"See you in the Hunting Grounds, brother..."
— Ranahur, Lion of the Tundra


Ranahur was a male Khajiit of grey coloring. His fur was longer than average for a Khajiit, especially around his cheeks and throat, which could cause Ranahur to appear as if he had a beard or a mane. His eyes were a piercing yellow with thin, vertical black lines as pupils.

He wore tattered leather armor and a black linen cloak with a hood. He kept a bow attached to his back and a dagger strapped to his boot at all times. He rode a black horse that he called Midnight Licorice. He was a skilled tracker and hunter.

Early Life:

Ranahur was born on the eastern border of Elsweyr, but traveled to Valenwood to seak adventure as an adolescent-adult. In Valenwood, he lived as the only Khajiit in a traditional tribe of Bosmer for roughly 8 years until his tribe was massacred by a group of Thalmor Justiciars who disproved of the Bosmeri tradition of cannibalism. Thought to be a slave of the wood elves, Ranahur was spared and left alone at the site of the massacre.

Ranahur crossed the border to Elsweyr to seek out his family, but discovered that they too had been killed by the Thalmor. Angry, depressed, and confused, Ranahur traveled as far north as he could: past the plains of Cyrodiil to the tundra of Skyrim.

Arrival at Skyrim:

Pelt Trader and Hunter:

Arriving at Skyrim, Ranahur built himself a cabin on the border of Falkreath Hold and The Rift. He lived there alone as a hunter and pelt trader for several years, but as the political climate changed, Ranahur had to as well.

Steward of the Rift:

Following the events involving the the Mad Jarl of Riften, Ranahur was unable to live comfortably as a pelt trader. He found work as the new Steward of Riften after the current one, Herod Andrano, rose to the position of Jarl.

To help strengthen his political ties and empower his hold, Ranahur allied with the Dawnguard. However, this did not last long. Ranahur's new job allowed him to meet many different types of people from interesting demographics. As he came to be friends with the vampire Yaeltar, he felt that he could not justify working for the Dawnguard any longer.

Confused once again, and with the pressure of possible war against the Lich King Fylkir and the undead at Bleakrock Isle, Ranahur contemplated his situation and his desires for nights on end. Finally, the Khajiit left a letter for Jarl Herod on his bed at Mistveil Keep. The letter read as follows:

Jarl Herod,

This one has had a lot of time to contemplate. By the time you read this letter, he will be long gone. Always know that this one respected and appreciated you while he held this job, but politics are not for him. He doesn't belong here. No, he belongs among the deer and the saber cats and the mammoths. His home has no ceiling but the sky, no floor but the soil. He is born free.

He will stop by to visit occasionally, but for now: farewell, my Jarl.

-Ranahur, Lion of the Tundra

The Companions:

Lion of the Tundra

Starting a new chapter in his life, Ranahur adopted the title "Lion of the Tundra". The morning after he arrived back at his cabin, the bounty hunters Ran'seh and Blarmi Bastr whisked him away on an adventure. This adventure found Ranahur in Dragon's Bridge, where he, by chance, met the vampire Yaeltar once again. This time, however, Ranahur and the Yaeltar were not on good terms.

Distressed and having given up, believing Skyrim would not harbor someone like himself, the vampire had been draining and killing people across Skyrim in a rampage of sorts. Because of this, Ranahur felt it necessary to fight Yaeltar. With the help of his new friend, Ran'seh, and an oil dipped, flaming arrow, Ranahur was able to kill the vampire lord. This was seen by Hircine, the Daedric Prince of The Hunt, as a great hunt, and so Ranahur was blessed with Hircine's gift, lycanthropy.

The Wolves of Jorrvaskr:

Ranahur followed Ran'seh and Blarmi Blastr all across the landscape of Skyrim, finally settling down in Whiterun, where they adopted the abandoned mead hall Jorrvaskr and established a new guild, The Companions. The three founders, all werewolves, called themselves The Wolves of Jorrvaskr.

This poem was found in Ranahur's journal:

Three souls, lost in different ways

Have somehow; found themselves today.

Two cats and an orc, now all the same

Under one roof, with kindred spirits and long fangs.

They'll sing, they'll fight, and they'll talk till' their dead,

But when it's done, they'll all hunt together again,

For they're the Wolves of Jorrvaskr and they'll never be spread.

The New Oblivion Crisis:

A few months after the creation of the Companions, Thorleif, the bastard son of Fylkir, summoned the Daedric Prince Vicindta and struck and deal with him in order to enact revenge on Herod Andrano, the new Jarl of Riften, convinced that Herod was responsible for his father's death. This resulted in Vicindta opening ten Oblivion portals across Skyrim, one for each hold and one in the courtyard of High Hrothgar.

During this New Oblivion Crisis, dremora raided each hold of Skyrim and took many lives, including those of Herod and Blarmi Bastr. This eventually led to Thorleif realizing his wrongdoing and swearing to close all of the gates. In order for this to work, however, Ran'seh, along with Ranahur, had to rush into Oblivion from the gate at High Hrothgar and hold off the dremora. This was successful in ending the crisis but resulted in the death of both Ran'seh and Ranahur. The remains of the two Khajiit lay resting at the slope to Vicindta's lair.

Before he took his last breath, Ranahur uttered these words: "See you in the Hunting Grounds, brother..."

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