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They believe that they can pass off their genocide as vengeance for a few hundred people, they have taken far more lives than their so-called honour demanded, now they are no more than murderers and serial-killers. The Stormhawk sees this, if what they have is still honour, then we don't want to be honourable.
— Hefndir the Stormhawk on the Companions and their massacre of the Falmer

The Order of the Stormhawk is a brotherhood of men and mer. They take no requests but still work to bring down anything that threatens their home or ideals, be it man, mer or beast. They are notable for their empathy towards the Falmer and a particularly strong dislike for the Companions and most Atmorans.


The Order was founded by Hefndir Sturmhaukr shortly after he training with the Hawk Cult of Kyne, where he learned the thu'um, and rescued some Falmer from a village close to the borders of Atmoran lands. He led them to the remote island of Wyrmstooth, where they took residence in the abandoned settlement of Hauksstallr, which became vacant after the Dragon War a century prior. Serving as a role model, he built up the order as philanthropic adventurers helping all those in need no matter their race or creed. His previous experience with the Companions meant that the Stormhawks had little love for the mercenary group, whom they saw as killers only working for money.

In 1E 139, the Stormhawks Hefndir, Tiskr Rjaakasig and Reeth Gylden-hand fought against the dragon Jermulgraag who was endangering the town of Yorgrim in Eastmarch. Tiskr and Reeth then helped to deal with the Orcs of the Akul Khazak Stronghold, which had been conducting several raids against the village of Silfrisin in the Pale. Tiskr killed the leader of the stronghold, Bakel gro-Dursa, with his new sword Kljúfasǫngr that had been given to him by Hefndir. Later that same year, the Atmorans declared war on the Falmer. Hefndir could not stand by and let this happen so he headed to the Kingdom of Mereth and joined their side of the war. He took up his old identity of Karyor and left the order in Tiskr's care.

In 1E 140, the Second Atmoran-Falmer War came to an end. Karyor had fought in numerous battles of the war and been a thorn in the side of the Atmorans with his use of the thu'um against them. However, he was ultimately unsuccessful in stopping the humans from winning and destroying the kingdom. In the Battle of Ilinhame, Karyor had killed the Companion Jofrodr Sword-Thrower and was subsequently killed by Reyl Golden-Maid - who swore vengeance against Karyor and the Stormhawks. Reyl managed to ally with the Cult of Ysmir, who saw Karyor as an affront to Kyne's Gift of the Storm Voice. They began to fight against the Stormhawks and greatly hindered their operations in mainland Skyrim.


The Order of the Stormhawk have their headquarters at Hauksstallr on the island of Wyrmstooth. They keep the location of their headquarters a secret, always landing on the southern banks of the island so that no outsiders can find Hauksstallr, to keep its small Falmer population safe. The Stormhawks have multiple smaller encampments across Skyrim which they make use of when they are wandering the land helping the people.


  • Tiskr Rjaakasig - Hefndir's prodigy and the second Stormhawk Leader, Sword and Shield warrior.
  • Reeth Gylden-hand - Hefndir's prodigy, Master of Mysticism and Restoration.
  • Iliana Sturmhaukr - Daughter of Hefndir, The brood of the Stormhawk
  • Vaskr - A lesser member of the order.

Former Members


The Order has some artifacts in its possession.