Naritin Nelthar
Race Imperial/Breton
Gender Male
Age 63
Status Alive
Titles Leader, Viscount of Kaniros
Factions Nelthars
Birthplace Skingrad, Cyrodiil
Family Nelthro Kanir (Ancestor)
Nait Nelthar (Father - Deceased)
Naerion Nelthar (Brother)
Tolinai Nelthar (Sister)
Nilya Nelthar (Aunt)
Visus Nelthar (Daughter)
Alis Nelthar (Wife)
Nelthro Kanir... I wish he would die soon.
— Naritin Nelthar

Naritin Nelthar is the leader of the Nelthars and the Viscount of Kaniros.


Naritin is rarely seen as evil by the younger members of the Nelthars, however deep down Naritin is among the worst people to ever rise to leadership within the Nelthars, he is also extremely intelligent.


Tall and lean, Naritin Nelthar is light-skinned man. He has rough stubs covering his chin and mouth with long wild unkempt black hair, usually covered by a black hood. As the leader of the Nelthar Organization he wears a black leather cloak with a steel breastplate covering his chest area. He also wears a pair of leather gloves, boots and black pants.

Combat and Skills

Naritin is a powerful mage both in Destruction and Conjuration, as well as some training in how to use a scythe in battle. Though he prefers to have his subordinates fight for him he is a formidable enemy.

Naritin taught himself a unique kind of Magic which he calls Death Magic, anything touched by his magic dies and where he walks the vegetation around him withers and rots. It is in fact an advanced, and forbidden, form of Restoration magic that rapidly absorbs the health of living creatures, including plant life. It is similar to the ability that some vampires possess called Vampiric Drain.

Early Life

Naritin was born to Nait Nelthar in the Fourth Era, year 178. From birth, Naritin had great affinity with magic, especially with Destruction and various forms of Necromancy. Unlike most other Nelthars, Naritin didn't learn magic from others but taught himself everything he knows, from basic Dwemer technology to his unique Death magic. He is the father of Visus Nelthar and the husband of Alis Nelthar.


Character Form

  • Class: Mage
  • Skills: Master Restoration, Expert Destruction/Conjuration, Adept Alteration/Illusion/Two-Handed
  • Spells: Numerous Death Magic spells, Bane of the Undead, Incinirate, Wall of Flames, Conjure Dremora Lord, Ironflesh.
  • Powers: Voice of the Emperor, Death's Handmaiden (Summons an Ethereal Scythe)
  • Equipment: Naritin's Robes, Scythe.

Return of the Septim Dynasty IV

Naritin called a meeting of the Nelthar executives in Helgen, to discuss the deal that Nelthro Kanir made with Daric Lariat, making the Nelthars unofficially join the Stormcrown Alliance. Soon all the executives gathered at the meeting location. Nelthro and Rips-All-Apart, the Argonian Executive, were the last to arrive at the meeting. When they did it began. Naritin greeted all the executives, saying that it had been a long time since their last meeting, mainly because of the war. He said that the Nelthars had taken Daric's side and that he had called them to this meeting in order to tell them that this might be their time. The time to make Tamriel aware of their full presence, not only rumors or whispers. However, before he continued he asked if anyone had a question. The Khajiit executive stood up and said that she believed that participating in the war would only weaken the Nelthars, not make them greater. The Redguard executive agreed and rose from his seat as well. He stated that if they waited for the war to end then they could strike while Tamriel was weakened from the fighting. They weren't as numerous as the Stormcrown Alliance but they had powerful members, so when the alliance was weakened after the war they would be a match for them. Naritin didn't seem to agree, as he formed a black ball of magic in his palm and everyone sat down in fear. The ball then disappeared. He told them that he had another idea. Nelthro had told him that he had secured a seat on the Elder Council for the Nelthars and in return Daric would gain temporary control over them. He said that since Nelthro was the one that had made the deal, they'd have to oblige, but as soon as the war was over they would gain their freedom. The Altmer executive rose and questioned why they should obey a Kanir. The Nord executive slapped him and told him to shut up and not question Naritin, he then stated that the Elder Council was a fine position. The Breton executive then stood up and asked how much power they would acquire as part of the Elder Council. Naritin said that they would get enough power to make everything go their way if they wanted to. He then handed out papers to the executives and told them to sign them to make the deal with Daric official.

Naritin gathered the papers again and looked through the signatures. The Bosmer executive mentioned that Valenwood was also going to start a rebellion soon, and that it might be an advantageous situation for them. Naritin said that he'd look into the matter. After the meeting was concluded, he dismissed everyone. With the meeting finished, all the executives returned to their hideouts. Only Naritin and Nelthro remained in Helgen. They received word from Naerion Nelthar that Daric had called a meeting between House Indoril and House Redoran in Morrowind and decided to head there to participate. Naritin and Nelthro rode past a small patrol talking about how they saw Daric's forces ride past not too long ago. After hearing the news the two made haste and soon caught up to Daric's envoy before they reached the city.

The Mournhold gates were soon opened and a party rode out to meet them. A Dunmer was at the head of it, and Naritin recognized Naerion with him. The Dunmer greeted Daric, and a Redoran Commander by the name of Balyn Omoran. He paused when he saw that the Redoran Archmaster, Dandras, was with them. Though he greeted him as well, before inviting everyone to his palace. Daric accepted the Dunmer's, Joran Nerevar's, invite, and said that it was a pleasure to meet him in person for the first time. He said that Jina Nerevar, Joran's daughter, had told him a lot about her father, like his rank within House Nerevar and House Indoril and his rightful claim to the throne of Morrowind. A Blade rode next to him while Dandras, Balyn and the escort rode behind him. Dandras looked around with disgust. Joran replied rather humbly, saying it was what some people claimed and that on occasion he fancied that it was true. But that ultimately it would fall on Daric to decide who would be the next king, as only someone with his backing would be able to win the throne. Joran turned to Caesar, asking if he had been at the siege of Sentinel. Caesar confirmed that he was, under the command of General Etienne. Daric said that that was the reason why he had called this meeting between House Redoran and House Indoril. The group entered the Palace. The High King requested to be led to a room where they could have their meeting. Joran led them to a large, circular room with a long table in the middle. He took the seat at one end and motioned for them to do the same. Jina took a seat next to her father. Her father then asked what the purpose of the meeting. Dandras sat at the other end. Balyn and his men stood guard behind him. Daric sat in the middle with Caesar standing by his side. Nelthro and Naritin sat near Daric.

Daric firstly said to Dandras that he'd like the meeting to go undisturbed, as the Dunmer looked quite angry. He told him to remove his guards from the room, save for one. Dandras reluctantly agreed and ordered his soldiers out of the room, only Balyn stayed behind. Joran ordered the Indoril Guard out, keeping only the Captain. Daric then replied to Joran, telling him that this was a negotiation. House Redoran and House Indoril must be united in order to defeat the Empire and House Hlaalu. They had already defeated both of them and had begun reclaiming the territories they had previously had conquered from them. Joran agreed, their recent defeat had brought some things to his mind, including the Great Council. He wanted to reform it, giving more rights to the Great Houses. The Great Houses needed to be united. Dandras said that is what House Redoran were doing before the Empire stepping in and made House Hlaalu the ruling house again. The Archmaster said, yelling, that now when Redoran try to continue their work Joran and House Indoril stepped in and messed everything up. The Breton told him to calm down, that there was no need to yell. He acknowledged that it was true that House Redoran had done much for the Dunmer for the past 200 years but that was all in times of war and tragedy. The Oblivion Crisis, the Argonian Invasion, the 2nd Great War. It is true that House Redoran led the Dunmer in those times but other than that Morrowind was separated into rival Houses. Morrowind needed unity, it needed a leader.

Joran suggested that Daric pick someone to back so that the rivalry would stop. Daric said the Empire backing House Hlaalu as they claimed kingship only aggravated their rivalry with the other Great Houses. Him picking a side would have the same effect. The Dunmer needed to settle the matter between themselves, he was only there to make sure it happened. Dandras said that House Redoran's past actions proved that they could and would lead the Dunmer. The Breton asked if the other houses would follow. The Archmaster said they they would make them follow. Daric claimed that that was the problem. House Redoran was a military aligned house. They would always do thing with force according to their code of honor. Dandras explained the Code of Virtues: Duty, Gravity and Piety. Daric nodded, he said that someone more calm minded and not so militaristic needed to be the leader. Someone who was already a born leader. He then turned to Joran and said that it was where came in. The Redoran leader grew angry and yelled. Joran asked if Daric was proclaiming him as king. Daric shook his head and reaffirmed that it was not his place to do that. He was merely saying that he thought Joran was the best person to rule and lead Morrowind. He was the grandson of the Nerevarine. Dandras pointed out that just because he was the descendant of the Nerevarine didn't mean that he should rule. The Breton asked why not. Joran had claim to the throne, he was a spiritual descendant of King Indoril Nerevar of the Chimer. The other Great Houses were far more likely to accept him as ruler than they were of the Redoran Archmaster. All Joran needed was the support of House Redoran. With their armies added to his the Empire and House Hlaalu wouldn't stand a chance. Dandras contemplated, saying that the High King spoke the truth. Joran asked if Dandras would swear fealty to him as king. He promised the Redoran a spot in the future Great Council of Morrowind. The Archmaster pointed out that he was far too young, too inexperienced at ruling. Daric argued that Joran would have the Great Council to aid him. Dandras thought for a bit and said that if he truly would reestablish the Great Council and give House Redoran the freedom and autonomy that House Hlaalu has stolen from them, then he would accept. Indoril would have House Redoran's army by their side, but they would not swear fealty to Joran until the whole of Morrowind was united under his banner.

Joran accepted the deal. Though he said that many may think that House Hlaalu should be destroyed, but he didn't. Not all of them favor the Tyrant, and it was to that side that he would be extending a hand of acceptance and forgiveness. They would still be part of the Great Council. The Redoran said that they haven't been a part of the Council since the 3rd Era. They were kicked out because the Empire abandoned Morrowind in the Oblivion Crisis. They were the Empire's lap dog and now they were back as their lap dog. He asked Joran what made him think they would ever change. They had always been corrupt, working with the Morag Tong, the Camonna Tong and the Thieves Guild. Joran argued that one of the main reasons they rejoined the Empire was because they were exiled. He asked how he would feel if House Redoran was exiled, after all that they had done for Morrowind, and after all the promises he had made him. Besides, being deceitful and working with thieves and assassins was in the very nature of the Dunmer. Once Edras was gone, Joran felt that they could put them back on the right path. Dandras argued that that may be the way of the other houses but House Redoran didn't work with thieves and murderers. If they had ever been kicked out of the Council for being the Empire's lap dog then they wouldn't go back to the Empire and be their lap dog. They would restore their honor, not taint it some more like House Hlaalu has done. Be he said that if he truly thought that House Hlaalu could change their ways once they conquered Narsis and brought unity to Morrowind then it would be on Joran's head when they went back to their old ways and screwed over the Dunmer once more. Joran was fine that that and asked if there was anything else that they needed to discuss. Daric said that that was all. Everyone exited the room.

Nelthro and his descendant had watched the whole meeting and remained quiet, only observing the deal between Houses Redoran and Indoril. After the meeting was over Naritin and Nelthro found Naerion in the palace. Naritin asked his brother what he was up to, as it had been some time since the two had seen each other. Naerion dodged the question, as always. Nelthro decided to leave the two to their reunion and went to sit down on a nearby couch. Naritin mentioned to Naerion that members of the Nelthars were interested in increasing their influence in Valenwood, which intrigued the masked man. Naritin asked Naerion to go help them do so. He questioned his brother and learned that they were merely trying to use the rebellion down there to get favorable seats in powerful positions. Naerion said farewell to his brother, telling him that he would indeed aid the Nelthars in Valenwood. Naritin could tell his brother had something else in mind, but didn't say anything.

Naritin finished his conversation with his brother and headed towards Jina. He bowed and reached out his hand, she knew what he meant to do so she placed her hand atop his. The man then kissed her hand. He said that he heard much about her and was honored to finally meet her. He introduced himself as Naritin Nelthar, the true leader of the Nelthars. He looked over at Nelthro, who chuckled. Jina blushed slightly at the kiss and glanced at Nelthro for a second to see if he noticed. She said it was her pleasure. Then asked where Naerion was going, as he had left after Naritin talked with him. She then asked why he was the true leader of the Nelthars. Naritin explained that Nelthro was the leader of the Kanirs and thus his power over the Nelthars was equal to his. As for his brother, Naerion, he was going to attend to his own business. Nelthro confirmed what he said. Then added that if she had more questions, no one knew more than Naritin about the Nelthar activities, rules and recruitment.

She asked the same question she had to Naerion and Nelthro before, without getting a straight answer. She asked how one joined the Nelthars, how Nelthro was still alive after 4000 years. Naritin said that in order to join, a person needs to be asked by a member of the head family or they are born into the Nelthars. As for Nelthro he said that the old man was a follower of Hermaeus Mora and from the 1st Era. Back then, shortly after the Dunmer Tribunal made themselves living Gods, Nelthro did the same. He used a Divine Artifact and gained the powers of a god, granting him immortality. As for which artifact, not even Nelthro remembered. It had been so long that his memory failed him. Jina bowed her head and asked Naritin if she could join the organization. He asked why she wanted to join them. It was knowledge. She wanted to learn all she could from them, as they had greatly peaked her interest. Naritin agreed. He said that there was no trial she needed to pass, no test. As a Nelthar she must follow orders from officers, most notable, the head family and the Dreadguards. He then handed her a ring with the Nelthar mark and said that by taking the ring she acknowledged his words. Jina took the ring and thanked him. As an afterthought she added a Sir.

A few days after the meeting, Joran left for Narsis with his army. Jina remained behind in Mournhold with the Nelthars. Naritin and Nelthro were having tea in the palace when Jina approached them. She was a little surprised that they of all people would be having tea. They shrugged her comment off. She then once again asked where Naerion was. She also asked a bit more about what her role in the Nelthars would be. Nelthro mentioned Valenwood, without a second thought, but Naritin reminded him not to reveal such sensitive information to acolytes. Jina looked a little confused so Naritin explained it to her. Acolytes were the ones that had not chosen who to follow. There were multiple paths. Tolinai's path of warriors, Volkarion's path of discipline, Nilya Nelthar's path of shadows, Naritin's path of magic, Naerion's path of Minds and Nelthro's path of gods. He told her to think about the paths then choose one. Jina decided to take the path of shadows, as she was already well versed in the skills of a thief. Naritin said that she would then be under Nilya's command, she was his aunt. The highest rank on that path was known as Nox but Jina would start as an apprentice and Nilya would be responsible for her progressing in the organization from then on. The Dunmer asked when she could meet her new superior, to which Naritin said that she was at their headquarters in the Jerral Mountains and he'd need to contact her to tell her to come to Morrowind. After they finished their conversation, Nelthro said that he needed to go. To return to their island off the coast of Akavir, where the Kanir lived. Jina was saddened, not wanting him to leave so soon again. Though she understood and gave him a goodbye hug. The old man told her not to worry and said for her to be strong. He said he would be sure to visit when he could. Afterwards he gathered his things and left the palace.

Naritin muttered, saying that he hoped Nelthro died soon. She watched from the window as Nelthro walked through the city below until finally he was out of sight. Seemingly to try to cheer Jina up, Nariting told her not to be sad. That if Nelthro said that he would visit, then he would. He was not a man to break his word. Jina smiled, appreciating the sentiment. After a couple minutes had passed, Jina asked Naritin more about the path of shadows. He said it was not for him to explain, but that it involved the general skills of a rogue.

Return of the Septim Dynasty V

Naerion Nelthar and Nilya Nelthar soon arrived in Mournhold. Naritin met with them while the Dunmer Great Houses held their meeting. Naritin was glad that the Great Houses were meeting. Naerion asked what made him glad about it. Naritin mentioned something about the curse of leading, which prompted his brother to say that he could lead the Nelthars if he'd like. Naritin said that Naerion leading would be a disaster. Jina Nerevar soon approached them. Naritin mentioned to his aunt that the Dunmer had chosen the path of shadows. Nilya was interested in a new apprentice. Jina greeted her and the two shook hands. Nilya asked about Jina's skills, if she was good at spywork. Jina confirmed this and Nilya was pleased. Jina also mentioned that she was skill in politics and Naerion said that politics were skills used for his own path as well as Naritin's. Jina asked them if she had to remain in only one path, to which Naritin said that she could follow multiple paths. Jina then decided to begin her training under Nilya.

Some time after the Dunmer army marched off to war, the Nelthars followed. Naritin and the others headed to the Imperial City to join the Stormcrown Alliance forces that were gathering there. They brought the Dunmer Princess with them. Soon enough the combined Breton, Nord, Redguard, Dunmer and Bosmer forces attacked the capital. Naritin was watching from a distance, he held his scythe ready to attack as soon as the gate was opened. After the Nords broke though the gates, Naritin headed inside. Naritin entered the city and as his black Death Magic aura was eminating from him he walks straight towards the White-Gold Tower. The city was overrun with undead. An undead soldier attacked him but it fell to his death magic. When he entered Green-Emperor Way, numerous undead fired arrows at him. He managed to dodge them, then turned his head to face the man that had ordered the attack, Augustus Mede. He told him to feel the might of the Nelthars and shot a bolt of Death Magic at him. Beside Augustus were numerous Sloads. One of the Sloads cast a ward on Augustus. The Emperor then pointed his sword at Naritin and said that the Nelthars were nothing compared to him. His sword fired a bolt of Death Magic at Naritin. The Sloads also started casting spells at Naritin. Naritin dodged the bolts. He then retreated before creating as much black fog as possible. The fog spell lingered in the area he had retreated from. Naritin retreated back outside the city, where he regrouped with his Nelthars.

The Nelthars lined up with Naritin Nelthar on the Imperial City bridge. Naritin looked at the army gathering behind him. As the line was completed he spoke up. He told them to fear not pain and fear not darkness, for Ultima Nelthar watched that moment. He riled them up, saying that the spirits of their ancestors were stirring. Spears would be shaken, shields would be splintered and that day they would paint the day in red, with the blood of their foes. The Nelthars would prevail, they would claim glory. He called for the death of the Empire, of the Tyrant and his soldiers. He shouted and the army shouted as well. The Nelthars blew their horn and charged into the city to aid the Alliance. The Nelthar force charged through the gates and like a flood they spread out in all driections to take down the empire. Many went towards the White-Gold Tower once again when Naritin's fog spell dispersed. They attempted to kick down the gate through both brute strength and magical missiles.

Finally the Nelthars broke down the gate and successfully entered the Green Emperor Way district. Suddenly, they heard a large roar an saw a red dragon fly over the city. He head for the Elven Gardens. The Nelthar army finally spread throughout the City, those that didn't join Naritin joined Daric's men and other leaders throughout the city. Green Emperor Way soon became overrun with undead and their Sload masters. Naritin figured that Augustus was gathering all his forces there, so he ordered his Nelthars to hold out until the Alliance came to reinforce them. He ordered Nilya to sneak past the enemy to request help from Daric and any nearby Stormcrown forces. The Nelthars wouldn't be able to hold out for long by themselves. Augustus and his undead army charged into the Palace District. He was leading the attack, the Sloads were in the back of the army controlling the undead. The Bretons and the Nords entered the Palace District to aid the Nelthars. The Dunmer followed the Nords and Bretons. The armies clashed. Augustus was at the front lines slashing at the invaders. Despite the Alliance having greater numbers the Sloads' power to reanimate the fallen soldiers helped keep the battle pretty even on both sides. Naritin was slashing down undead with his scythe. The Alliance forces were winning but slowly, the Sloads' powers to reanimate dead soldiers were keeping the fight relatively even. Naritin had moved up the tower to see better while the Nelthars raining fire on the undead Naritin was dealing with Sloads. He sent a Death Bolt into a sload and it immediately fell, its lifeforce having been drained. A Nelthar brought another Sload's location to him and Naritin quickly dispatched it.

With the Sloads all taken care of the undead forces couldn't maintain their numbers by resurrecting dead alliance forces. The Alliance were able to kill the undead with greater ease. It didn't take that long, only a few short hours, to kill all the undead left in the city. The Emperor, meanwhile, had been defeated by Daric and killed. All over the city the Breton troops put Daric's Septim flag up. They started cleaning up the city. The citizens that were locked in their houses had begun to come out and life slowly came back to the capital. The alliance forces set up camp outside the city, with only a few staying inside to keep order. When all the Legionnaires had returned to Cyrodiil Daric had most of the Alliance soldiers sent back home, to go maintain order in their own provinces. Naritin and the Nelthars returned to the Jerral Mountains, but Naerion was left behind to take the Nelthar seat on the Elder Council. A few Dreadguards remained behind as well to act as his bodyguards.

A couple months later, Naritin received word from Nelthro that Naerion was going to be arrested over some plot that he had tried to do in Valenwood. It didn't surprise Naritin, but he couldn't let his brother be arrested. So he headed to the Imperial City. By the time he arrived guards were already circling him to arrest him. Naritin told them that a Nelthar could only receive judgement from the leader of their organization. The guards looked at Naritin, unsure of who he was. They told him that the arrest was ordered by Emperor Darius, Daric's new name, himself. They still had their weapons drawn. Naritin drew his scythe, ready to fight. He said that he would not allow it, even if the Emperor ordered it. The closest guard took a step back at the sight of the scythe. But he composed himself when his comrades stepped forward. They told the Nelthar that Councilor Naerion was coming with them. Another group of guards approached the scene. Naritin said that he had no choice then and began preparing a Death Magic spell. The eight guards spread out to surround the two Nelthars. Naritin walked closer to Naerion and cast his fog spell, making it surround the two of them. The group of guards had not fully surrounded the two men. They had their weapons drawn and were ready to attack.

Naritin shot a Death Bolt at the guards. The one at which Naritin thrown the bolt jumped to the side after his comrade warned him, the bolt passed inches from him. One of the guards charged Naritin with attempted assault on an Imperial guard. Another guard drew his bow, pointing it at Naritin. They gave him one last warning to stand down. Naerion takes off his mask and looked at the guard holding the bow. He told the guard to point the bow somewhere else and gestured at the other guards. Naritin realized that his brother had hypnotized the guard. The guard repeated what Naerion had said then pointed his bow at one of his comrades. The other guards asking him what he was doing. The guard with the bow shot his companion in the arm. The guard grunted and cursed his comrade. The other guards figured out that their friend was being controlled and two guards rushed in trying to restrain him while he tried shooting at them with his bow. Naritin made the fog spread out towards the guards, while they were occupied by their controlled comrade. The fog touched one of the guards and killed him almost instantaneously. The other guards gasped as their comrade died. They moved back and told each other not to let the fog envelop them. Two guards managed to subdue and restrain their friend that was being mind controlled.

The guards took a step back away from the fog. They asked each other if any of them had bows or knew any spells. One of the guards said that he knew fire magic. The guard captain ordered him to shoot at the Nelthars. The guard readied a spell, while another took the bow and arrows from the one that was being mind controlled. The captain said to wait for his signal. Naritin insulted the guards, said that fire magic wasn't strong enough to defeat him. The guards took another few steps back to remain away from the fog. The captain ordered his men to fire. The spellsword guard cast a firebolt while the other shot an arrow. Naerion cast a Fireball that consumed the firebolt at it continued towards the guards. Meanwhile, Naritin charged another spell. The guards jumped out of the way, one was burned by the fireball but it wasn't fatal. He however did pass out. The guard with the bow shot another arrow at Naerion. The two guards restraining their mind controlled comrade said that they couldn't fight while having to keep him pinned down. The guard captain ordered them to knock him out. The two guards hit the mind controlled guard in the head with the hilt of their swords. He was knocked out cold. Naerion and Naritin dodged the arrow, Naerion moved out of the way as Naritin cast Incinerate. The large fire spell moved towards the guards.

The spell got quite a few of the guards, 3 died instantaneously as the fire hit them. The others barely made it out with their lives as they tried to dodge the spell. Suddenly, a Lightning bolt was shot at Naritin. He turned around and saw Darius' Blade coming at them with another 10 guards. The 10 guards with him prepaired for a fight, 2 of them had bows and switched to range while the other 8 charged in at the enemy. One of the surviving guard from the original group warned them not to touch the fog. Naritin prepared to engage them but all his spells dissipated. He looked around and saw Nelthro Kanir. Nelthro said that this ended now. He told the guards to return to their post immediately, then turned to Naerion and said that he was under arrest. Caesar held his hand up, telling the guards to stand ready. He told Nelthro that the Emperor had ordered him to take Naerion into custody and that is what he intended to do. He then pointed at Naritin and said that he murdered 3 Imperial guards, so he was also going to be taken in. The guard captain corrected him, saying that he killed 4 guards. Caesar corrected his mistake and charged Naritin with four murders and assault on the remaining guards. That earned him a very large bounty.

Nelthro looked at Caesar. He said that it didn't matter and then opened a portal with his powers. He pushed Naerion into it and he disappeared. He then did the same with Naritin. Naritin was back in the Jerral Mountains, where the Dreadguards were restraining his brother to imprison him. Naerion was exiled to the Nelthar lands in the Jerral Mountains by Emperor Darius. He could no longer leave them. Naritin didn't mind.

Back to Roots II

Naritin walked into the White-Gold Tower, where he met up with his sister, Tolinai. She asked him if he was ready. Naritin commented on the fact that Emperor Darius Septim probably didn't care much for him due to the whole situation with Naerion 3 years prior. Tolinai agreed. They met with the Emperor's Prime Minister and requested an audience with Darius. They were told to wait outside the throne room until called.

The Blades that were guarding the throne room opened the door for Naritin and Tolinai to enter. Naritin and Tolinai bowed before the throne. Then Naritin petitioned the Emperor to grant the Nelthar lands in the Jerall Mountains indepence from County Bruma and the High Kingdom of Skyrim. He petitioned for the land to be ruled indepently by the Nelthars. Tolinai reworded Naritin's request, being less blunt and more diplomatic. She asked for Nelthar controlled lands to be completely under Cyrodiil as it's own county. Darius though for a minute. He turned to Naritin and said that their territory was far too small to be its own independent entity. Afterwards he turned to Tolinai, her petition seemed more reasonable. However, they were still too small to be their own county. Naritin insisted, asking the Emperor to reconsider. Darius proposed another solution, if they were so insistent. He proposed that their lands become a Viscounty, not granted the same benefits as a full county, but still allowing the Nelthars to answer directly to the Emperor instead of having to answer to multiple local rulers. As Leader of the Nelthars, Naritin agreed to the proposal and named the Viscounty, Kaniros.

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