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Nyasia al Din was the Queen of Taneth in the first century of the Fifth Era.


The daughter of Qadara al Din, Nyasia is the granddaughter of Jarrah al Din, the heroic warrior-king who pushed the Aldmeri Dominion out of Taneth and Hammerfell.

When Nyasia was ten years old, her mother committed suicide in front of her. As a result, she grew up experiencing night terrors and anxiety.

Nyasia was trained and educated by Master Gaffar.

Having come to the throne young, following the unexpected deaths of first her mother and then grandfather, the first years of Nyasia's reign were troubled, as there were several periods of interregnum. She ruled during the Darkest Night, as well when the Morgans began to amass dynastic power in the Imperial seat.

Because of this, Nyasia went long without a betrothal or suitor, and for this reason, with her affairs filed away with her father, Taneth's regent, she has gone out to quest like her ancestor, determined to find a worthy spouse. Nyasia fancies herself as a traveling monarch, out to do great deeds and defeat evil, although she is very much a naive youth who has seen little of the world. Her bodyguards, Scaldor and Sir Baldr the Big, do not find her particularly impressive.

Nyasia is the eleventh monarch mentioned in the Matter of Taneth.

The Legend of Nirn: Daedra Wars

Journey's Beginning

Nyasia, having set out from Taneth only a week before The Daedra Wars begins, is met by Lysilde on the rode, who reveals to Nyasia her nature as a member of one of the prophesized ten. She joins the Covenant at Weaver's Glade with her two bodyguards and makes a point of introducing herself to those who arrive. After the Covenant gathered, they moved onto the Imperial City, which they passed through to take a ferry south, to Senchal. In the city, they encountered the City Eyes, as well as lynched victims of the vigilantes.

Throughout the journey, she builds a friendship with Clodagh and Helian, attempting the same with Emile, although the paranoid Breton offers some resistance. They sailed south for Senchal, where upon landing Emile killed a Khajiit sailor in a fit of panic, which through the combined talents of Lysilde and Kashya they avoided suffering for.

Hidden Tenmaru

Lysilde had revealed that the first artifact, Dibella's Rose, was secreted in the hidden City of Love: Tenmaru.

Leaving Senchal, the Covenant headed into the jungle, and were met with Sir Nohaden'Cade, who was det ermined to bring the Covenant ot justice for the sailor's murder. He ended up joining them, upon seeing Alvoran and Helian, and swore his sword to Lysilde. which they were beset by bandits who attempted to capture them. The Covenant proved more than a match, however, and repelled the bandits, tracking them off road to their base. They appeared to be slavers or kidnappers of a kind, as the bandit's fort was full of caged prisoners, who the Covenant rescued after defeating the bandits. Nyasia remained with the horses for this adventure.

As they neared Tenmaru, the Covenant and rescued prisoners were beset by poison-spewing, plant-like monstrosities. This proved to be too great a challenge for the Covenant, who were subdued by the monsters. Instead of death, however, they were only knocked unconscious and taken to the city by servants of Dibella. Although right where they wanted to be, escaping wouldn't be easy--Tenmaru was located atop a stone pillar, accessible only by elevator and a lot of locked doors.

Nyasia awoke alone, freshly bathed and dressed, neither of which she was happy about, but was quickly reunited with the Covenant. The Dibellans assumed the Covenant was there to join the ranks of Tenmaru, an assumption that they affirmed, using the opportunity to explore the city in search for the Rose. Nyasia went with Helian, the two quickly developing a rapport. Below the city, they stumbled upon a party that was being thrown by worshippers of Sanguine. Shrava arrived seperately and became immediately determined to kill this Daedra worshippers by magically cooking the whole room, with Nyasia and Helian still inside, but was stopped by Lysilde and Cade. During her near death experience Nyasia developed budding romantic feelings for Helian.

Through no real intervention of Nyasia's own, Scaldor was able to locate Dibella's Rose. Many worshippers, of Daedric and Aedric alike, chased them out of the city, seeking to claim or reclaim the artifact. Nyasia rigged an escape using the oil from her sword to make an impromptu firebomb, which melted a cluster of ice freezing the elevator's lever.

Alinor and Oblivion

Safely away from Tenmaru, the Covenant headed for Torval, where they spent Nocturnal's summoning day. They left the city on The Flashing Blade, commanded by one Captain Nemicus.

The journey was uninteresting, during which they celebrated Helian's birthday. In Summerset, Nyasia managed to solve the shell puzzle, mistakenly called the Julianos Puzzle, that housed the actual Puzzle although became obsessed with it in the process. What she endured in the puzzle and in solving it left a lasting impact on her. Not much later, she believed Helian had died, holding herself partly responsible, and was distraught. Upon discovering he was still alive, she was at first angry with the boy for allow her to believe he'd died, although forgave him later and they realized a mutual attraction towards one another. On there way out of Summerset, the members of the Covenant were turned into animals, with Nyasia briefly becoming a fennec fox.

A fennec fox

When the Flashing Blade was attacked by pirates during it's voyage to Anvil, she killed two of the pirates in self-defense. The violence of her actions, and the battle unto itself, deeply disturbed her.

In Anvil, Kismet confronted members of the Covenant, warning them not to travel east, but instead west to Elinhir. Unbeknownst to them, this is because Kismet wanted Nyasia to go there for the Great Council. They solved a mystery for Count Revus Umbranox of Anvil, where several of his key knights were impersonating the Daedric Prince Jyggalag in order to kill off other competing men-at-arms.

Cyrodiil Adventures

In Kvatch, Sretnuh, the seven-hundred-soulled attack dog of Delusul, was sent to kill the Covenant and capture Shrava. Sretnuh focused his initial attack on Nyasia, who managed to injure the creature before being critically wounded herself.

Nyasia had her first encounter with war at a battlefield near Skingrad and was summarily horrified by it. As they wandered among the dead, they encountered a Shadomora. Following an escape from the Daedra, her horse broke a leg and she was forced to put it down. This left a lasting impact on Nyasia.

They passed into the Imperial City, where Kismet attacked them and killed Baldr. Nyasia formed the Shehai and broke one of Kismet's swords, after which the blademaster left.

Following Baldr's death, Nyasia and company met back up with Kashya at Weaver's Glade. Unbeknownst to Nyasia, Kashya had received orders to spy on her, but the Khajiit's interest made her think Kashya wanted to be her friend. They fought a group of vampires on the road to Cheydinhal, in the course of which they recruited Shaltaire, and during this Nyasia was forced to violently defend herself. She reflected on how she was becoming more familiar with human internal anatomy than she wanted to be.

In Cheydinhal, the Covenant ran into Marrinthus Thiel and Kyris. In a debate of greater and lesser evils, Nyasia expressed a changed world view. Having seen a good deal of violence and no longer overwhelming naive, Nyasia now (somewhat arrogantly) believes she has seen everything awful the world has to offer.

Leaving Cheydinhal, they rode north, into the village of Bramwood, a wooded town that was perpetually dark. Alerted to the presence of a vampire, the Covenant was unable to leave as every path out of the village inexplicably led back to the center. A brief investigation of the town led them to the discovery of Svilnar, a master vampire who controlled Bramwood as if it were his own doll house. He took Nyasia captive, citing her descendance from Diagna as being valuable to him, and instructed the rest of the Covenant entertain him. This culminating in Svilnar's apparent death and Nyasia's rescue. Nyasia was left in shock by the experience and only recovered through the combined efforts of Lysilde and Shaltaire.

Svilnar, a telepath, had thought Nyasia out of existence, trapping her in perpetual cycle of being nothing coupled with the knowledge of recognizing she no longer existed. This broke Nyasia and following it she now has full control over the Shehai. It also brought out some more aggressive aspects of her personality.

Drowned Morrowind

(From left to right) Cassian, Kashya, Nyasia, and Helian at the Grandmaster's speech to Kragrenmoor

They rode on into Morrowind, to Kragenmoor. There, they encountered riots against the current Grandmaster. Notably, the Ordinators were working alongside the Legion in keeping the peace in the city, which the Dunmer of Kragenmoor resented. As the crowd massed through the streets, Helian was swept off and Nyasia chased after him in a panic. They witnessed the Grandmaster's speech to the crowd, which was poorly received, met with chants of "Imperials go home!" As the Grandmaster left, the crowd began to recede, and Nyasia took to the opportunity to investigate just what was going on.

Sneaking inside the Grandmaster's palace, Nyasia and Helian witnessed the murder of both the Grandmaster and the military governor of Kragenmoor, as the result of an ongoing coup, put into place by followers of Boethiah. They fled when they learned Ordinators were being sent to attack the last Imperial holdout in the city, where the rest of the Covenant was hiding out. They arrived just in time to warn Lysilde, and together the Covenant escaped Kragenmoor.

The Covenant continued on towards Tear, stopping first in Saint Seryn to acquire a guide by the name of Krem. There, Nyasia and Helian had their fortunes read by a purported psychic Nyasia quickly became angered and stormed out, but Helian remained to have his fortune told to him. Later, Nyasia and Helian discussed running away from the Covenant, fed up with the repeated dangers and tortures they had experienced. Although Nyasia fantasized about the idea, ultimately she decided she wouldn't give up on people who needed her.

They moved on to Narsis, where Vyrine and Reina joined the covenant. Moving past the battle lines they ran afoul of first a giant crocodile, which killed Helian's horse, and then later had to hide as a dragonrider passed over. All was well until Krem led them off the dedicated path to investigate a Laumer work camp, which promptly got them all captured. Forced into servitude, Nyasia was quickly pulled aside to speak to the camp's Director for her Redguard looks, which were exotic and foreign to the Laumer.

The camp's director, named Omboss, interrogated Nyasia and attempted to coerce her into giving up Krem, their guide. However, she falsely and successfully indicted Scaldor as the guide, believing the Altmer would be able to withstand any torture. In the camp, Helian's gryphon, Dancer, was brutalized which as hurt the Imperial through their magical bond. Upon escaping the camp, Nyasia killed Omboss in cold blood as retribution. From him, she took a House Dres ring.

The Covenant proceeded onto Tear, moving through back country. Upon stopping in a ghost town, they ran afoul of a Laumer prison transport, but managed to defeat the guards. The lone prisoner the Laumer had been transporting was a one of their own kind, an elf named Migo. Migo joined with the Covenant and they pressed on to Tear, now in the disguises of circus performers provided by the Mane of Elsweyr. The disguises worked and they passed first through a town outside Tear, where Nyasia pretended to simply be a sword-singer or "sword dancer." They seemingly snuck through the gates of Tear and made it to the House Dres crypt that contained Arkay's Wreath. Using the ring Nyasia had retrieved, they got the crypt open. Inside was Arkay's Wreath, also a ring. However, they had been followed to the crypt. Imcuthal, the regent of the Laumer Excharcate, cornered them, demanding the Wreath. Lysilde managed to use slight of hand to give him her Chenetoil ring instead. It was a feint he bought and left, but collapsed the crypt behind himself, seemingly trapping the Covenant. They only managed to escape after using the Wreath to talk to one of the spirits of the deceased, directly them to a secret exit. The Covenant made it to Tear's docks and escaped on one of the Laumer's organic submarines, but Krem was mortally wounded in the process.

Confrontations and Mara's Crystal

Traveling further in Argonia, the Covenant arrived in the village of Monxu-Droxu or, rather, Monxu-Droxu harpooned their bow and reeled them in, believing the Covenant to be Laumer. Once the village and the Covenant had mediated, Laxleela, the leader of Monxu-Droxu, revealed that the village was experience serious issues, issues that had consequences for the entire province. Creatures called "Snatchers" were attacking the village,

Jephre's Spine

Traveling North


The world is simple. The rain falls, the wind blows, the sun sets. It is people that invented everything quarrelsome about it.

Nyasia is foremost a kind person. There are no mean-spirited or selfish aspects to her personality. Her attitude towards the world is one where everyone should be treated fairly, and meets this with an even-tempered disposition. She cares genuinely for others and is a non-violent person. Nyasia enjoys conversation and attempts to be friends with most everyone, given the chance. Nyasia, although she prefers informal settings, can preform as her station demands and fulfill the roles required of her. Responsibility does not come easily to Nyasia and she would rather be having fun than doing important work. Nyasia possesses a good sense of humor and a quick wit, although she never uses it to insult people. She is not above teasing, however. When Shrava almost killed her and Helian, she lost her cool and berated the Khajiit.

Gradually, as Nyasia has garnered more experience through her travels, she has begun to mature. She had several emotional and mental traumas, that have changed her outlook on things. Following Baldr's death, being brutalized by Sretnuh, and as well as witnessing a great deal of violence, much of Nyasia's naivete has faded away. Although still kind and optimistic, Nyasia is now well aware of evil's existence, to the extent that she believes she can identify evil, no matter the form it comes in. Nyasia now sees herself as someone the world has tried to push down, but has unyielding stood strong and weathered the worst on offer. Of course, this is naivete unto itself, as there are plenty of lessons Nyasia has yet to learn and horrors yet to face.

Ultimately, Nyasia was quickly proved wrong, as she faced an even greater evil in Svilnar. She admitted to Clodagh that she felt she had utterly no agency or control over her life. Nyasia's desire to do good is impact by this sense of powerlessness, as she feels that anything she does might not ultimately matter.

Nyasia retains an immense desire to see wrongs put right, as well as help where ever she can. However, as time has gone on, she has become more and more worn by increasingly traumatic experiences. She has a expressed a near constant feeling of exhaustion, as well as general anxiety. Despite this, she shows continues to show bravery in the face of life-threatening danger, even taking suicidal risks. This reckless behavior itself stems from her anxiety, as both a constant need to prove herself and a desire to overcome her fears. Nyasia also wishes to project an image of confidence and bravery, as she believes such a thing is expected of her.

Nyasia ability to lead people also developed over time, as her impulsiveness has been tempered by caution and experience.


Like most of the al Din Dynasty, Nyasia was educated at the Hall of the Virtues of War. Nyasia is intelligent and has a keen mind for strategy. Although initially her impulsiveness and eager-to-please nature made her a poor leader, she has gradually matured into a more thoughtful and decisive person. She possesses great charisma, able to sway people to share her point of view or at least sympathize with her.

Nyasia is highly athletic and physically muscular. She is an avid climber and capable acrobat.

Nyasia has the ability to form the Shehai, meaning she has achieved at least near mastery in the Way of the Sword and proven clarity of intent.


Legend of Nirn: The Daedra Wars

Journey's Beginning & Dibella's Rose

Julianos Puzzle

Cyrodiil Adventures

Arkay's Wreath

Mara's Crystal

Horn of Stendarr