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Officers, sometimes called Field Leaders, were troops appointed to positions of authority and power. They usually commanded a section or above and are responsible for the well-being and deployment of their troops. They were obligated to a maximum of 2-4 troops depending on rank.


Officers were considered as a better variant of the scout archetype, however, they preferred parrying more often over dodging. They were almost ubiquitous, found in the cities, forts and the frontier alike, accompanied by a body of troops. They are usually seen commanding patrols, or overseeing small-scale operations on-foot or in horseback. Unlike scouts, officers were quite perceptive and could see through blended spots and disguises.


Officers were skilled combatants with one-handed blades and spells. They utilized the art of fighting with one blade only while using spells as support. However, they preferred light armor over heavy armor for more mobility. They also have the ability to free-run, but were limited to some degree.

As natural leaders, they were well-known for organizing their men in battles against adversaries, and heavily utilized teamwork with their troops to take down any adversary or threat.


Officers were well-known for their ability to quickly parry and attack in rapid succession and were dangerous if not countered properly. Direct head-on attacks would often result in a parry and counter-attacks led to swift retaliation. They heavily utilize dodging against adversaries armed with two-handed weapons or spells. They are also known for mounting nearby horses to attack adversaries by ramming them while possibly striking with their weapon or usage of spells.

Disarming techniques and attacks with defense-breaking capabilities were all viable tactics to be used against officers. Officers should be considered a main priority when fighting a small group of soldiers, as some can use illusion spells that bolster the morale and power of their sub-ordinates.

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