled in Hammerfell, bringing down the Totem that was their god. The Mologmer went insane, attacking the Dwemer. They became twisted creatures, who, to this day, dig in the sands searching for their totem.

The Mologmer who didn't agree with Mer-Aldu and were thus untwisted traveled to Stros M'Kai, where they built a permanent city.


The Mologmer live up to 300 years, like the other races of Mer. They are renowned for the Falmer-like appearance, except they have red skin and grey eyes. They are also known for their evil demeanor, for they have no mercy towards their enemies.

The Mologmer who weren't twisted look like Altmer, but they have red skin and grey eyes, like their deformed relatives.


In some accounts, the Mologmer have fire-abilities, able to breathe fire, and have a natural affinity for Destruction magic. However, it is unknown if these accounts are real.