Nelthro Kanir
Race Nede/Altmer
Gender Male
Age 4478
Status Alive
Titles Grand Supreme Leader
Factions Nelthars, Kanir Family
Birthplace Chorrol, Cyrodiil
Family Ultima(II) Nelthar (Descendant - Deceased)
14 Children (Deceased)
Jerod "Wolfson" Kanir(Adoptive Grandson)
Lucille_"Mournholm"_Kanir(Adoptive Granddaughter)
For the Persistance Canon version of the character, see Kyrenaz Nelthro Kanir.
A war. Such stupidity, 4000 years and they still can't learn to live in harmony and acceptance.
— Nelthro thinking to himself during the Siege of Sentinel.

Nelthro Kanir, also known as Ultima Nelthar, is the patriarch of the Nelthar clan and holds the title of Grand Supreme Leader, which is the highest rank within the Nelthars.


Nelthro is usually quite calm and collected, he loves adventure and sees knowledge as it's own reward. Despite his lust for adventure, no one can hold a candle to him when it comes to slacking or just being lazy.


Nelthro is a tall man, with red eyes, long, black spiky hair, and a beard. As a member of the Kanir Family, he wears the standard  longcoat that all the other Kanirs of old seem to wear. His coat is often open. Under his coat he wears a chain shirt reaching down to his thighs with a brown belt around the waist and dark brown pants, on each hand he wears a pair of leather bracers and also sports a pair of matching leather boots.

Early life

Nelthro was born to an Altmer father and an Nede mother in 1E 10. His father had been killed a few months before and the mother died during childbirth leaving the newborn completely alone. His parents however were devout followers of Hermaeus Mora and had pleaded with him to protect their child should anything happen to them, Hermaeus Mora had agreed, and took him in, where he acted as his teacher. Hermaeus named him "Ultima"

Over the course of 5 years Nelthro was living in Apocrypha before persuading Hermaeus to allow him to set foot on Nirn. and 2 years later when he returned to his birthplace he discovered a golden ring with "Nelthro" engraved in it, by reading a nearby note he found out that "Nelthro" was the name his parents had chosen for him.


Already as a child Nelthro gained immense power, his knowledge was already great and because of it he knew how to gain power. During his childhood he brought much knowledge to both himself and Hermaeus. Already at the age of 13 Nelthro had his 1st child, a Daughter known as Nelisia, soon after he had 13 more children. He then took up a Surname "Kanir"

Adult Life

Nelthro traveled Tamriel for 2 years before making his first mortal enemy "Vorlyokan", a powerful Orsimer from an outcast clan known as "The Soulcleavers". They hunted the souls of mortals and the chief was especially interested in the soul of Nelthro. The Fight between Nelthro and Vorlyokan lasted for 7 whole years through flatlands to mountains and through shores to the open sea. Before they both ended up shipwrecked of the coast of Akavir, he fought Vorlyokan across the land for a year before they were both utterly defeated by a powerful martial artist by the name of Praiyso. After recovering from their utter defeat they both pledged themselves to Praiyso and his teachings, becoming splendid martial artists themselves, during these years of training Nelthro discovered that he had been both blessed and cursed with the power to erase almost anything in his path from existence, a power he despised because of how he was avoided by most. In 1E 50 at the age of 40, Nelthro left Akavir for good being named "Master Nelthro Kanir" the first non-native master of "The Paw", an Akaviri martial art. During the course of 50 years Nelthro traveled across Nirn as a mercenary and a bringer of peace. Helping people wherever there was a need. Finally, in 1E 100 he retired in Akavir, 90 years old.


In the fourth era Nait Nelthar along with his son unknowingly forced the Return of Nelthro, his power increased to omnipotence. A situation he was not the least bit happy to have been put in, however he decided that he should walk Nirn again to see how his family fared, and to his pleasure his family had become a large organization known as the Nelthar's and Nelthro under the name of Ultima Nelthar was worshiped as a god. Nelthro now modified his orb to allow him to return whenever he wanted and disappeared of the face of Nirn one final time, when Nirn's time ends he will return to carry his family to the next world.


Character Form

  • Class: Living God
  • Skills: Master Destruction, Expert Illusion/Conjuration, Adept Light Armor/One-Handed/Enchanting
  • Spells: Fire Storm, Blizzard, Lightning Storm
  • Powers: Longevity, Nigh-Omnipotence
  • Equipment: Nelthro's Robes

Return of the Septim Dynasty III

Having heard of the unrest in Tamriel, Nelthro decided to pay the continent a visit. He took a ship from his residence in Akavir to Morrowind. Nelthro's ship hit the shore and he walked onto land and smelt the air of Tamriel. He thought about where the Nelthars were currently held up, as last time he had been in the continent they were going to build their base in the Jerall Mountains. He rented a carriage from a nearby village to head into the mountains. When he reached Skyrim, he was intercepted by bandits. They ordered him to give them money or they would kill him. He asked one of the bandits if he was the one that was going to kill him. The bandit didn't reply and instead threatened him again. Nelthro didn't want to get into a fight, as he thought it would be troublesome. He stayed relaxed and showed no signs of fear as he stared at them. The bandit leader ordered the others to attack, they charged at him. When they got close to him, Nelthro showed a bit of his power and scared the bandits off. He told them not to judge a book by its cover and then continued on his way to the Jerall Mountains. When he arrived in the Jerall Mountains he was brought up on current events by the Nelthars. After hearing about the war in Hammerfell and High King Daric Lariat he sent a raven to the Forebears, explaining his intentions of visiting the battlefield.

Some time later, Nelthro arrived in Hammerfell. He entered the city of Rihad to see that there was a lot of tension in the air. Most likely due to the war that have been happening throughout the Empire. He didn't spend much time there, only stopping by to get a carriage. He had heard of the Forebear army moving on Sentinel and headed there to see it. After a couple days, Nelthro got off the carriage some distance from Sentinel, the Forebear army had already begun that attack of the city, and the carriage moved back to Rihad. Nelthro held his hands behind his back and slowly approached the warring city. Nelthro reached the city and thought about the stupidity of war. He was a little baffled that after 4000 years, mortals still couldn't learn to live in harmony and acceptance. He climbed the walls and sat down watching whatever the battle that was taking place. Nelthro looked around from the wall, hearing the noise of the skirmishes taking place. He looked towards the palace just as a dagger came for his throat. He grabbed the hand holding the dagger and twisted it making the attacker release the dagger. He then jumped back, still holding the hand realizing it was a soldier and throwing the soldier into the wall. The helmet of the soldier fell of and it was revealed to be a female. He noticed that the woman was wearing Nelthar armor, more specifically the armor of the Dreadguard. The woman asked him who he was. He was a little surprised that she didn't know who she had been sent to kill. He told her his name and her eyes widened. He then quickly killed her and made note to see which of the current head family members was trying to kill him later, first he watched the Siege of Sentinel in its entirety.

Return of the Septim Dynasty IV

Nelthro stood before the female Dreadguard and asked her name. She told him it was Sachi Nelthar. He asked her to explain the current situation in Tamriel. She explained the war to him. Daric was a descendant of Tiber Septim and was leading a war against Augustus Mede. The Nelthars took Daric's side in the war. Ultima asked her what provinces were in who's control, and where he could find any leaders. She told him that the Stormcrown Alliance consisted of Hammerfell, High Rock and Skyrim and that Morrowind was currently at war as well, the rest was still under the firm grip of the Empire. He thanked her and told her to return to her duties. Nelthro jumped down from the wall and headed to the docks, where he rented a ship to High Rock. Nelthro arrived in Wayrest. He went into the local inn. As he opened the door the inn went silent as everyone looked at him. He walked in and sat down by the counter as everyone returned to their business. He ordered a pint of ale. He bartender asked him what brought him there as he handed a mug to Nelthro. He said that he was looking for Daric Lariat. The bartender told him that Daric was in Shornhelm. Nelthro finished the ale and paid with a single gold nugget. Something the bartender was awestruck by. He then left. He rented a horse and rode north. On the way Nelthro saw one of the Nelthar ravens. Specifically placed around Tamriel to help Nelthar investigators report to Naritin Nelthar or whatever person they wished to reach. Nelthro walked up to it and wrote a letter to Daric: Greetings to you king. I am Nelthro Kanir, grand supreme leader of the Nelthar clan. I am currently on my way to your location, to offer you my services. This would temporarily grant you free reign over the Nelthar family, at least until the war comes to a close. You may expect my presence in Shornhelm soon. -Nelthro Kanir. He sent the raven to seek out the king.

Some time later he rode into Shornhelm and placed his horse in the stables before walking towards the castle. Outside the gates he introduced himself to the guards and said that Daric was expecting him. The guards confirmed this and let him through, one of them leading him inside. Nelthro sat down in the room outside the throne room, where he was told to wait until the High King was done with his current meeting. Guards later informed him that Daric was waiting inside. As the doors opened he walked into the throne room and to the middle of the room just before the throne and knelt. He introduced himself to Daric and asked if he had gotten his letter. Daric said that he did. He asked what the cost of granting the High King free reign over the Nelthars would be, as that was not mentioned in the letter. The old man said that he wished for his family to be granted rank in the Breton's Empire, nothing more. He only wished to see his family prosper and in return he would help Daric seize the throne and grant him free reign of the Nelthar Family as he said in the letter. The Breton asked for him to clarify, if he wanted a noble titles or land or something else. Nelthro said he wanted title and power, a small reward for an Emperor to give out. Still Daric pressed the question, wanting the old man to clarify what he wanted specifically, for he seemed reluctant to agree to a deal without knowing the details. The Nelthar said that he wanted his family to have a reserved seat on the Elder Council, as well as a county for his family to rule. Daric thought a bit. He told Nelthro that he agreed to his deal and asking him to come to his study so that they could sign a document and make it official.

Nelthro followed Daric to his study. The current head of the Nelthars was Naritin, with this kind of power he could do great damage to Tamriel if he wished. He sat at his desk and told the old man to have a seat. Daric started to write out a contract. When he was done writing the terms and conditions, he signed the bottom and then pushed the paper towards Nelthro and handed him a quill. Nelthro first read the contract carefully in case there was anything they hadn't agreed upon. Temporarily free reign until he's on the throne. Nelthar on the Elder Council. When everything seemed in order he signed the paper with Ultima Nelthar, saying no one would believe him if he used his Kanir name. He rose from his seat and told the High King that now he had temporary free reign over the Nelthar family and his services were also on the table. He asked what his orders were, giving a grin. Daric said that he could use more troops and he needed to know what was happening in Cyrodiil. Dark rumors had been spreading around about the Imperial City. My men couldn't get close to the city, but he was sure the Nelthars had their ways. Nelthro nodded, with their resources the Nelthars could infiltrate just about anywhere. Nelthro heard running outside his study. Daric stood up, wondering what it was. He said for Nelthro to excuse him as he checked the sound. Nelthro soon followed the High King outside when he heard yelling from a girl. Apparently she had been attacked by some of the castle guards. He asked if the guards weren't assassins. The Dunmer honestly didn't know. She just recognized one of them as the guard insulting her as she walked out of the High King's study during their first negotiation session, using air quotes as she said the word. Nelthro didn't get why. Nelthro leaned on the wall next to Daric and asked why anyone would wish to kill her. She said she didn't know, it could be because she was Joran Nerevar's daughter or anything. Maybe someone from House Hlaalu, or someone trying to get at her because of her affiliations. Nelthro bowed after hearing that Jina was the daughter of Joran Nerevar. He said to forgive his rudeness, for he had no idea who she was. As for the assassins, he offered to investigate. He enjoyed a good assassin hunt.

He followed Jina to her room where the bodies of the guards were and inspected their armor, their cloaks and pockets. Daric had gone with Jina and Nelthro. He found it odd that his men insulted her, for Bretons weren't known for their racism. Due to the race being half-mer and half-men, they were known to be rather kind to others. He also asked what she meant about her affiliations, but she dodged the question. The Dunmer asked Nelthro who he was, she glanced at the Nelthar symbol he wore. She pointed at the dead guard and told Daric to tell him that. Nelthro introduced himself as Ultima Nelthar but said he cared little for names. She asked about the mark he had on his shoulder. He said it belonged to the The Nelthar Organization, which he was the leader of. Nelthro turned one of the dead guards over to look for anything suspicious. He picked up a note just visible poking up from the shirt of the guard and read it. It mentioned House Redoran. With the note was also a Redoran pin, worn by members of the house. He also found another piece of evidence, one containing the Nelthar mark, but didn't show it to Daric and Jina. He decided to investigate that little piece of evidence himself, in secret. Jina got angry, and turned that anger towards Daric. She said that House Redoran just tried to kill her for being there, trying to take their place as Daric's Dunmer ally. She asked him what he was going to do about that. Nelthro pointed out that it was not uncommon for someone to pin the blame on someone else. He then asked Daric to check the other body, to see if anything could shed some light on the situation. The High King still found it too odd for House Redoran to send assassins to kill Jina in his castle. He agreed with Nelthro in that the situation looked set up. Jina suddenly gasped and fainted. Nelthro turned quickly and ran over to her. He saw that her wound was tinged green and asked Daric to call a healer immediately. Daric ran out into the halls and called for the guards. He came running back with a group of guards and told them to take Jina to the magister to heal.The guards then grabbed her and ran outside to the Magister's shop. Daric then turned to the dead guards and Nelthro. The old man asked where the guards stayed, to which Daric replied that they stay in the Barracks. He supposed that one of the men there could identify the dead guards. Nelthro asked if they should take the bodies with them, but the High King said that he'd have some guards gather them and bring them to the barracks to see if any of my men knew them.

After realizing Daric took care of asking the guards, Nelthro decided to go to the infirmary. He opened the door. He spotted Jina who seems to just have woken up asked her if she felt any better. She said she was fine and thanked him for asking. The Dunmer then decided to quench her curiosity so she asked about the Nelthar Family that Nelthro had mentioned before. She then glared at the Healer, who wouldn't let her leave the room until she was all healed. Nelthro walked over and sat down on a chair conveniently placed next to the bed. He told her that the Nelthars were more like an Organization, as most members were not really part of the family. They were a secret Organization, even if they weren't trying too hard to stay a secret now. It's led by his descendants, called the head family. They have members in every province and their base was in the Jerral Mountains. They were originally founded to stop disasters from happening but that had changed a long time ago. Now they just appeared during large events to try to influence the outcome. The head family members each had their own goal now. Jina was surprised that he said they were his descendants. She asked how old he was and out of curiosity how one would join the organization. Nelthro revealed that he was over 4000 years old and was in fact the first to carry the name Nelthar. As for joining one would need to speak to his descendants about that. Daric walked into the healer's shop. He went over to Jina and Nelthro and asked the girl how she was feeling. She said that she had been better and asked the high king how he was with a smile. Nelthro suggested that she rest, then walked out of the room with Daric, closing the door. The old man asked if he found any clues about the assassins, if they were indeed sent by House Redoran. The Breton said that like he suspected those guards were new. One of his men even heard them talking about a Dunmer girl. It was obvious to him that they were in fact sent to assassinate Jina. Though if they were sent by House Redoran or not is unknown. It seemed stupid to him to leave evidence with the assassins. He had the gut feeling that it was a set up.

Nelthro agreed, and added that whomever was behind it held a grudge against House Redoran and the Dunmer girl. Whom was from House Indoril. Daric thought that had to mean it had something to do with the war in Morrowind, probably a rival house. Nelthro said that they'd need to go to Morrowind to find out then. Breton said he wouldn't personally go to Morrowind. He had duties in High Rock as its High King, he couldn't leave. He decided to send someone else in his stead. Daric left for his study, leaving Nelthro alone. He decided that he was going to Morrowind to see which one of his kinsmen had tried to have the Dunmer killed, and why. Nelthro went to the castle courtyard, where Daric had prepared a carriage to take him out of Shornhelm and to Morrowind. He decided to wait to see if anyone else would come, mainly Jina. While he waited he took a nap.

Nelthro woke up when Jina got on. He told the driver to ride. They began their long journey to Morrowind. Along the journey Jina watched the scenery pass by. The scenery of High Rock really was beautiful, however after a couple days the rocky terrain of High Rock began getting tedious. The old man had slept through most of the journey so far, only waking up to eat something and relieve himself. Nelthro opened his eyes slowly and yawned he greeted the Dunmer and saw that they were passing by Roristead. Instead of going back to sleep like always he began to softly sing the song Ragnar the Red. Jina giggled. After the song was over he went back to sleep. Nelthro woke up and saw Jina curled up next to him. He grinned and put a hand on her forehead and concentrated. He used his power to give her a nightmare, as he tried to read her mind and extract information. After getting what he wanted, he went back to sleep. He heard her wake up screaming soon after. When they arrived in Morrowind, they got off the carriage in a nearby village and rented a Gwar. She and Nelthro headed for Blacklight, the Redoran controlled city. During their trip there Jina revealed to Nelthro that she had dreamed out him. Ultima didn't mind at all and wasn't very surprised about it. When they were a few hours away from Blacklight she said that if they didn't discover anything there they would subsequently head to Narsis to investigate House Hlaalu. Nelthro asked if she was on good terms with House Redoran, to which she replied that House Indoril and Redoran were rivals, both vying for power in Dunmeri politics. He voiced his disdain for politics and the struggle for power. When she asked it that wasn't exactly what his Nelthars were doing he argued with her. Nelthro said that giving political power to weaklings didn't make them strong, for a nation was only as strong as its ruler. He said that he and his Nelthars were each strong in and of themselves, so they were different from other organizations. He then smiled and told Jina that when she became a queen to be strong herself, not to rely on others' strengths. She seemed to take his advice to heart.

Moments later she pointed out Blacklight in the distance. They got off the Gwar when they were closer and walked the rest of the way to the city gates. The guards asked them who they were, which they appeared to do with everyone who was trying to enter the city. Jina pretended to be Lexia Redoran. The name and Jina's composure was enough to trick the guards. They let the Dunmer and the old man through. Nelthro asked who's name she was using, so she told him about her cousin. Her aunt Alma had been married off into the Redoran main family to try to keep friendly relations with the House, but it helped little in the end. As they were walking through the streets Nelthro's attention was caught when he spotted a man in Blades armor and he asked if Daric had soldiers in Blacklight. Jina told him that the High King had sent two of them to investigate her attempted assassination. Nelthro pointed to an Imperial in Blades Armor and led the two of them towards the man. The Blade greeted them, clearly he knew who they were. The old man asked him if he was one of Daric's Blades, to which he said he was. The Imperial recognized Nelthro's Nelthar mark, as he had fought alongside some Nelthars during the Hammerfell Civil War. Nelthro introduced himself to the man. He was happy to see the Blades were finally getting back on their feet. The Imperial explained a little of the recent history of the Blades and mentioned that before he was a Blade he had been an agent of the Penitus Oculatus, but had defected to Daric's side after Emperor Augustus started getting way out of line. Jina agreed with him and the Imperial shared a story that his superior Ortius Civello had told him, about a time Augustus had stabbed a messenger in the foot because he didn't like the message. The Blade stated that the Emperor was clearly insane. Once again the Dunmer agreed with him, saying that her older brother Vivir had been killed in the Imperial City during a protest against the Emperor.

Nelthro said that he would lose his throne soon enough, but first they had an assassination to investigate. The Blade asked what the Nelthar meant, Ultima could tell he was trying to seem ignorant, likely due to him not trusting them yet. Nelthro explained that some time ago back in Shornhelm there had been an attempt on Jina's life, possibly by House Redoran. The Imperial revealed that he was sent to Morrowind to investigate the assassination, confirming Jina's suspicions. Nelthro asked what he had uncovered so far. The Blade told them that he went to a forger in lowtown Blacklight and discovered that the pin found with the letter back in Shornhelm was indeed a fake. Jina didn't trust the word of a random forger. She asked about him, prompting Nelthro to ask if she thought he was lying. The Blade said he doubted that the forger had been lying, as he showed him the differences between a real and a fake. The one found in Shornhelm was the wrong shade of red. He then said that the identity of the forger was Adaves the Copier, but he wasn't sure that that was his real name. Still, the Dunmer was not convinced. She thought the Blade stupid for trusting a random criminal and rhetorically asked if he even still had his coin purse. There could have been any number of things off about him. He could be an agent for the Empire, or Hlaalu, or Redoran, or Dres! She then angrily yelled at him for trusting random people in lowtown, saying that the Dunmer were known to masters of deception. The Imperial said that he didn't find a random forger. He spent a while in disguise to find the best in the city. He also complained about her tone, saying that she was forgetting that he was a spy. He was one for the Empire and now was one for Daric. He checked, the pin was fake and the color was off. He even said that she could test if by putting it up against any House Redoran banner. Nelthro suggested that it might be set up to look fake. The Blade didn't agree. He said that if they used that line of though then they'd come up with an endless amount of set ups. All they had to go on was the fact the pin was fake, if that was intentional or not didn't matter now. He just needed to find the next clue, the evidence to continue the investigation.

Jina sighed, having to agree with him. She turned and whispered in Nelthro's ear, asking what he made of the Imperial, if they could trust him and if they should stick with him or try to figure it out on their own. Nelthro wasn't sure, but figured they should just stick with him for now. The Blade sat back down on the bench. He didn't see how to continue. House Redoran was at war with the other houses and the Empire, any one of them could be trying to set them up. Maybe even someone from House Redoran themselves, but he wasn't sure what that would accomplished. Jina said that she would be dead, people would think it was a set up from the Empire and her father would divert his attention entirely to Hlaalu and the Empire. The Blade also pointed out that it might just make House Indoril go after House Redoran, only for the Empire to attack them both after they wasted resources on each other. Nelthro sat down and said they couldn't give up. Though he soon fell asleep on the bench.

Nelthro woke up, but looks a bit troubled at something. He was no longer outside, he was in some house with Jina. An attractive young Dunmer with black hair and dark green eyes, entered the house and looked surprised at seeing Jina and Nelthro. Jina introduced Nelthro to her cousin Lexia. Lexia said that she should be there. Nelthro greeted her and rose to his feet. He told her not to worry before trailing off. He looked out the window towards the city's palace. He sensed that some of its guards were under the effects of Naerion Nelthar's magic. Lexia was getting hysterical, saying that Jina shouldn't be in Blacklight. Nelthro put up a finger as if he was shushing Lexia, he had a serious look on his face, a rare expression to see on his face. The old man said that the guards at the palace were almost dozing off. Jina asked him what he meant. He moved to the window and pointed at the palace, telling the Dunmer to see for herself. Jina gasped when she saw that they did look drowsy. She figured that they were bewitched. Lexia was still staring at Jina, eyes widened. Nelthro saw Naerion leaving the palace and releasing his spell on the guards. Ultima muttered his name, saying that of course he was the one to infiltrate a palace to bewitch someone important. Lexia spoke up saying that there was no one important at the palace, for the Archmaster of House Redoran was not in the city. Nelthro turned to her with a grin, happy that whatever wicked plans Naerion had had failed. He walked out of Lexia's mansion and walked straight towards Naerion who was on his way out of the city. Nelthro grabbed Naerion's shoulder. He asked his descendant what he was up to in the castle. Naerion asked why an ancient fossil cared what he did. The old man said nothing and just dragged the masked man back Lexia's mansion. He introduced Naerion to Jina. Naerion acted dismissively towards the two Dunmer and the old man. Jina asked what he was doing in Blacklight. Nelthro released him and the masked man said it was none of her concern. She argued that it was, as Morrowind was her home. Nelthro also added that her father was trying to become king of Morrowind, so she would be a princess, thus deserving respect. Naerion mocked her and said that if he was stronger he would have just hypnotized her and been on his way.

The mockery angered Jina and she threatened to strangle him if he didn't answer seriously, then insulted him, calling him Mask Boy. Naerion laughed at the threat, while Nelthro sighed and sat down. The Dunmer got angrier after being laughed at, and even got angry at Nelthro for not helping her in the argument. Naerion then asked why he was brought there, to which his ancestor said that he would help Jina finish his work while he rested. He then left Naerion with Jina and went to sleep in one of the mansion's guest rooms. Nelthro awoke but wasn't happy, he flung the masked man into the wall and told him never to slap him. Naerion got back up and asked him if he was helping Daric because he was a Septim. Nelthro confirmed it, he had a thing for the Septim line, as he had witnessed its entire history on the throne. He wanted them back in power, though he had no personal qualms with the Mede Dynasty. Naerion seemed not to believe him and pressed the question. Nelthro then revealed that if the Nelthars helped Daric, they would gain a seat in the Elder Council, which he intended to give to Naerion. Naerion was quiet for a bit before outright agreeing to help. The Dunmer was shocked at his plan, asking Nelhro what he was thinking putting Mask Boy on the Elder Council. Nelthro said that it would be alright, Naerion may be deceitful and greedy but he was the most political minded of the Nelthars. Jina, however, was still very worried about the influence he could obtain by hypnotizing the other councilors. Naerion seemed to like the idea. He then took his mask off and looked at Jina's eyes, telling her to sit down. Jina felt the urge to sit down, despite fighting it she still sat down. She screamed and closed her eyes. It worked and she was free, afterwards she avoided looking straight at him. Naerion smirked, he seemed to just be messing with her. Nelthro commented that avoiding eye contact was the best defense against Naerion's magic. He put his mask back on and sarcastically thanked the old man for telling her his weakness. Jina did in fact thank him for the information. Lexia then walked into the hall to talk to her cousin. She told Jina that she really shouldn't be in Blacklight.

The two Nelthars walked away, leaving the two Dunmer alone. Nelthro filled Naerion in on everything that had happened regarding the Dunmer and what he wanted Naerion to do. Naerion questioned him about the details to make sure he heard them right, after Nelthro confirmed it he handed a small token to the masked man. He said that he found it on the assassins that tried to kill Jina, but said that he didn't mention it to anyone. Naerion held it up. It was some sort of coin with the Nelthar mark etched into it. He said that they were rare and valuable, so no doubt the assassins stole them. Nelthro told him to handle the situation, to hide the fact that he was the one that ordered the hit on the young Dunmer. Nelthro then left the city and headed south. He planed to travel to Black Marsh. He was on his way to Black Marsh because he had heard from Nariting that an Argonian Nelthar that had been put in prison and any attempt to bail him out had failed now Nelthro would need to meet with the Argonian to get him out of there.

Nelthro arrived at the outskirts of Black Marsh where he was stopped by Argonian guards. They told the half-elf to halt and state his business. Nelthro wiped dust off his shoulder revealing the Nelthar mark. He told them that he was on his way to Archon to ask for the release of his subordinate. The guards were aware of the Nelthars and seemed to know which Argonian that he was talking about. Nelthro was admitted passage by the Argonians seeing as he was not with the Empire. He had to dismount his steed as the horse would not be able to get through the swamps. Nelthro started to traverse the swamps heading straight for Archon. He arrived at the city, but was stopped once more are the gates. He once again had to explain his business before being let into the city. The guards let him in. Once inside he headed to the city's dungeons to seek out his subordinate. Nelthro had paid a hefty sum to Archon and managed to make them release Rips-All-Apart, they were now heading for the Black Marsh Nelthar hideout in the located in the outer swamps. Rips-All-Apart led Nelthro to a well hidden trapdoor. He jumped down and accessed a peculiar puzzle. He turned stones until an image of the Nelthar mark appeared then punched the center stone. A door finally opened and they walked. The Argonian welcomed Ultima to the hideout. A Nelthar that was inside asked the Argonian who it was that he brought in. Rips-All-Apart told him to mind his tongue, as he spoke to Nelthro Kanir. The Nelthar apologized for his rudeness and led them to a meeting room. The old man took a seat with the Argonian and the other Nelthar. Nelthro revealed that the reason he had come to Black Marsh just to break Rips-All-Apart from jail was because Naritin was calling a meeting of the Nelthar High Council and as the leader of the Argonian branch, Rips-All-Apart needed to attend. Ultima revealed that the metting would occur in Skyrim, near the town of Helgen. The Argonian stated that he'd leave immediately. He and Nelthro then departed for Helgen.

Nelthro and Rips-All-Apart were the last to arrive at the meeting. When they did it began. Naritin greeted all the executives, saying that it had been a long time since their last meeting, mainly because of the war. He said that the Nelthars had taken Daric's side and that he had called them to this meeting in order to tell them that this might be their time. The time to make Tamriel aware of their full presence, not only rumors or whispers. However, before he continued he asked if anyone had a question. The Khajiit executive stood up and said that she believed that participating in the war would only weaken the Nelthars, not make them greater. The Redguard executive agreed and rose from his seat as well. He stated that if they waited for the war to end then they could strike while Tamriel was weakened from the fighting. They weren't as numerous as the Stormcrown Alliance but they had powerful members, so when the alliance was weakened after the war they would be a match for them. Naritin didn't seem to agree, as he formed a black ball of magic in his palm and everyone sat down in fear. The ball then disappeared. He told them that he had another idea. Nelthro had told him that he had secured a seat on the Elder Council for the Nelthars and in return Daric would gain temporary control over them. He said that since Nelthro was the one that had made the deal, they'd have to oblige, but as soon as the war was over they would gain their freedom. The Altmer executive rose and questioned why they should obey a Kanir. The Nord executive slapped him and told him to shut up and not question Naritin, he then stated that the Elder Council was a fine position. The Breton executive then stood up and asked how much power they would acquire as part of the Elder Council. Naritin said that they would get enough power to make everything go their way if they wanted to. He then handed out papers to the executives and told them to sign them to make the deal with Daric official. Nelthro watched the whole meeting from the shadows, as he could not participate due to being a Kanir.

Naritin gathered the papers again and looked through the signatures. The Bosmer executive mentioned that Valenwood was also going to start a rebellion soon, and that it might be an advantageous situation for them. Naritin said that he'd look into the matter. After the meeting was concluded, he dismissed everyone. With the meeting finished, all the executives returned to their hideouts. Only Naritin and Nelthro remained in Helgen. They received word from Naerion that Daric had called a meeting between Houses Indoril and Redoran in Morrowind and decided to head there to participate. Naritin and Nelthro rode past a small patrol talking about how they saw Daric's forces ride past not too long ago. After hearing the news the two made haste and soon caught up to Daric's envoy before they reached the city. The Mournhold gates were soon opened and a party rode out to meet them. A Dunmer was at the head of it, and Nelthro recognized Jina and Naerion with him. The Dunmer greeted Daric, and a Redoran Commander by the name of Balyn Omoran. He paused when he saw that the Redoran Archmaster, Dandras, was with them. Though he greeted him as well, before inviting everyone to his palace. Daric accepted the Dunmer's, Joran Nerevar's, invite, and said that it was a pleasure to meet him in person for the first time. He said that Jina had told him a lot about her father, like his rank within House Nerevar and House Indoril and his rightful claim to the throne of Morrowind. Caesar rode next to him while Dandras, Balyn and the escort rode behind him. Dandras looked around with disgust. Joran replied rather humbly, saying it was what some people claimed and that on occasion he fancied that it was true. But that ultimately it would fall on Daric to decide who would be the next king, as only someone with his backing would be able to win the throne. Joran turned to Caesar, asking if he had been at the siege of Sentinel. Caesar confirmed that he was, under the command of General Etienne. Daric said that that was the reason why he had called this meeting between House Redoran and House Indoril. The group entered the Palace. The High King requested to be led to a room where they could have their meeting. Joran led them to a large, circular room with a long table in the middle. He took the seat at one end and motioned for them to do the same. Jina took a seat next to her father. Her father then asked what the purpose of the meeting. Dandras sat at the other end. Balyn and his men stood guard behind him. Daric sat in the middle with Caesar standing by his side. Nelthro and Naritin sat near Daric.

Daric firstly said to Dandras that he'd like the meeting to go undisturbed, as the Dunmer looked quite angry. He told him to remove his guards from the room, save for one. Dandras reluctantly agreed and ordered his soldiers out of the room, only Balyn stayed behind. Joran ordered the Indoril Guard out, keeping only the Captain. Daric then replied to Joran, telling him that this was a negotiation. House Redoran and House Indoril must be united in order to defeat the Empire and House Hlaalu. They had already defeated both of them and had begun reclaiming the territories they had previously had conquered from them. Joran agreed, their recent defeat had brought some things to his mind, including the Great Council. He wanted to reform it, giving more rights to the Great Houses. The Great Houses needed to be united. Dandras said that is what House Redoran were doing before the Empire stepping in and made House Hlaalu the ruling house again. The Archmaster said, yelling, that now when Redoran try to continue their work Joran and House Indoril stepped in and messed everything up. The Breton told him to calm down, that there was no need to yell. He acknowledged that it was true that House Redoran had done much for the Dunmer for the past 200 years but that was all in times of war and tragedy. The Oblivion Crisis, the Argonian Invasion, the 2nd Great War. It is true that House Redoran led the Dunmer in those times but other than that Morrowind was separated into rival Houses. Morrowind needed unity, it needed a leader.

Joran suggested that Daric pick someone to back so that the rivalry would stop. Daric said the Empire backing House Hlaalu as they claimed kingship only aggravated their rivalry with the other Great Houses. Him picking a side would have the same effect. The Dunmer needed to settle the matter between themselves, he was only there to make sure it happened. Dandras said that House Redoran's past actions proved that they could and would lead the Dunmer. The Breton asked if the other houses would follow. The Archmaster said they they would make them follow. Daric claimed that that was the problem. House Redoran was a military aligned house. They would always do thing with force according to their code of honor. Dandras explained the Code of Virtues: Duty, Gravity and Piety. Daric nodded, he said that someone more calm minded and not so militaristic needed to be the leader. Someone who was already a born leader. He then turned to Joran and said that it was where came in. The Redoran leader grew angry and yelled. Joran asked if Daric was proclaiming him as king. Daric shook his head and reaffirmed that it was not his place to do that. He was merely saying that he thought Joran was the best person to rule and lead Morrowind. He was the grandson of the Nerevarine. Dandras pointed out that just because he was the descendant of the Nerevarine didn't mean that he should rule. The Breton asked why not. Joran had claim to the throne, he was a spiritual descendant of King Indoril Nerevar of the Chimer. The other Great Houses were far more likely to accept him as ruler than they were of the Redoran Archmaster. All Joran needed was the support of House Redoran. With their armies added to his the Empire and House Hlaalu wouldn't stand a chance. Dandras contemplated, saying that the High King spoke the truth. Joran asked if Dandras would swear fealty to him as king. He promised the Redoran a spot in the future Great Council of Morrowind. The Archmaster pointed out that he was far too young, too inexperienced at ruling. Daric argued that Joran would have the Great Council to aid him. Dandras thought for a bit and said that if he truly would reestablish the Great Council and give House Redoran the freedom and autonomy that House Hlaalu has stolen from them, then he would accept. Indoril would have House Redoran's army by their side, but they would not swear fealty to Joran until the whole of Morrowind was united under his banner.

Joran accepted the deal. Though he said that many may think that House Hlaalu should be destroyed, but he didn't. Not all of them favor the Tyrant, and it was to that side that he would be extending a hand of acceptance and forgiveness. They would still be part of the Great Council. The Redoran said that they haven't been a part of the Council since the 3rd Era. They were kicked out because the Empire abandoned Morrowind in the Oblivion Crisis. They were the Empire's lap dog and now they were back as their lap dog. He asked Joran what made him think they would ever change. They had always been corrupt, working with the Morag Tong, the Camonna Tong and the Thieves Guild. Joran argued that one of the main reasons they rejoined the Empire was because they were exiled. He asked how he would feel if House Redoran was exiled, after all that they had done for Morrowind, and after all the promises he had made him. Besides, being deceitful and working with thieves and assassins was in the very nature of the Dunmer. Once Edras was gone, Joran felt that they could put them back on the right path. Dandras argued that that may be the way of the other houses but House Redoran didn't work with thieves and murderers. If they had ever been kicked out of the Council for being the Empire's lap dog then they wouldn't go back to the Empire and be their lap dog. They would restore their honor, not taint it some more like House Hlaalu has done. Be he said that if he truly thought that House Hlaalu could change their ways once they conquered Narsis and brought unity to Morrowind then it would be on Joran's head when they went back to their old ways and screwed over the Dunmer once more. Joran was fine that that and asked if there was anything else that they needed to discuss. Daric said that that was all. Everyone exited the room.

Nelthro and his descendant had watched the whole meeting and remained quiet, only observing the deal between Houses Redoran and Indoril. After the meeting was over Naritin and Nelthro found Naerion in the palace. Naritin asked his brother what he was up to, as it had been some time since the two had seen each other. Naerion dodged the question, as always. Nelthro decided to leave the two to their reunion and went to sit down on a nearby couch. Jina sat down next to Nelthro. She greeted the old man. He asked if Naerion had treated her well. Jina shrugged, he hadn't done anything too bad. She asked how things had gone since they parted in Blacklight. He said it went okay, but didn't go into detail. Naritin finished his conversation with his brother and headed towards Jina. He bowed and reached out his hand, she knew what he meant to do so she placed her hand atop his. The man then kissed her hand. He said that he heard much about her and was honored to finally meet her. He introduced himself as Naritin Nelthar, the true leader of the Nelthars. He looked over at Nelthro, who chuckled. Jina blushed slightly at the kiss and glanced at Nelthro for a second to see if he noticed. She said it was her pleasure. Then asked where Naerion was going, as he had left after Naritin talked with him. She then asked why he was the true leader of the Nelthars. Naritin explained that Nelthro was the leader of the Kanirs and thus his power over the Nelthars was equal to his. As for his brother, Naerion, he was going to attend to his own business. Nelthro confirmed what he said. Then added that if she had more questions, no one knew more than Naritin about the Nelthar activities, rules and recruitment.

She asked the same question she had to Naerion and Nelthro before, without getting a straight answer. She asked how one joined the Nelthars, how Nelthro was still alive after 4000 years. Naritin said that in order to join, a person needs to be asked by a member of the head family or they are born into the Nelthars. As for Nelthro he said that the old man was a follower of Hermaeus Mora and from the 1st Era. Back then, shortly after the Dunmer Tribunal made themselves living Gods, Nelthro did the same. He used a Divine Artifact and gained the powers of a god, granting him immortality. As for which artifact, not even Nelthro remembered. It had been so long that his memory failed him. Jina bowed her head and asked Naritin if she could join the organization. He asked why she wanted to join them. It was knowledge. She wanted to learn all she could from them, as they had greatly peaked her interest. Naritin agreed. He said that there was no trial she needed to pass, no test. As a Nelthar she must follow orders from officers, most notable, the head family and the Dreadguards. He then handed her a ring with the Nelthar mark and said that by taking the ring she acknowledged his words. Jina took the ring and thanked him. As an afterthought she added a Sir.

A few days after the meeting, Joran left for Narsis with his army. Jina remained behind in Mournhold with the Nelthars. Naritin and Nelthro were having tea in the palace when Jina approached them. She was a little surprised that they of all people would be having tea. They shrugged her comment off. She then once again asked where Naerion was. She also asked a bit more about what her role in the Nelthars would be. Nelthro mentioned Valenwood, without a second thought, but Naritin reminded him not to reveal such sensitive information to acolytes. Jina looked a little confused so Naritin explained it to her. Acolytes were the ones that had not chosen who to follow. There were multiple paths. Tolinai's path of warriors, Volkarion's path of discipline, Nilya Nelthar's path of shadows, Naritin's path of magic, Naerion's path of Minds and Nelthro's path of gods. He told her to think about the paths then choose one. Jina decided to take the path of shadows, as she was already well versed in the skills of a thief. Naritin said that she would then be under Nilya's command, she was his aunt. The highest rank on that path was known as Nox but Jina would start as an apprentice and Nilya would be responsible for her progressing in the organization from then on. The Dunmer asked when she could meet her new superior, to which Naritin said that she was at their headquarters in the Jerral Mountains and he'd need to contact her to tell her to come to Morrowind. After they finished their conversation, Nelthro said that he needed to go. To return to their island off the coast of Akavir, where the Kanir lived. Jina was saddened, not wanting him to leave so soon again. Though she understood and gave him a goodbye hug. The old man told her not to worry and said for her to be strong. He said he would be sure to visit when he could. Afterwards he gathered his things and left the palace. He headed to the eastern coast of Morrowind, where he managed to catch a boat to take him towards Akavir.

Return of the Septim Dynasty V

Once the war in Cyrodiil was done, Nelthro returned to Tamriel. He arrived shortly before Daric Lariat's coronation and decided to take part in it. A few days later everything was ready for his coronation. The Throne Room was set for the coronation too, the guests were all there awaiting for the Daric to walk to the Ruby throne, where the Nine Priests of the Divines. The Talos priest was holding the crown in his hand. Daric started to walk down the red carpet towards the Ruby Throne. Daric walked to the Ruby Throne, the 9 High Priests awaited until he made it there. Then Daric knelled in front of the High Priest of Talos. They all blessed him in the name of the 9 Divines, then the Talos priest placed the Ruby Crown on Daric's head. The priest said that he came as a Lariat, but now he'd rise in the name of the Nine Divines as a Septim, as Emperor of Tamriel. He beckoned the Emperor to rise and proclaimed him Darius Septim I. The Nerevar family clapped along with the rest of the people present. Darius and the High Priests started walking outside, followed by the guests from the coronation. They headed outside the White-Gold Tower where the citizens were outside. Darius waved at his subjects as he made his way to the Temple District. The Emperor entered the Temple of the One with the High Priest of Talos and other select few important guests. He had the Dragonfire pedestal rebuilt next to the Martin Statue, it didn't serve any purpose now but all the Septim Emperors had lit the Dragonfires so he wanted to maintain the tradition. He lit it with a flames spell and the whole Temple became illuminated with the glow of the Dragonfire. The Nerevars cheered along with the other guests.

During the coronation Nelthro remained out of sight as he didn't want to let anyone know that he was back. He learned that the Emperor had gotten engaged so he stayed behind.

In two weeks time the wedding was held in the Temple of the One. The Mede banners and the Septim banners were hanging on the inside and the outside, as Darius was going to marry Livia Mede. Most of the other provincial leaders had already left Cyrodiil but the Temple was full with Imperial nobility. Darius had declared the day a one time holiday, to celebrate the joining to the two dynasties. Livia was wearing a long elegant white dress. It had many intricate designs along the fabric. Darius was wearing expensive white and red clothes. Darius and Livia said their vows in the presence of the High Priestess of Mara. After the ceremony the guests went back to the White-Gold Tower, where a banquet was set up in the Main Hall. Darius and Livia mingled with the guests.

A couple days later Nelthro was in a tavern, drinking some wine. Jina Nerevar walked over to Nelthro after having spotted him. Nelthro turned his head slightly then he waved a little before filling his glass once more. Jina walked over to him and sat down. She asked him where he had been. He said that he had gone to Akavir, more specifically the island near Akavir where he lived. She then asked why he came back, months later. He revealed that he wanted to be present for the Emperor's coronation. She was angry when she learned that he had been in the Imperial City since the coronation and hadn't told her. Still, she hugged the old man. After a chat she decided to leave the tavern, saying goodbye to Nelthro. Naerion Nelthar approached his ancestor and told him that he must have pissed her off. Nelthro said that he did it intentionally, so the girl didn't grow too attached to him. Naerion brushed him off, saying that he didn't care. He left the tavern and walked through the city. Nelthro left the tavern and headed for the palace, he meant to speak with Emperor Darius. As he was walking through the city he saw Jina speaking with Naerion in the street, but steered clear of them.

When he arrived at the White-Gold Tower he was informed that the Emperor was holding court and decided to wait until he had finished. He saw a Bosmer being escorted in by a Blade and decided to listen in on the conversation with his powers. He learned that Naerion had used his powers to hypnotize the King of Valenwood and tried to take over the country, or so the Bosmer Prince claimed. He figured that the Bosmer was speaking the truth, since that sounded like something that Naerion might try to do. He heard that the Emperor meant to arrest Naerion and so decided to use his powers to contact the Nelthars in the Jerral Mountains and inform them of this. Afterwards he decided to watch what happened. When the guards found Naerion they tried to arrest him but he resisted. He was joined by Naritin Nelthar and the two fought the guards. Nelthro realized that this might end badly, so he rushed back to the palace to warn Darius.

Nelthro walked into the throne room and stated that the guards had found Naerion, but that they would have to fight for their lives. He said that a Nelthar would never allow another Nelthar to be captured. Darius turned to Nelthro. The Emperor said that Naerion committed a crime and he must be tried. He didn't care if the Nelthars didn't like it, they weren't above the law. He would be brought to him, Darius wanted to learn why he did this. He stood up and turned to Caesar Autrus, ordering him to get more me and assist the guards. Then he turned to Nelthro and asked him if he knew that Naerion could control minds. Caesar went to gather some men. Nelthro revealed that he helped teach Naerion that magic. He turned to walk out and turned his head to look at Darius. He stated that his allegiance was with the Nelthars, if he didn't tell his guards to step down he would have to step in. Jina walked next to Darius' throne, standing away from Nelthro.

She pleaded for Darius to let the Nelthars take Naerion. Darius was still angry. He asked Nelthro if that was a threat and reminded Nelthro who he was speaking to. He then turned to Jina and said that the Nelthars probably wouldn't punish one of their own. He would just be set free to roam Tamriel and control peoples' minds. He turned back to Nelthro and asked why in Oblivion would he make someone so dangerous the Nelthar Councilor. Naerion could have used his magic on the other Councilors and basically controlled the whole Elder Council. For all Darius knew he did do that, just like he did with the King of Valenwood. He was obviously trying to get power and influence, he might've even been attempting a coup. Darius paced around the throne room a bit. He said that he couldn't let Naerion roam free, it was too dangerous. He looked over to Nelthro and asked him what the Nelthars would do with him if they got a hold of him. Jina said that letting them take Naerion was better than going to war with them, Cyrodiil was still being rebuilt and the Nelthars had dangerous members. Nelthro said that Nelthar heads had been exiled before and at least 3 had been imprisoned. It was rare, but it happened. He assured Darius that Jina was right, it was far better than a war.

Darius said that Naerion was too dangerous, but out of respect for Nelthro and his clan he would let them take custody of Naerion. However, he would not accept him to be set free. They needed to keep him in their lands in the Jerral Mountains. He could not risk Naerion plotting anything. He looked over at the Bosmer who was watching the conversation. He asked Nelthro when the mind control wore off, if there was a way to break it. Nelthro said that only Naerion could break his hold on them, but he could force Naerion to do so. He also accepted Darius' proposal of keeping Naerion there, but said that they would keep him as long as they wanted. He then exited the throne room to go get Naerion.

He could feel Naritin and Naerion's magic and followed that sensation to their fight. Naritin was preparing to engage them but all his spells dissipated. He looked around and saw Nelthro Kanir. Nelthro said that this ended now. He told the guards to return to their post immediately, then turned to Naerion and said that he was under arrest. Caesar held his hand up, telling the guards to stand ready. He told Nelthro that the Emperor had ordered him to take Naerion into custody and that is what he intended to do. He then pointed at Naritin and said that he murdered 3 Imperial guards, so he was also going to be taken in. The guard captain corrected him, saying that he killed 4 guards. Caesar corrected his mistake and charged Naritin with four murders and assault on the remaining guards. That earned him a very large bounty.

Nelthro looked at Caesar. He said that it didn't matter and then opened a portal with his powers. He pushed Naerion into it and he disappeared. He then did the same with Naritin. What Nelthro did angered Caesar, so he drew his katana. The Blade Darius had sent saw that Caesar was about to attack and called to him. Caesar looked back and saw the Blade. The Blade told him that Darius had authorized Nekthro to take Naerion. Caesar looked over at Nelthro, he still didn't sheath his katana. He said that there was still a bounty on his other comrade's head, a large one. Nelthro shrugged and used his magic to summon a large pouch of gold, which he then threw at Caesar. The Blade caught it, seeing that it was enough to pay the bounty he let Nelthro go. Nelthro then headed back to the White-Gold Tower. There he ran into Jina once more. She asked him what he wanted. He apologized to her for not telling her about his return. He just didn't want her to grow too attached to him. But he mentioned that he was going to move to the Jerral Mountains, no longer living on his island. Jina said that she might visit, given that she was a Nelthar member still. Nelthro smiled and left.

Back to Roots I

Nelthro was in Castle Kalsheeg in the Jerral Mountains, the Nelthars' headquarters on Tamriel. He was called by one of the Dreadguards. They informed him that an Indoril Guard had come to see him. The guard was one of Jina's and had come to inform Nelthro that she was in trouble. After a short while Nelthro emerged behind the two guards outside the castle and then walked past the Indoril guard. The guard told him that Jina had been captured by bandits in the Reach. The old man looked at the Dunmer and agreed to help. He mounted on a horse and followed the Dunmer towards the Reach.

Sometime later as they rode through the Reach, Nelthro could hear the fighting through his powers. He slowed down and changed course before galloping at full speed. It didn't take long before he reached a hill overlooking the battle, bandits were fighting members of the Companions and Riften guards. He regretted the blood that had been spilled and said that it was time to end it. He got down from his horse. Nelthro started to walk down to where the fighting took place. One bandit suddenly choked and fell lifeless to the ground. Nelthro approached the bandit fort and demanded that they let Jina go, else he'd kill every single one of them. They waited nearly half an hour before giving a reply, coming out of the fort with a bound and gagged Jina. The bandit leader tossed her to Nelthro. She looked up. Nelthro picked her up in his arms. They walked away and when they were up a hill he asked her if she was alright. She tried to respond but was still gagged. He cut the ropes and removed the gag. He smiled as he reminded her that she promised him to be strong. Jina smiled and stayed sitting. Two people soon approached them on the hill. Nelthro recognized their armor as that of the Companions. One asked her if she was Jina Nerevar. Jina stood up, wincing and confirmed her identity. The man told her that they had come to rescue her, but now saw that she was already safe. She thanked them regardless. The woman pointed out that they didn't work for free. Jina raised an eyebrow, taking off her golden earrings, she asked if that would be enough. The woman took the wearing and said that they would do fine. The two nodded and left Jina with Nelthro.

Nelthro asked her what she was doing in the Reach anyway. Jina smiled playfully. She said she was doing her job. When he looked like he wanted an explanation, she elaborated. She told him that she was traveling around Tamriel, gathering information on the problems in the countries for the Emperor. She asked him if the castle that he wanted to build was finished yet. Nelthro revealed that it was completed and they were just about finished moving into it. Jina nodded. She asked him how his Clan was doing. She hadn't seen many of them for almost three years. Nelthro said that nothing has changed, they still endure as they had since the 2nd Era. She then asked about him personally. He said that he was fine. Jina nodded, walking towards Nelthro's horse. Nelthro got on and asked her if she would like his help on her task. She agreed, but said that she would like to visit his castle first. Nelthro accepted. The two headed southeast to the Jerral Mountains.

Jina stood before the castle, staring up at it. It was rather large and imposing on the mountainside. Jina entered the castle with Nelthro. They heard an explosion and she asked what it was. Nelthro explained that to vent his anger Naerion Nelthar fought creatures that the Dreadguards brought up to the castle for him. She mocked Naerion, calling him a child throwing a tantrum. Nelthro hoped that he didn't find out she called him that. Naerion was a lot angrier than he had been before his exile. He had to order the other Nelthars to refrain from pissing him off any further. Jina asked if it would be difficult to avoid him while she was staying in the castle. Nelthro mentioned that there was a side passage that they could take that would avoid Naerion's quarters. Jina agreed and they headed through there. She asked how Naritin Nelthar felt about the whole situation. Nelthro mentioned that the two brothers' relationship had only soured in the last few years. They reached the grand hall of the castle, where numerous Nelthars were currently in. Some were just passing by while others were talking about numerous topics. Jina commented on the room, saying that it was nice, then asked about Nilya Nelthar, who had shortly been her teacher when she joined the Nelthars in Morrowind. Nelthro said that he didn't know how she was doing since she had gone off to Cyrodiil a while back, since the Thieves Guild there became active once more. The Dunmer asked if she could stay in the castle and the old man said that their dormitories had enough room for her to spend some days resting, though he mentioned that she'd have to share a room with 3 other members, as the dormitories only had single rooms for the main Nelthar members. Jina accepted it, since she wouldn't have to share a room with Naerion.

Jina asked if she could get some food and Nelthro led her to the dinning hall. He mentioned that they had food imported from both Skyrim and Cyrodiil, as well as some rare meals from Morrowind or Hammerfell, so she could have her pick. Nelthro led her to a table near the kitchen. A waiter walked up to them. He asked them what they would be having. Nelthro introduced the man to Jina, he was Eldritch, one of Naritin's apprentices. He then ordered Colovian Brandy and briskets. Jina ordered the same as Nelthro. Eldritch soon returned with the drinks and the briskets. Jina smiled, and took a bite of the food. She murmured that it was pretty good. Nelthro started to eat as well. He asked her what she had been up to lately. Jina swallowed her next bite, and said that she had been attending to her duties as an Elder Councilwoman, as well as keeping up to date of the happenings in Morrowind. Morrowind and Cyrodiil kept her busy most of the time, since they were still recovering from the Stormcrown Rebellion. As they finished their meal, Nelthro mentioned that Naritin was soon going to head to the Imperial City to petition the Emperor to give the Nelthars autonomy over their territories in the Jerral Mountains, so they didn't have to pay taxes to the Counties of Bruma, Cheydinhal and the Rift Hold. They wanted to rule themselves. Jina frowned, she didn't know if Darius would agree to this. He didn't much like the Nelthars after Naerion's plot in 4E 215. The old man said that whatever the case, Naritin would try. With their own Elder Councilmember, the Nelthars had influence enough in the Imperial Court to get something from the Emperor.

She asked Nelthro why Naerion did what he did those 3 years ago. Nelthro said that the masked man was a mystery to him, though he mentioned that he commonly plotted for a while before doing something. She wondered if he really did intend to take over a Province, maybe to build his own Empire. Nelthro muttered to himself, saying that Naerion might not have given up on his dream. She asked him what dream. Nelthro said that long ago Naerion set out to be the most powerful ruler on Nirn, an Emperor. His plot in Valenwood was just his first real attempt at it. She asked if he was still dangerous despite the exile. Nelthro said that Naerion was extremely intelligent, he'd find a way out of exile and continue with his plotting eventually. Even if it took years. Jina asked if she could do something to stop him. Nelthro shook his head, saying that when the time came he would deal with Naerion. After they finished their meal, Jina was led to the Dormitories by the Dreadguard Chaid Nelthar under Nelthro's orders.

The next day, Nelthro approached Jina in the courtyard of the fortress. She greeted him. He said that he would be joining her. Jina nodded. The two set off to Morrowind, towards Mournhold. Nelthro followed Jina while enjoying the landscape. Eventually, the forested mountains of changed into the ash wastes of Morrowind. Nelthro commented on the durability and adaptability of the Dunmer people, to have been able to live in such a hostile and alien land. She thanked him for the compliment. The old man commented on how much the name of this land had changed since he was born. First it was Dwemereth, then Velothi, then Resdayn and lastly Morrowind. Jina laughed. It was true, Morrowind probably changed names the most out of all provinces. They stopped atop an hill. The shining city of the rebuilt Mournhold loomed before them. They began to move again, heading for the city.

Back to Roots II

In Morrowind, Jina Nerevar and Nelthro began to look for the province's Thieves Guild. The two left Mournhold shortly after arriving and headed to Narsis.

Jina wandered through Narsis, having left her horse and Nelthro's at the stables. Jina and Nelthro kept walking through the crowds. She asked Nelthro where he thought the guild could be hiding in the city. The old man said that they could be hiding in the sewers, it was a common location for criminals to flock. Jina agreed and they went to check it out. Nelthro found a sewer grate and lifted it up, telling her to go first. She frowned and then descended. Nelthro jumped down after her. She was disgusted by the sewers. The Nelthar didn't seem to mind. They joked a bit, then he cast a spell to create some magelight for them. They then began to wander.

Jina put a handkerchief to her nose. The two joked some more until Nelhro told her to be quiet, he had heard something up ahead. He dispersed his magelight spell. She nodded. Nelthro slowly walked closer and looked behind the corner. They stumbled onto a thieves' den, not dissimilar to the one in Riften. She told him to investigate. He said that he saw a guard by the entrance. Jina nodded, and crouched down. Nelthro kept watching from a distance hoping to not get noticed. He wondered what the thieves might do if they discovered the two of them sneaking around their base. Jina was taking her time. Nelthro clenched his fist. He refrained from going in and trusted that she could handle herself.

Jina soon appeared next to Nelthro, holding a bunch of papers. She found what she was looking for, the backers of this thieves guild. The old man was surprised that she managed to sneak up on him without him realizing it. She told him that he didn't know all her skills. Nelthro looks at her skeptically. The two were done for now and decided to retreat. She held up the paper so he could examine it and said that the guild had ties with House Sadras and Dres. Nelthro felt like they were being watched. Jina nodded, beginning to walk towards the ladder to leave the sewers. Nelthro beat Jina to the ladder, but he told her to go up first, he senses that they were followed by someone. Jina came out of the sewers. Nelthro drew a sword as he moved his eyes checking the surroundings. He sheathed his sword and warned the stalker to stop what he was doing, before using his magic to kill a few rats to intimidate him. He went to climb up but stopped when he encountered Jina. He told her to hurry up. She stuttered aback and apologized, before getting back up. Nelthro followed her up and placed the sewer grate in place. He grinned and melted it in place with his magic. The two then headed to the nearest inn. Jina put her hood over her head and walked towards the inn, keeping her head low so no one would notice her. However, she kept the notes clutched to her chest as she walked. When they got to the inn, she was about to order two rooms when Nelthro told her to get one. Much to his amusement, she blushed and ordered only one room. When they got upstairs, he laid down on the floor and she took the bed, and they were both soon asleep.

Nelthro woke up first. Nelthro stretched and rose from the floor. He looked over at Jina, who was fast asleep still, and then exited the room and went down to the bar. Jina came down the stairs not long afterwards, sitting at the bar between Nelthro and a stranger. She gave him a sidelong glance, before turning to the barkeeper and ordering the same drink as him. Nelthro ordered some mead. Jina accepted her sujama and glanced at Nelthro. She asked if they should head to the Imperial City after sending the notes to Karliah Indoril. He said that it was her choice. Jina nodded, glancing at the stranger, before leaning forward and murmuring. She said they should go to the Imperial City and investigate the Cyrodiilic thieves' guild. Nelthro finished his bottle and was ready to go. She tossed the barkeep a few gold septims and stood up, brushing herself off. They went to the stables to get their horses. Jina put her hood up and made her way through the crowds, before they got to their horses. She began to saddle hers. Nelthro put the saddle onto the horse, and swung himself onto it. Jina pulled herself up, also, before asking if Nelthro noticed that the Imperial stranger seemed interested in their conversation. Nelthro asked if he was their assailant. She agreed, but wondered who hired him. Nelthro pointed out that they probably had many enemies due to their positions of power. Jina nodded, she had almost been assassinated a few times in the Imperial City in the past few years. She wished that she didn't have to deal with them. The old man said that enemies would always appear until the day Alduin returned and devoured the world. Jina caught the end of his smile, and rolled her eyes. She said that she rarely saw him smile like that, it made her forget that he was basically a demiprince. She then blushed and looked forward, determinedly. The two joked as they got their journey started.

As they rode past Cheydinhal, Nelthro brought up that Naerion Nelthar had hypnotized its count during the Stormcrown Rebellion. Jina then pointed out that the Imperial Legion killed him.

Later, they arrived at the Imperial City. As they rode through the city, Nelthro mentioned that the Nelthars had made contact with the Cyrodiilic Thieves' Guild. They were trying to infiltrate them. She asked if he knew their hideout's location. Nelthro nodded, but told her not to expose the Nelthars that infiltrated the guild. It would ruin their plans of taking it over. He also pointed out that she was well known in the Imperial capital, so she had to disguise herself. She nodded. Nelthro led Jina to outside a shady tavern. He told her that it was their headquarters according to Nilya Nelthar. She was in charge of the operation until she left. Now, The Nox was leading. Nox was a force to be reckoned with, she held the title of Siqsa, making her one of the 3 most powerful Nelthars. Just beneath the head family. Nelthro turned to the Dunmer and said that he couldn't go with her into the tavern, he couldn't interfere with another Nelthar's mission. Jina nodded, pulling her hood up over her face. She entered the tavern. Nelthro stayed outside. If Nox was is there, this would be troublesome.

Jina came out of the Tavern, and showed Nelthro a note. She asked him if he knew the staff it mentioned. Nelthro nodded, it was a legendary staff. He could get it for her. He used his powers to summon it from Castle Kalsheeg and the staff appeared in his hand. It was golden with silver stripes going around it and a large diamond at the top. He handed it to her and told her to keep it for a few days before giving it to the barkeep in order to earn his trust. Jina smiled and took the staff. She suggested they head to her house in the city. Nelthro followed her.

Jina led him to Talos Plaza, where she stopped in front of a large house. She pulled out a key and opened the door, called out to her servants. A small dog came running and licked her hand, before growling at Nelthro. She smiled and told Nelthro to make himself at home. Nelthro tried to pet her dog, but it bit his hand. Jina grabbed him off the old man and apologized. She had her servants take him away for now so he didn't bother her guest. She had them make a stew for her and Nelthro while she asked him why the barkeep would want that staff. Nelthro sat down and said that it was probably just a really difficult task to test her, though he probably didn't believe the Dunmer could pull it off. He mentioned that it was the staff of the first Nelthar, Ultima II, his descendant from the 2nd Era. She asked about him. Nelthro mentioned that he was a powerful mage, able to manipulate time. Nobody knew how, but some suspected the staff was the key to his magic. He founded the Nelthar Organization and named it after Nelthro, under my alias, Ultima Nelthar. Nelthro said that Ultima II was probably the second most powerful Nelthar after himself. She asked why he would trust her to just give it over to the thieves. He said that he could get it back anytime he wanted. Her servants soon brought out the food. Still, she didn't feel comfortable giving those thieves a staff that might be able to manipulate time. Nelthro said that it was a dangerous power, though Ultima II never misused it or else he would've caused a Dragon-Break. After dinner they parted ways. Nelthro went to the guest room. He sat down near the bed gripping the staff, then fell asleep.

A few days later. Jina looked up as Nelthro came downstairs. She was sitting at the table, picking through some documents. She looked back at the paper she was holding and greeted him. Nelthro sat down and asked her if she was ready to return to the tavern with the staff. She nodded, standing up and retrieving her cloak to use as a disguise.

Nelthro led her to the shady tavern and gave her the staff that he had been keeping safe for the past few days. Jina pulled her hood over her head, her face unable to be seen through the shadows. She took the staff and entered the tavern. Nelthro was waiting outside. A thief soon left the tavern and he intercepted him in an alley. He used his powers to get the thief to tell him what had happened to Jina. The thief informed him that the Dunmer had joined the guild after giving them the staff. He then asked the thief about Nilya's whereabouts and learned that she would be returning to the capital soon.

A few hours later, he spotted Nilya heading towards the tavern. She didn't seem to notice him. He then headed back to his previous spot and saw Jina waiting for him. He called her over. He informed her that Nilya just arrived. Jina was surprised. The old man asked if she got the ledger. She said that Nox had it with her, it wasn't possible to steal it. Nelthro said that Nilya would probably have it from now on. She assumed that her Nelthar master wouldn't just give her the ledger. Nelthro shook his head. She said that she'd steal it that night. Nelthro warned her of Nilya's skills. Jina was a bit worried this might cause Nilya to kick her out of the Nelthars. The old man doubted it would come to that.

That night Jina returned to the thief sanctuary and awaited for her opportunity to strike. Nelthro waited outside again. Jina made it outside and regrouped with Nelthro. He told her to go ahead, he wanted to take care of something. Jina nodded, running back to her house. When Jina was out of sight Nelthro entered the tavern and demanded his staff back. He was recognized by the Nelthars in the guild and Nilya soon turned up. The bartender picked up the staff from the treasury. Nelthro ordered him to hand it over. The bartender threw it over and Nelthro caught it. He told him not to send any more thieves after it again. He then walks out. He then left for the Dunmer's house.

When Nelthro returned to her manor she told him that she had narrowed down the Imperial thieves' guild's benefactors to the Nelthars, herself and some strange man in Anvil. Nelthro asked if they were going after him. Jina nodded, she wanted to go look for him to cripple the Imperial guild.

On the day they were going to leave for Anvil, Nelthro received a raven.She asked where he was going to send it. He stated that he had just received it with news that Naritin was coming to the Imperial City. She asked what for. Nelthro revealed that he was making a plea to the Emperor to grant the Nelthars rule of their territory in the Jerral Mountains, which was currently split between County Bruma and Falkreath Hold. Jina asked if he thought Darius would accept something like that. The old man said that the Emperor owed them for their help in taking Hammerfell during the war. They argued a bit before Jina sighed and shook her head. She went outside and began to pack her horse's saddlebags, preparing for her trip to Anvil.

The two traveled together to the coastal city, making small talk along the way.


Nelthro possesses god-like powers, as well as a wide variety of spells and abilities, from creating items out of thin air and giving life to objects as well as flight, he also demonstrated the ability to erase a creature from existence.

Much like the old Dunmer Tribunal, Almsivi, Nelthro attained his god-like powers from a divine artifact. However since his reappearance in the 4th Era he doesn't recall what the artifact was or where it currently is. This is also the reason why he isn't as powerful as the Tribunal, since they had the artifact and Nelthro didn't anymore.


  • In the Burned-Mane canon, Nelthro has been around since the first era  In the Nelthar canon he's been in a sort of suspended animation.
  • In the Burned-Mane canon, Nelthro is the leader of the Nelthars, in the Nelthar canon he is in addition the Emperor of Kaniros.
  • In the Burned-Mane canon, Nelthro is alive, in the Nelthar canon he is dead.


  • Despite Nelthro being portrayed as lazy, he is rarely seen being lazy.
  • Nelthro can play "Ragnar the Red" on the lute.
  • Nelthro's name means "Noble Prophet" according to himself.
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