Pavo was an Imperial legion scout, father of Helian, and the comrade-in-arms of Graicus. He died in the Karth War.


Pavo was born on the 17th of Rain's Hand in the year 275 of the fourth era. Hailing from the city of Anvil, the son of a stonemason who moved there from Skingrad to start from scratch he was one of the many low-born living in the great port of the Gold Coast.

At age eighteen he enlisted in the Imperial legion. This is where he became great friends with Graicus.

He died not even a year into the Karth War. Nine months in, he was killed by Graicus in a raid by accident. He did not live to see his son be born.

Helian, his son, was born in Hearthfire that year, 294



Legend of Nirn: The Darkest Night

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