Nait Nelthar
Race Nemer/Breton
Gender Male
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Status Deceased
Titles Leader
Factions Nelthars.
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Family Nelthro Kanir (Ancestor)
Naerion Nelthar(Son)
Naritin Nelthar(Son)
Tolinai Nelthar(Daughter)
Nilya Nelthar(Half-Sister)
To a thing like me a thing like you, well, think how you would feel if a bacteria sat at your table and started to get snarky.
— Nait Nelthar

Nait Nelthar was a powerful mage with mixed blood from Breton and Imperial ancestry. He led the Nelthar Organization until his death in 209 from a meteor thrown by his ancestor.

He controlled the wind at will.


Nait was quite the unpredictable person. He was often regarded as a mad and powerful mage, and within the Nelthar Organization he was regarded as legendary following his death. Getting involved with him or his family may lead to either great glory or great destruction, or anything in between.


A tall individual, Nait Nelthar had light skin. He had a rough beard covering most of his face, and long straight black hair. He also wore Nelthro Kanir's old longcoat, often unbuttoned. Under his coat he wore the same chain shirt reaching down to his thighs with a brown belt tightened around the waist and dark brown pants. On each hand, he wore the same pair of leather bracers and leather boots that Nelthro had. All clothes were returned to Nelthro when Nait was killed.


Nait has relatives leading all the way back to the First Era. The half-elf Nelthro Kanir under the alias Ultima Nelthar was the first one to bear the name, the name was later disregarded by Nelthro's sons. Until the second era when one of his descendants took up the very same name of Ultima Nelthar. He created the Nelthar Organization until he disappeared and his son took over. The Organzation after that often changed their path. Eventually in the 4th Era Nait took the role of Leader.


Nait was born to Volkarion Nelthar and one of his many lovers. At a young age he was trained by Volkarion himself, as well as Praiyso, who trained every single one of his ancestors.

At the age of 17 ,Nait went on a voyage around Nirn, gathering knowledge and power. At some point in his travels, he acquired a most peculiar power, the ability to control the wind at will.

At age 19, Nait became the leader of the Nelthar Organization

At age 20, Nait mastered his power over the wind completely.

At the age of 22, Nait had his first son Naritin Nelthar, and at age 25, Tolinai was born. Finally, Naerion was born at the age of 42.

7 years later, Nait was killed by Ultima Nelthar, returning to the land of the living by possessing Naerion's body.


  • Nait was once a Vampire lord before he cured himself through unknown means.
  • Nait is often depicted as the greatest Nelthar after his death, even though there have been many Nelthars greater than him.
  • Nait has so far only appeared in the Nelthar Canon, however he is frequently mentioned in other canons where the Nelthars appear.
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