Ragnar the Cursed
Race Nord
Gender Male
Age 31
Status Undead
Factions Whietrun (Re-construction), The Circle (Destroyed), The Companions (Re-construction), Adawulf's Cult
Titles Jarl of Whiterun, Lord of Rorikstead, The Cursed One
Place of Birth Rorikstead, Skyrim
Family Nelkir The Cursed (Father), Sissel of Rorikstead (Mother)
For the Ragnar from Legend of Nirn, see Ragnar Heljarchen.
Negotiations? You sit on my throne!
— Ragnar The Cursed


Ragnar is the son of Nelkir, the son of Balgruff the Greater, and Sissel, a priestess of the Divines. He is the last living person related to Balgruuf the Greater, and he makes that clear to anyone who doubts his political power.

The Battle for Whiterun

When Whiterun was captured by the creatures known as Darklings, Ragnar took the position of Jarl and lead the Lycanthropes of the Circle and the armies of Whiterun to regain the city.

When the Darklings transported the City to their world, Ragnar was the only person not transported. He became sick from an unknown disease, leading to him passing out in a cave.

The Cult of Vulcan

When Vendil Dagoth and his armies were returning from the capture of Markarth, they encountered Ragnar's unconscious body in a cave. Vendil took him to Blackreach and replaced his heart with a heartstone, like Adawulf. Ragnar was then convinced he was saved from death, which lead to him joining the cult and becoming a general.

Becoming Jarl once again

After negotiating with Etaret Witchbane, he was given the position of Jarl of Whiterun. Later on, he figured out about Duniir, the last of the Kothringi, and requested that he become the court wizard.

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