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The Elder Scrolls Sandbox
Recatan I
The Chieftain of the Ash Giants
Race Saarebas
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Factions The Cult of Vulcan, The Saarebas of Balfiera
Titles Chieftan of Balfiera Ravines
Place of Birth Unknown
Family None
This article is part of the New Kingdoms

Recatan I is a Saarebas in The New Kingdoms.

Recatan's Past

Before becoming Saarebas through Adawulf's magic, Recatan was the newly appointed chief of Thirsk Hall. He was taught Tamrielic by the Dragonborn himself, which inspired Recatan to learn the many things his kind could not.

After Rebirth

When Recatan became one of the Saarebas, he followed Adawulf's orders like he used to follow the Dragonborn's. Mostly due to the fact that Adawulf was much better at the arcane arts then his previous human associate. Adawulf saw the potential in Recatan, and made him the Chieftain of the Balfiera Ravines.