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They believe that they can pass off their genocide as vengeance for a few hundred people, they have taken far more lives than their so-called honour demanded, now they are no more than murderers and serial-killers. The Stormhawk sees this, if what they have is still honour, then we don't want to be honourable.
— Hefndir the Stormhawk on the Companions and their massacre of the Falmer

The Order of the Stormhawk is a brotherhood of men and mer. They take no requests but still work to bring down anything that threatens their home or ideals, be it man, mer or beast. They are notable for their empathy towards the Falmer and a particularly strong dislike for the Companions and most Atmorans.


  • Tiskr Rjaakasig - Hefndir's prodigy and the second Stormhawk, Sword and Shield warrior.
  • Reeth Gylden-hand - Hefndir's prodigy, Master of Mysticism and Restoration.
  • Iliana Sturmhaukr - Daughter of Hefndir, The brood of the Stormhawk
  • Vaskr - A lesser member of the order.

Former Members

  • Hefndir Sturmhaukr - As Stormhawk, Hefndir was the leader of the Order. He is also the original founder.


The Order of the Stormhawk have their headquarters at Krakevisa on the island of Wyrmstooth, although generally the populace of Skyrim is led to believe it is located in the western forests where a smaller outpost can be found on the other side of the river east of Kallvatr, there are also multiple smaller encampments hidden across Skyrim. At least one is said to be located near Skyskyldr and another just southeast of Drakebru, others if any are well-hidden.


The Order has some artifacts in its possession.

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