The Order of Vulcan
Leader Adawulf Sea-Born
Locations The Isle of Balfiera, Falkreath, Cyrodiil, New Roscrea, Southern Argonia, Vvardenfell and Hammerfell.
Headquarters Direnni Stronghold
Key Members --------------------------------------------
  • Vendil Dagoth
  • Socratus Junius
  • Namir Azzan
  • Daylen Ulen
  • Serna II of Jehanna
  • Altair Azzan
  • Abbas Hafiz
  • Talen-Jei
Alignment Whatever Vulcan wishes
Enemies The Empire
Founder Adawulf Sea-Born
Founding 4E 227
May the God of Ashes guide us!
— The Battle Cry of the Order


The Order of Vulcan started out as a branch of the Cult of Vulcan, but it eventually split and became an order of knights. They worship Vulcan and are led by Vulcan's Generals. The difference between the order and the Cult's army is the Order is sworn to service after death, while members of the cult strive for rebirth after death.


The Order of Vulcan has many purposes, all to the advantage of Adawulf. From being a military force to assassinating targets, they have mostly forceful purposes.


The Order has many kill-on-sight targets which include:

Keeping the Peace

The Order serves as the guards for Vulcan controlled cities.. Criminal investigations and protecting locations from attack, they are effective guardians of the people.

Uniform and Equipment

Order of Vulcan Knight

Average uniform for a soldier of the Order

Standard Infantry

The uniform of a basic soldier is a red knight-like suit of armor. It comes with a simple, rounded helmet, a heavy leather and chainmail vest, a chainmail shirt, a pair of runed gauntlets, and a simple set of duster robes. The uniforms are all a ruddy red coloration.

As for weapons, the soldiers use whatever they please. From shortswords to cudgels to bows, they all are permitted in the ranks. Many soldiers use their own heirlooms, but weapons of any kinds are available to the ranks as well.

Standard Magi


Standard Uniform for Mages of the Order

The uniforms of magi are embroidered, enchanted red robes. Under the robes are enchanted Ebony, protecting the wearer from physical damage. The enchantments on the uniform itself is the mage's own choice, but most of the time, the enchantments help the mage cast, absorb, or regenerate magically. All the standard uniforms are the ruddy red coloration.


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