Power Glove
Power Glove

Base Damage by Mode

60 (Powered), 30 (Semi-powered), 8 (Down-powered)

Base Armor




Base Value



Unarmed, Heavy Armor


When the fingers press the palm in certain orders, one of the various modes can be turned on.


Steel, Dwemer Metal, Leather



A Power Glove is a weapon invented by Reliknar. It doubles as a piece of armor.

Reliknar is not an extremely skilled combatant, but instead tends to rely on his available technology. Once, when in a drunken fistfight, Reliknar had the idea to make something that would send people flying with a punch. Soon after, he got knocked out. When he came to the next morning, he immediately went to make it.

Power Glove Extra

More angles of the Power Glove

The result was the Power Glove. With various modes that have various effects, it is a very versatile tool, especially to a blacksmith. The original Power Glove only sent targets flying when turned on, but Relik's current model has many useful modes. Using dwemer technology that he adapted, it also has a semi-dwemer look to it.


The current model of the Power Glove has many useful modes. The blasts that it uses do not seem to be explosive or shock. However, they do seem to use implemented enchantments and magic.

The Power Modes

The Power Modes use a punch-like blast, causing glove-target impact damage to the target.

  • Powered Prime Mode: Sends enemies flying back with a powerful blast, hurting them greatly in the process.
  • Semi-Powered Mode: Shoves enemies with a strong force, knocking them down or making them very off-balance. This also uses a blast, and damages the target. It usually sends an average male nord about 15 feet back.
  • Down-Powered Mode: A decent hit that uses a slight blast. It can be seen as a strong punch.

The Control Modes

The Control Modes use more of a shove-like force, giving the same blasting force as the Power Modes, but not injuring the target from the glove-target impact.

  • Prime Launch Mode: The same as Powered Prime, minus the glove-target impact damage.
  • Shove Mode: The same as Semi-Powered, but without the glove-target impact damage.
  • Push Mode: The same as Down-Powered, but without the glove-target impact damage.

The Change Modes

The Change modes are basically different spells and such that have been made available to the wearer of the Power Glove. The spells are mostly somehow useful to Reliknar is his crafting. The advantage of these is that the user doesn't need training with magic, and the Power Glove collects its own magicka.

  • Flame Mode: The same as the actual spell.
  • Incinerate Mode: The same as the actual spell.
  • Telekinesis Prime Mode: Regular telekinesis, plus the ability to bend metal, rip people apart, etc.
  • Shock Mode: The same as the Lightning Bolt spell. Usually used to jumpstart dwemer machinery, etc.
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