Nathyn Starkun is a dunmer mercenary from the island of Solstheim


Nathyn is severely burned, has grey eyes and missing his hair, he bears several scars on his chest and has slight disfiguration in his jaw.

Powers and Abilities

Nathyn is an expert archer and is well-versed in the art of stealth, as a dunmer he has access to their racial ability, Ancestor's wrath to generate a shield of fire around him. In a pinch he cal lose control and target a single opponent with everything he can throw at it and ignore any pain he is in. He is also able to make potions or poisons on the fly without the need for a lab.


Nathyn wears the full gilded elven armour set an and improved elven bow, he has a variety of arrows and potions on him.


Born on the sea of ghosts after his family narrowly escaped an attack on their house in Solstheim. His mother was an enchanter for the Telvanni wizards, his father was a blacksmith from the Summerset Isles. His mother and father made weapons and armor and generally enchanted them to sell and eventually protect their son. Nathyn worked for years as a sellsword for Falkreath Hold, The Rift, Whiterun Hold, and Eastmarch. That was until he was returning to Windhelm to claim a bounty when he met his wife, a fairly successful merchant, who thought she was just traveling through. After the several years they had a daughter and decided to finally find a place to settle down. They settled down in Falkreath Hold. One day while he was out shopping for food in Falkreath a group of bandits attacked his wife and child. Both were left dismembered throughout the home, the only way to tell it was bandits was a dead one by the door. Unable to find where the bandits came from, he went out and attempted to live on. A couple days later, the house was set ablaze with Nathyn inside. Narrowly escaping with his old weapons and armor, he searched the area with no clear sign of from where or who started the fire. With nothing left to do, he set off to go back to fighting, hoping to find his peace…


Nathyn is uneasonable and emotionally unstable, he is quite unpredictable and prone to go into a drunken rage.


  • Thrungvor, Malik, Buronak, Nathyn, Skjor, Farkas and Vilkas vs. Revered Dragon and Krosis


  • Attributes: Endurance and Luck
  • Major Skills: Mastern Sneak; Expert Archery; Expert Alchemy; Expert Illusion; Adept Survival; Adept Light Armor
  • Spells: Detect Dead, Detect Life, Invisibility, Muffle, Pacify, Frenzy Rune, Clairvoyance, Flames
  • Powers: Ancestor's Wrath(Racial), Fury of Madness, Natural Alchemist.
  • Equipment: Gilded Elven Armor set and an improved Elven Bow. Mortar, Pestle, Bowl, and Empty Bottles


  • Nathyn has been a constant in many of Nelthro's Rps
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