Red Jinx
Red Jinx
Base Armor 0
Weight 0.25
Base Value 700
Additional Effects Spells of Daedric Magic cost less to cast. Conjures a dark shield if the wearer's health is low, consuming health with every hit.
Class Ring
Upgrade Material Ebony

The Red Jinx is a unique enchanted ring.


The ring was said to be forged by a necromancer Zayah Celog, who used to sacrifice all of his apprentices for a steady supply of souls. The tale is, he then attempted to replace his heart with a Daedra's one. When his right hand, Jyrenn, came to know of this, he and his subordinates raised an army of undead to assault Zayah. The necromancer used the ring to cast a dark shield around himself, and an entire army could not penetrate it. Soon, the army was no more, and Jyrenn's life force was absorbed. Zayah, however, failed at his experiment with the heart, and died, his soul imprisoned within the gemstone of Red Jinx.


The ring is rumored to rest within a Daedric ruin of Zayahamet, somewhere on mainland Morrowind, near the city of Mournhold. The ruin is also rumored to be Zayah's tomb.


The ring is enchanted to benefit practitioners of Daedric Magic, enhancing the incantations' effects. A unique feature of this ring is the shield, which is cast around the wearer if health is low enough. The shield cannot be dispelled for 30 seconds, and every enemy that attempts to hit the shield has his health consumed, giving it to the ring's wearer. The shield dissolves after 30 seconds or sooner if health is replenished faster. Unequipping the ring also results in the shield's disappearance.


The ring can be tempered with an Ebony Ingot, if the smith knows how to improve enchanted items. Additionally, the ring's enchantments are boosted when tempered, providing the wearer with an additional 10 second bonus to the shield.



Songs of Cinder, Tome One

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