Return of the Septim Dynasty is a Roleplay set in the Burned-Mane Canon, which takes place in between 4E 213-215. It tells the story of Daric Lariat's rebellion for the throne of the Empire, against the tyrant Augustus Mede. It mostly focuses on Northern Tamriel. The sequel roleplay to RotSD is Back to Roots, set 3 years after Daric became Emperor.

Part I

Augurius Mede was in the throne room of the Imperial Palace. He called to his bodyguard, Ortius Civello, and asked him to head to the city's inn to meet with an assassin that he had hired and to bring him back to the palace. Kastus received a contract from the Emperor. He headed to the Imperial City as the contract required and awaited for the Emperor's messenger to arrive at the inn. Ortius arrived at the inn which the guards reported seeing the assassin in and met with him. After conversing with the assassin he brought him to meet with Augustus in the throne room. When they arrived a few minutes later Augustus told the assassin what his job was, to kill his brother Marcus Mede. Marcus and Augustus had never gotten along, they fought for different sides in the Mede War of Succession and now Marcus had gone to Shornhelm to side with the usurper against his own brother. Augustus then had Ortius lead the assassin out of the Palace. The assassin then left for High Rock to complete the contract. Ortius then continued his duty to guard the Emperor.

In 4E 213 Daric began his rebellion against the Empire, against Augustus Mede. The Nords had pledged their allegiance to him as they hated the Emperor more than anybody, this alliance formed the Stormcrown Alliance. The kingdoms of High Rock were reluctant to join King Daric as they feared Augustus too much. So Daric was forced to attack the neighboring kingdoms. The first he invaded was the kingdom of Northpoint, the north most city in High Rock. Since he only had his own men from Shornhelm and a few others that had joined his cause he had to request aid from the Nords. He led his army, fighting from his horse and wielding his father's blade. With the Nords aiding him in the siege it didn't take long for the city of Northpoint to fall. The king was replaced with someone that supported Daric's rebellion. Caccian Vulpin rode into Shornhelm. He approached a guard and asked him which way Daric's castle was. The guard pointed to the palace, deeper into the city, however he told the imperial that Daric was out of town. Caccian reined in his horse, which he dubbed 'Canis'. He asked the guard to tell the king that he was here when he returned. He galloped down the streets to the palace. After capturing the city Daric returned to Shornhelm. Caccian rode up the palace and hitched his horse. The palace guards looked down to him and approached. He raised his shield, showing that he was a blade. He introduced himself and the guards backed off. He entered the palace and waited in the large entry way for King Daric. When Daric arrived later that afternoon he received word that a Blade had come by requesting an audience with him. He found the Blade sleeping and woke him up. Caccian snapped awake and kneeled at Daric's feet right away. He introduced himself and told Daric of his mission to find out the truth about the king's heritage. He also offered his services to Daric. The king welcomed Caccian and brought him to his library, where the scholar and him had kept their research on the his ancestry. Caccian headed there right away to talk to the scholar and see the research and records. Caccian was overjoyed to be serving a real Septim, he, unlike the other Blades, believed in Daric even without evidence. He and the scholar copied the records and the research so the imperial could take it back to Sky Haven Temple to show the other Blades.

Kastus arrived in Shornhelm about a week after departing from the Imperial City. There he sneaked into the palace, he spied on the guards to know where Marcus Mede was. Once he found his target's location he made his way there, the war room. Daric was to meeting with his generals in his war room, including Marcus Mede and Roderic Acques. Marcus informed him that Camlorn had agreed to side with Daric, and that the next step in their war would be to attack Daggerfall. Caccian decided to attend Daric's meeting with his generals to guard the king. When he spotted his target he approached crouching from behind and slit his throat. Daric, Roderic and Caccian were too late to help Marcus, and so he fell lifeless to the ground. Caccian drew his sword a moment too late, but he followed the assassin out of the room. However, he decided not to follow any further and went back to Daric, asking if he was alright. Daric replied that he was and then the king ordered the guards to pursue the assassin, who was already long gone. After killing the Emperor's brother the assassin made a run for it, he was chased by the Palace guards but was able to escape from Shornhelm. After the assassination he met with King Daric to talk about the plans for the invasion of Daggerfall now that the lead general was killed. Daric said to maintain the same plan as before, but now without Marcus. Marcus was meant to lead the siege in Daggerfall but now Daric had to do it personally. He sent a letter to High King Ulfric Stormcloak, asking him to send his navy to aid in the battle. Kastus made his way back to the Imperial City to turn in his contract. Caccian returned to Sky Haven Temple with the documents. The member that had asked him to go to Shornhelm applauded his work. He told Caccian that with this a good portion of the Blades would want to follow Daric, instead of the Dragonborn. He then had Caccian return to High Rock to tell King Daric the news, that he would soon have the Blades at his service.

Augustus was upset that the Nords were in open rebellion against the Empire, again, however this time all of Skyrim was united against him. He and his generals strategized and decided which Legions would go where, sending more troops to Skyrim and a few to High Rock to deal with the rebels. Kastus returned a few days later, having completed the contract. Augustus was pleased that his brother was killed and had Ortius pay the assassin. Kastus decided to use the opportunity of Marcus' death and returned to Shornhelm. After that Augustus retired to his room. There he took out his sword and sharpened it. After that he went over to his desk and looked at the pile of reports, which is one of the things he most hated about being Emperor...the paperwork. He looked over some of them and found one that caught his attention. A priest of Talos from the Temple of the One had been preaching his support for Daric Lariat's claim for the throne, Augustus was outraged. The Emperor had the guards arrest the Priest of Talos and bring him to the Palace. Ortius was also called back to stand by the Emperor's side. It took a while for everyone to get there but soon the court was in progress. Augustus yelled at the priest, and said that his sentence would death by hanging. The priests tried to defend himself, claiming he was only answering a question that a pilgrim had asked about Talos and Tiber Septim. Augustus asked if the priest believed the usurper's claim. The priest replied "No...of course not, its heresy to say such things." Augustus said that he didn't believe the priest and sentenced him to hang. The priest cried for mercy but those cries fell on deaf ears, for the Emperor had already made up his mind. The guards dragged the priest away. Ortius was so shocked by it that he dared not speak.

Caccian arrived in two days and rushed to tell Daric, he asked one of the palace servants take him to the king. Daric was in his study, Caccian entered, after the king allowing it, and told him about what his superior in the Blades had told him. The Blades had split into two groups, the Dragonguard that remained in Skyrim and the Blades that decided to go with Caccian to High Rock. Daric told the Blade about the planned siege of Daggerfall, and asked him if he would come with him. Caccian agreed to follow the king as his bodyguard, and after that he left Daric's study. Kastus thought that Daric would want revenge on the Emperor and would likely hire him to assassinate Augustus. There he snuck into Daric's quarters at night and confronted the King. Daric asked him if he had come back to kill him, to which Kastus replied "no". The assassin told Daric that he was hired by the Emperor to kill Marcus. He then offered his services to help Daric get revenge for 50,000 septims, to which Daric disagreed as he wouldn't stoop to Augustus' level. He tried to convince the king but he wasn't able to, however Daric agreed to hire Kastus for another job as he acknowledge the assassin's skill. He agreed to hire him as a saboteur to aid in the siege of Daggerfall, agreeing to pay him 10,000 septims.

The throne room was quiet for a time, until a Penitus Oculatus member walked in. He told Augustus that part of the Blades had set off from Skyrim to join Daric in High Rock. The Emperor was caught by surprise, he asked him if that was true. The Penitus agent hesitated and said yes. The Emperor walked closer to the messenger. He then grabed his sword and plunges it into the Penitus Oculatus agent's boot. He screamed. Augustus was outraged that more people were turning against him. He took his sword out of the messeger's foot. He then sat back on his throne and said that he only wanted to hear something now if it was good news. He told Ortius to escort the wounded agent out of the throne room, as he appeared to have 'hurt' his foot. Augustus then left to meet with his generals again. Ortius apologized to the agent for the Emperor's behavior and left him in the infirmary. He then attended the war meeting with the Legion Generals. At the War Room Augustus looked over the map of Tamriel. He cursed the Blades and then slamed his fist onto the table, knocking over the pieces that represented the armies on the map. He declared every Blade a traitor and called for their immediate termination. He then asked how the war with Skyrim was going. The general told him that they had just captured Falkreath, Augustus was pleased. However the general said that the Nords had they pinned down and they couldn't advance into the rest of Skyrim. Augustus took the news well and asked if another legion was available to provide back up for the one in Falkreath, the general said that most of the Legions were busy keeping order in the other provinces. The Emperor said to move the Legion from High Rock to Skyrim once Daric had been dealt with, after that he dismissed the generals and retired to his chambers.

Daric, Caccian, Roderic and Kastus left for Daggerfall along with the Breton army, which was now larger as it contained Camlorn's troops and some from Northpoint. Caccian noticed a peculiar character that the king had brought along, who was in fact the assassin from before, and he decided to ask Daric who he was. Daric didn't tell him but he said to the Blade that he didn't trust the man and for him to keep an eye on him. When they arrived at the outskirts of Daggerfall Daric sent a messenger to ask the King of the city to surrender. Kastus went on ahead to sabotage the city's defenses while the king and his army stayed in the outskirts of the city. He took care of the catapults, placed explosive barrels in the towers and remained there to open the gate and lower the drawbridge for when the attack started. Ulfric was busy dealing with the Legions that were attacking from Morrowind and Cyrodiil. The Empire had managed to capture Falkreath from the Nords. But when Daric requested their assistance on the siege of Daggerfall Ulfric did not hesitate to send the Nordic Navy to aid them. He even led them himself. The Nord Navy arrived in Daggerfall shortly before the siege began. Nords landed troops onto the battlefield to aid the Breton King in taking the city. The messenger returned with the High King of Daggerfall's reply, he refused to surrender to the usurper as he was still loyal to the Emperor. Daric then ordered the army to attack the city, he led them on his horse. Kastus opened the gates and lowered the bridge and let Daric's army into Daggerfall. Afterwards Kastus went around the city assassinating the defending soldiers and even random citizens, the chaos of the battle gave him a rush. Roderic led a platoon of soldiers into the city, when Daric ordered the start of the attack. The Daggerfall soldiers fired down on the besieging army, killing many with arrows. Once the siege began Ulfric led a force of Nords inside and helped Daric's men deal with the soldiers garrisoning Daggerfall. The High King came with some of his men and met with Daric on the battlefield, after an exchange of pleasantries the two returned to the battle. Kastus had managed to open the city's gates from the inside and Daric took advantage of that, charging with the cavalry into the city, Caccian at his side. Canis neighed frantically. Caccian reined the stallion in, and pet its mane. He than galloped fast towards the gate, he pulled his shield over his body to deflect the incoming arrows from the soldiers on the walls. During the battle, Caccian remained at Daric's side.

When Daric began his attack on Daggerfall word soon reached the Imperial City and Ortius told the Emperor. Augustus was surprised and he knew that the Legion, which was in eastern High Rock, wouldn't be able to assist in defending the city. He had Ortius immediately send word to the Navy ships that were stationed in Hammerfell. Augustus sat in his throne, he was restless, he longed for a battle. He decided to join the battle for Daggerfall and set off for Anvil with part of his Penitus Oculatus. There they boarded a ship to take them to Hammerfell to meet up with the rest of the Navy. Ortius asked the Emperor if it was wise for him to join in the fighting, to which Augustus reminded his bodyguard that he led the Legions against the Aldmeri Dominion and then against the Talos Pact.

As the Nord ships fired onto the city Daric led his men deeper into the city, towards the palace. By the time he made it to the Upper Quarter of the city Caccian spotted Imperial ships in the horizon, Augustus had sent reinforcements to Daggerfall, the Nord ships turned their attention to the incoming ships. Kastus travelled through the sewers and made his way to the Upper Quarter, where he met up with Daric. The assassin followed him through the city. Caccian road through the streets fighting alongside the king, slashing Daggerfall's best down effortlessly from atop Canis. He dismounted, got up onto the wall, and peered out over the horizon at the sea, where he could see ships gathering. A guard came up at him and struck, he parried the attack and stabbed the guard through the belly. He returned to Daric and told him of the Imperial Navy ships he had seen approaching the city. Caccian then marched through the streets to the palace. The guards were so shocked to see a lone soldier clad in Blades armor charging them down, that they were dead before they could react. He reached the top of the avenue when the Captain of the Guard and a contingent of his soldiers appeared, they demanded his surrender. The Blade marched up the street non-responsive. The guards charged, the Captain at the front. The captain brought his greatsword down on Caccian, who blocked it with his shield. He then and sliced the Captain's stomach. He stabbed forward with his blade, going right through a guard's defense. He blocked, disarmed, and slit the throat of the third. The remaining guards yelped and ran away. Caccian then went over to the Captain and put him out of his misery. Daric met up with Caccian outside the palace, he followed the king and the others to the Palace to confront High King Arnand Deleyn, the monarch of Daggerfall and High Rock.

The Imperial Navy arrived in Daggerfall and began assaulting the Nordic Navy. The Imperial and the Nord Navies exchanged fire until the two navies disembarked troops and those troops began a battle outside the city. Augustus and the Penitus Oculatus were along with the Redguard troops in the battle against the Nords. Galmar had led the Nords against the Legion. Augustus slashed at the Nord soldiers. The two armies were evenly matched, Ortius told the Emperor that they needed some plan to defeat the Nords. To turn the tide of the battle in Imperial favor Augustus wanted his ships to fire onto the battlefield, he had Ortius go bring the order. Ortius refused and tried to reason with the Emperor, he pleaded that this would endanger Imperial forces as well as the Nords. Augustus assured him that more Nords would die than legionnaires, and told him not to argue with the Emperor. Ortius continued to be against the tactic, Augustus ordered him to stop arguing and to do as he was told. He said that victory was worth any price.

As soon as they entered the Palace Kastus slipped away from Daric and sneaked his way through it, killing some guards along the way. They fought their way through the High King's guards, who were no match for them as Ulfric Stormcloak was with them. They eventually made it to the throne room and Daric warned them to be ready for anything. Ulfric then shouted the doors open and they were then face to face with High King Arnand. Daric demanded, for one last time, for Arnand to surrender. Arnand declined. Caccian stared Arnand in the face, and tried to convince him but failed. Daric told the Blade to forget it and drew his weapon. Arnand ordered his men to attack Daric and his followers, Daric cast a fireball at a guard. After the argument between Arnand and Daric, the kings' forces charged at each other, the assassin took the chance and crept up behind Arnand, slitting his throat. After killing the king Kastus join the fight against the guards. Daric didn't approve of what Kastus did, as he hadn't hired him to assassinate anyone. To him assassination was the coward's weapon. Caccian cut down the guards, while protecting Daric. The remaining Royal Guards surrendered when Daric asked them to, saying that they wouldn't be harmed if they did. When Daric was able to make the royal guards surrender Kastus was annoyed, he wanted to kill more. And so he slipped away from the king once more and went to the battlefield, killing anyone he could, no caring who's army they belonged to. One of Daric's soldiers entered the throne room and told him that Augustus was leading the Imperial reinforcements into battle against the Nords. Since the High King of Daggerfall was dead and the city was mostly secured Daric ordered his men to assist the Nords, who had been holding the Imperials at bay. Caccian pleaded for Daric to remain in the city, as the battlefield was much to chaotic and it would have been suicide for the king to go out there. Daric reluctantly agreed and had one of his generals lead the Bretons into battle, he headed to the city's walls to oversee the battle, Caccian followed him. While Daric remained at the walls Ulfric joined the battle alongside his men and fought against the Legion. After the King of Daggerfall had been defeated and the city was captured Roderic led the Breton force from the city to join the Nords fighting the Legion outside the city.

It was the last straw, Ortius was fed up with the Emperor and his extreme behavior. Ortius snapped and yelled at the Emperor, and after speaking his mind he ordered the Penitus Oculatus to stand down and surrender to the rebels, most did. From the wall Caccian and the king saw a Penitus Oculatus agent, who's armor identified him as a the commanding officer, pulling the Penitus Oculatus out of the fight. Caccian stroked his chin, interested. He had always taken an interest to the Blade's replacements, they obviously weren't as good as the Blades, because the Dark Brotherhood chopped up the last Mede with an army of them on his ship, but he respected them none the less. He decided that if he and that officer ever ended up on the same battlefield, he was not going to seek him out. From there Daric also saw the Bretons charge the Imperials on their weak flank and force them to retreat. After what Ortius said Augustus became furious and damned Ortius and his enemies to Oblivion, he then ordered a retreat as the Bretons had joined the battle and that was turning the tide in the Stormcrown Alliance's favor. The Legionnaires retreated back to the ships. The Blade backed away from the edge of the wall, heading to inform Daric of the Imperial's weakened flank. Daric gave orders to a General bellow to strike the retreating Imperial army at the flank, ending the battle in one final swoop. During the battle Kastus spotted the Emperor and when he retreated back to the ships the assassin followed him. With the battle won the Bretons had taken Daggerfall, however they lost a good portion of their soldiers in the fight. Ortius and his men surrendered to the rebels. The Alliance forces dealt with the remaining legionnaires. Augustus watched angrily from the ships as the Nords and Bretons commemorated their victory. The Alliance forces restored order to the city and put the High King's sister in charge of the city. After the siege was over the Nords got back on their ships and returned to Skyrim. When they were far enough away from Daggerfall that it could hardly been seen the Emperor felt a poke on his back. He turned around and saw the assassin he had hired to kill his brother. He asked him what he was doing, the assassin mostly ignored the question and proposed that he spy on Daric's forces for the Emperor, asking for 10000 septims. Augustus liked the idea but asked how and why the assassin was here. Kastus accidentally told him that he helped Daric during the siege and that he killed High King Arnand, as he thought it would convince Augustus that Daric would trust him. Augustus was furious and before the assassin could react he drew his sword and swung at Kastus, the strike cut his cheek deeply. Kastus then jumped off the boat and swam back to Daggerfall, hoping to get back to Daric and his men.

Caccian approached the Penitus Ocutalus that had remained behind. He spoke to them, telling them how he was shocked they remained behind and how he was thankful that for some bizarre reason they left the battle. But he reminded them that they fought against them, and that King Daric would now decide their fate. Ortius demanded to see Daric but the Blade didn't let him, however the King walked over to them anyway. He questioned if it was Augustus that had left them behind or if they chose to remain. The officer and Caccian ignored the question and kept bickering about which order was better, the Blades or the Penitus Oculatus. Daric calmed them down and asked the officer if the Penitus Oculatus agents that defected would join him willingly or if they had to be sent to jail. Ortius responded by saying that they would join if Daric really was a descendent of Tiber Septim. Caccian assured him that Daric was in fact a Septim, but the officer wasn't convinced. Daric told Ortius about how he and the scholar followed the trail left by Uriel IV and Katariah, during their own investigations, and how they discovered that Katariah was Tiber Septim and Barenziah's granddaughter. The king left no detail out of the story. After hearing that Ortius agreed to help Daric, at least so he could go to Shornhelm and see the documents proving the story himself, but said that he wouldn't be his emperor until Augustus was dead. Daric welcomed the Penitus agents and asked for the officer's name, to which he replied Ortius Civello. Caccian asked if it was wise to trust those that abandoned the man they had sworn to protect, but the Breton king said they had a valid reason after one of the Penitus agents told him why they defected. Caccian asked what the King had in mind of the deserted Penitus Oculatus, Daric thought about turning them into his Honor Guard. Ortius, Caccian and Daric then talked about what strategy would be best to take. Ortius suggested that they have the Emperor assassinated, but Daric disagreed as he said that he wouldn't stoop to Augustus' level. They eventually agreed that they first needed more allies before taking on the Emperor and the Legions in Cyrodiil.

The next day Daric and his men left for Shornhelm after the Nords returned to Skyrim. While they were on their way to Shornhelm Caccian received a letter from a courier which mentioned that all the Blades that had left for High Rock were killed, they were ambushed by the Legion near Eastern High Rock and massacred. Caccian was completely crushed, it had been his fault that those Blades were heading into High Rock. It was his fault that they had died. Daric gave him his condolences. Caccian was now the Gradmaster of the Blades, as they had split up from the Skyrim Blades that were now calling themselves the Dragonguard. Kastus showed up asking for his money, the king kept his promise and paid the assassin the other half of the agreed amount. He told the assassin that their deal was now done and that he better not catch the assassin trying to kill one of his generals again and that he didn't want to see him in Shornhelm ever again. A messenger brought the King the news that the kingdoms of Jehanna and Farrun had agreed to swear fealty to him. Kastus gave the king an evil grin, then rushed past by the messenger. The courier fell to one knee and grabbed his side, the assassin had stabbed him. Daric yelled for the guards to deal with Kastus, but he had already ran off. Daric knew that the assassin had stabbed the messenger just to spite him, and that had made him lose his patience with Kastus. He ordered the guards to look for the assassin but he was long gone. Roderic was promoted by Daric to be his lead general. Caccian knocked on the door to the king's study. There he talked to the king and asked him to hear a proposal. The Blade wanted to make the former Penitus Oculatus agents into member of the Blades, to serve under him. Daric agreed to the idea, but he wasn't sure that Ortius would follow the Blade, he suspected that Caccian would have to share a bit of authority with the former officer. The king sent a letter to Ulfric asking for assistance in the siege of Wayrest, as he was unaware the Nords had their own problems back home. By the time they returned to Windhelm the Stormcloaks were attacked by an invading army from Morrowind. While they were busy fighting that Legion another from Falkreath invaded Whiterun Hold. After the loss of Daggerfall Augustus turned his attention to Skyrim and he joined the Legion there. The Imperials were besieging Whiterun, and the Emperor headed to Falkreath. The Stormcloaks weren't able to aid Whiterun, as they were held up with the Dunmer.

Back in Shornhelm Caccian told Ortius what he and Daric had decided, that Ortius and the other former Penitus agents would be joining Caccian's new Blades, as the ones that were going to come from Skyrim were ambushed along the way by the Legion. The Lieutenant didn't like the idea of serving under Caccian, he argued with the Blade. After a few minutes Daric was able to calm them both down and got Ortius to agree to join the Blades, as Caccian's second in command. Daric then left the study and headed to the War Room, leaving the two behind. In the following day Caccian led the former Penitus agents out of Shornhelm and to an old Blades base in High Rock, Wind Talon Temple. There he fitted them all with Blades equipment, armor and weapons, and spent his time training them to effectively use their new equipment. Caccian, the new Grandmaster of the reformed order, quickly got them acquainted at the Temple. Ortius served as the second-in-command, the Knight-Commander, and aided his men in the transition to becoming Blades. Daric discussed strategies for besieging Wayrest with his generals. Since they hadn't received a reply from the Nords Daric knew they needed a new ally in order to take Wayrest. Daric suggested the Forebears of Hammerfell, and so he sent a letter to them. Bodean Suda received a letter from Daric asking for an alliance with the Forebears. The Breton king said that he was aware of the political tension between the Forebears and the ruling Crowns. The Redguard was unsure of what to do at first, since he didn't think allying with a rebel would be good for the Forebears. But in time he changed his mind. Bodean sent a letter to the Breton telling him that he agreed to his offer of an alliance, and he then departed for Shornhelm to meet with Daric face to face. When he arrived they had their meeting in Daric's castle. Bodean told the Breton that he would join the Stormcrown Alliance if Daric agreed to help him take power in Hammerfell. Daric agreed and asked Bodean for assistance in taking Wayrest, as they needed more troops in order to do so. The two Kings started to discuss strategy after they made the alliance official. Bodean then left for Hammerfell to prepare his army for the siege. The Nords sent a letter to Daric, asking for assistance in lifting the siege of Whiterun. Daric had the Blades and a small Breton Army head to aid the Nords. Bodean left for Hammerfell to prepare his army for the attack.

The Breton Army, and the Blades, stopped in Markarth to resupply. Caccian was only grandmaster for a few weeks, as he soon died in a terrible accident. He was killed by some local wildlife. While he was there Ortius received a letter which told him that Caccian had died, which made Ortius the new Grandmaster of the Blades. The king received word that Grandmaster Caccian of the Blades had died, he mourned his friend. The Bretons continued to Whiterun, which was still under siege when they got there. The Jarl of Whiterun, Vignar Gray-Mane, wondered where the Breton reinforcements were. Whiterun couldn't hold any longer as the Legion's siege was taking a great toll on the city. Ortius led the charged against the Legion, who at the time were about to break through Whiterun's walls. Because the legion had been besieging the Nord city for a few days they were tired and didn't expect to be attacked from behind. The Nords and the Bretons made quick work of the Legion, which retreated to Falkreath. The Jarl of Whiterun thanked Ortius and the Breton General that had led the army, and after resupplying for the trip back they returned to High Rock. Augustus was pleased when he heard that soon the siege would end with Imperial victory, however a Breton army had come from High Rock and helped the Nords lift the siege and push the Legion back to Falkreath. A wounded soldier from the Legion was the one that reported the news of the failed siege to the Emperor. Augustus drew his sword and started to turn it nonchalantly, he then thrust the blade into the soldier's chest, killing him. Augustus' decent madness continued as he returned to Cyrodiil. The Imperial City was locked down, very few people entered or left, and dark rumors started to spread about what was going on in the city. By the time the Stormcloaks had pushed back the Legion in Eastmarch and made their way to Whiterun, the siege had already been broken and the Legion had retreated into Falkreath. Ulfric had the Stormcloaks turn their attention to recapturing Falkreath. It took some time but they were able to free it from the Imperial occupation.

Daric left for the outskirts of Wayrest, he sent a letter to Ortius and General Roderic telling them to head straight for Wayrest when they return from Skyrim. The Breton army headed to the outskirts of Wayrest where they were to meet up with King Daric and the rest of his force for their siege of the city. In a few days the troops Daric had sent to Skyrim returned, after a successful mission. Daric sent a courier to Ortius, asking him to come to the king's tent. Ortius met with the king in his tent, where Daric filled him in of the alliance he had made with King Bodean of the Forebears and the plan for taking the city. Ortius agreed with the plan and then left to fill his men in on the plan. After the preparations were done Bodean and his army boarded ships and landed near Wayrest. At the break of dawn the Daric's army was ready for the attack, the Forebears still hadn't arrived but Daric knew they would come. Daric ordered his men to merely distract the Wayrest soldiers while they awaited for the Forebears. However, the Forebears took too long and Daric had to order the charge. The siege of Wayrest began, and Daric was leading the cavalry. The garrisoning soldiers fired down on the Breton king's army, Daric was lucky not to get hit. He led the horsemen away from the enemy's range of fire. The some of the Wayrest soldiers exited the city to meet Daric's men on the battlefield. Ortius charged with Daric against the enemy force. He didn't like fighting Legion soldiers, as not long ago he was one himself. However he fought to his fullest ability and killed many Imperial soldiers. Daric led the cavalry in a charge at the enemy's flank. From where they landed near the coast the Forebears marched towards the city carrying Imperial flags so as to trick the city's garrison, however the plan sort of backfired as the Wayrest soldiers started to fight with renewed moral when they thought that reinforcements had arrived. This made the fight harder for Daric's men and they began to lose. However when the Forebears got to the battlefield, and some in the city, they showed their true colors and attack the defending troops. Daric watched as the Redguards fought the garrison into submission, quickly turning the tide of the battle and ending the siege. The King of Wayrest surrendered to Daric and got to keep his throne after swearing fealty to him. Roderic rode alongside Daric during the battle for Wayrest and after it was over, with their king surrendering, he was called to Daric's tent along with Grandmaster Ortius. The king wanted to discuss the assault on Evermore, the last High Rock city still under Imperial control. After the battle was over Bodean and his forces returned to Hammerfell. The Redguard king then began planning for his own war, against the Crowns. Daric asked Roderic for an idea, as the city was heavily garrisoned and they figured a frontal assault would cost to many soldiers their lives. The general asked if there was a sewer, to which Daric replied that he assumed so. Roderic continued telling the king his plan, to send a force into the city through the sewers to open the gates and let the rest of the army inside. Daric liked the plan and suggested that Roderic lead the team that heads into the sewers, which he suggest be made up of some Blades as they were better at sneaking than most men in the army. Roderic thought it would be risky to take the Blades with him, as they were Daric's guards, but the king dismissed his concern.

Daric decided to march straight for the last city still in Imperial control, Evermore. The next morning the Army marched for Evermore, arriving there two days later. The Blades went with the rest of the army to Evermore. The king wished good luck to Roderic on his mission. While the army awaited outside, out of the garrisoning army's reach. Roderic and a group of Blades headed to the sewer entrance. Daric decided to see the army's enchanter to fill the enchantment on Flamerend. Jo'Khar did as Daric asked and refilled the enchantment with a filled grand soul gem. Daric told the khajiit that he had been watching him and noticed that he had great magical talent, a talent he thought was wasted on being an enchanter. He asked Jo'Khar to be his Court Wizard, and the khajiit agreed. He told Jo'Khar to get ready, as he would be joining the attack on Evermore. While Roderic and the Blades made their way through the sewers they encountered some resistance from creatures that lived there, and some bandits. When they arrived at the exit into the city Roderic told the Blades to get ready and then they charged towards the gates when they entered the city. An hour later the army was ready to assault the city, they had given more than enough time for Roderic and the Blades to make it inside. Ortius rode at the king's side. Daric told his men what they were fighting for, to liberate High Rock from tyranny. He ordered the charge and the army headed towards the city's walls. When the battle started Jo'Khar stayed close to Daric and cast spells at the enemy troops. Ortius fought alongside Daric's men outside the city, while some of his Blades were sent with General Roderic into the sewers to infiltrate the Evermore. The forces at Evermore had been reinforced by Orcs from Orsinium, making the battle harder for Daric and his men. Daric had Jo'Khar and the Battlemages go up against the Orcs, hoping to get the upper hand using magic. Jo'Khar cast a dual Chain Lightning spell at the Orcs, staggering a good deal of them. Daric led the cavalry to flank the Orcs, which caused them to break ranks and flee. Roderic covered the Blades, including one named Caesar Autrus, while they charged for the gates. A group of Legionnaires attacked the Blades and Roderic headed over to help them fight. After dispatching the imperials the general ordered Caesar to find the lever to open the gates. Caesar made it up to the walls and found the lever, a guard tried to stop him but he dispatched him quickly. Roderic praised Caesar's work. With the gates opened Daric's soldiers started to poor into the city.

Daric saw that the gates of the city were opened, he knew that Roderic had accomplished his mission. The king ordered Ortius to take out the catapults on the walls. Daric went to see if the khajiit was ok. Since Ortius was too busy to take out the catapults he asked Jo'Khar to find Roderic and tell him to take them out. Jo'Khar entered the city through the main gate, which had been opened by Roderic and his group of Blades, and found the general fighting near them. The khajiit told him that he was sent by Daric to assist the general in taking out the catapults atop the wall. Roderic acknowledged the order and told the khajiit to follow him while he headed to the walls. As the catapults were busy firing on Daric's army outside the city the soldiers manning them didn't notice the general and the khajiit approaching them at first. However, the Legion's general spotted them and ordered a force to intercept them, leading that force was a powerful pyromancer. Roderic spotted the force heading towards them and told the khajiit to go ahead after the catapults while he distracted the enemy. Jo'Khar ran to the catapults as fast as he could and then destroyed them with a Chain Lightning spell. After that he returned to aid Roderic against the pyromancer and his subordinates. The pyromancer cast a fireball at Roderic, but he dodged it. The pyromancer's subordinates charged at Roderic but Jo'Khar, who had already destroyed the catapult, cast Chain Lighting on them. Roderic cast fireballs at them as well. After being hit by both spells most of the subordinates were whipped out. Daric charged with a few of his cavalry men into the city, through the main gate. The pyromancer had cast Wall of Flame on the cavalry, some of the horses were killed while others were just scared. The king's horse went out of control when it was hit by the spell and Daric fell, hard. Jo'Khar was too late to stop the spell but he cast a Lightning Bolt at the pyromancer. The enemy mage was able to block the spell with a ward, but since he cast it too late it left him staggered. He cast an Ice Spike and then cast Steadfast Ward with his other hand. The pyromancer cast a firebolt at the khajiit's spell, causing an explosion. Roderic ran to help Daric while Jo'Khar continued to duel with the pyromancer. When Roderic arrived to help his king up he found out that the fall had injured him pretty seriously. He had broken a few ribs and probably had internal bleeding. Roderic helped Daric up and led him back to the army's camp outside the battlefield. The general led the king back to the army camp, as he needed immediate medical attention because from the pain he was feeling the injuries were more serious than they looked.

King Barnand of Evermor was in his throne room, the King was old and fat. His royal guards were with him. The Legion General came into the room. He told the king that Daric's forces had entered the city and the garrisoning soldiers were losing the battle. The general said that he was ordering a retreat, but since Augustus would be greatly displeased with losing he was also ordering his men to torch the city. Barnand tried to protest, but he was a coward. When the general threatened to kill him if he interfered Barnand stood down. The royal guards looked disgusted at their king's words. They stood against the general and so the Imperial had them killed. Barnand left the palace with the general, heading out of the city. All over town the legion began burning it.

Jo'Khar ran towards the pyromancer and cast Ice Spike at one of his hands before he could cast a ward. The spells pierced the enemy mage's hand and making them useless. The pyromancer screamed in agony and shot a fireball at the khajiit. He then cast another Ice Spike at the pyromancer, who avoided the spell. But Jo'Khar ran up to him and ended his life by biting his neck with much force. Jo'Khar felt his hunger declining after feeding off the imperial pyromancer. A Blade, Caesar Autrus, came up to the khajiit and told him that Roderic had taken Daric back to camp so he could get healed. Jo'Khar decided to head back as well to see if the king was okay. He entered the medical tent and asked Daric what his orders were. Daric ordered Roderic and Jo'Khar to capture the castle, bring the king of Evermore to him and end the battle. Roderic chose to remain at his King's side and left the order to the khajiit. Caesar burst into the healer's tent and told them that the Legion was retreating but had started to set the city on fire. Daric ordered them to save Evermore before it was burned to the ground. Jo'Khar followed Caesar to the city and used ice spells to put out the fires. The Blades and the other soldiers were also trying to put the fires out. Ortius went with the soldiers to the sewers to get water to put out the fires. The Breton king stayed out of the rest of the battle, as he was recovering back at camp. Barnand was being escorted by the general and his elite soldiers through the city. Caesar ran up to Jo'Khar, he said that he found the king. The Blade explained that he was boing escorted out of the city by the Legion. Jo'Khar acknowledged the news and followed Caesar to go after the king. Caesar led the khajiit to where he last saw the king and his escort, then found tracks showing where they went. The two of them spotted the group, a unit of elite legionnaires led by the general himself were taking the fat king out of Evermore. Caesar said that there were too many to fight head on, he suggested a stealthier approach. Jo'Khar mentioned that he knew a Master Illusion spell that he could use on the legionnaires if they were more clumped together, to maximize its effectiveness. Caesar agreed with that and thought of a plan to get them to close ranks around the king, faking an ambush. He told the khajiit that they needed to attack the group from the roofs but remain hidden so they wouldn't know how many attackers there were. They both agreed on the plan and climbed up to the roofs to get into position.

When Caesar began to fire arrows at the legionnaires Jo'Khar cast lightning bolts at them. The Legionnaires huddled in a defensive position, trying to see where they attackers were. They raised their shields and wards in the hopes of defending from the attackers. Jo'Khar awaited for Caesar to give the signal to cast the Mayhem spell. Soon afterwards he spotted an arrow that had been fired straight in the air, he knew that must be the signal. He cast the Mayhem spell on the soldiers, causing them to start fighting each other. He noticed the Blade had gotten out of hiding and was heading to the group. Jo'Khar was confused about what Caesar was doing but he chose to provide cover and cast Paralyze on any soldiers that tried to attack the Blade. He noticed that Caesar was heading towards the King, who was trapped in the skirmish between the mayhem effected soldiers. He provided cover for the king as well as Caesar. After Caesar was able to capture the King and was bringing him out of the mayhem induced skirmish the general kicked them down. Jo'Khar cast paralyze on the king to make sure that he didn't try to escape. The fighting had subsided and only 3 legionnaires remained, all free from the spell's effect. They stood by their general, ready to strike at Jo'Khar and the Blade. The khajiit cast paralyze on the general, the three soldiers charged at Caesar. The Blade was having a hard time dealing with the soldiers and so Jo'Khar cast Chain Lightning, however the spell ended up bouncing to Caesar and sent him flying back a few feet. The general's paralysis ran out and he charged at the khajiit. Jo'Khar jumped on the imperial general and wraps his hands around his neck. The general managed to stab him twice which the khajiit was holding on to him but Jo'Khar quickly finished him off by breaking his neck. Caesar had gotten up and was capturing the king, who was struggling. Jo'Khar aided him and bound king Barnand's hands with rope. Once Barnand found out they were taking him to Daric he tried to bribe them, but they didn't listen. Tired of the fat king's pit ramblings Caesar knocked him out and then Jo'Khar helped take him to Daric back at the camp. The enemy soldiers had all either been captured, killed or escaped. The battle was over, and the city was saved from burning down.

The khajiit curiously asked Caesar what he thought awaited High Rock, Evermore and them now that the battle was over. They talked while they made their way to Daric's tent. Daric returned to his tent and when the battle was done Roderic and Caesar brought King Barnand to Daric. Daric cursed Barnand for his incompetence and cowardice, Barnand tried to explain himself but Daric didn't listen. He sentenced the fat king to the dungeon and revoked his crown for his role in burning Evermore. Daric's army restored order to Evermore and instated the son of Barnand's cousin as the new King. Jo'Khar waited silently while Daric judged Barnand and sentenced him to the dungeons for this crimes against Evermore. Jo'Khar decided to pledge his allegiance to King Daric and help him in his war against the Empire. Daric and his forces returned to Shornhelm, there he called all the Kings and Queens of High Rock to attend his coronation. Other than the nobility the important members of Daric's army also attended the coronation, and his allies as well. After the battle was over he and the other Blades returned to Wind Talon Temple, while some went to Shornhelm to protect Daric. Ortius attended the coronation of Daric as the High King of High Rock. The Primate of High Rock crowned Daric Lariat as High King in the light of the Nine Divines, and the crowd cheered for the new High King.

Part II

Two months after Daric Lariat took the throne of High King of High Rock, Bodean Suda and the Forebears started their civil war with the Crowns for dominance over Hammerfell. At first things were going well, they won many skirmishes with the enemy soldiers. But a few months into the war and Cyrodiil sent a force into Hammerfell to help the current High King, Ennah, pacify the province. With the Empire's help the Crowns were able to take Rihad, a Forebear city, and that battle caused the death of Bodean's eldest son, Cirroc. However Bodean had no time to morn him, he had a civil war to win. Six months after Daric became High King, the situation in the civil war was very unfavorable for the Forebears, Bodean sent a letter to Daric denoting the current status of the province and asking for assistance in the war.

High King Daric was in his study in Shornhelm, a letter from Hammerfell was in his hand. It was from his ally, King Bodean of Taneth, the leader of the Forebears. The province was completely in chaos, the Forebears were no match for the Crowns, since they had the support of the local 6th Legion. Bodean requested Daric's assistance. The letter also told where the cities of Hammerfell stood in the conflict. Daric met with General Roderic and Jo'Khar. Jo'Khar had remained by Daric's side ever since, acting as his Court Wizard. He told the khajiit that the Redguards requested help and that he wanted to send aid to them, but he was too busy restoring and maintaining order in High Rock to lead the army. He told them that he needed them to lead in his stead and to go with the force to Taneth, where King Bodean would be expecting them. Roderic soon departed to gather the army of the High King for the journey to Hammerfell. The wizard left Shornhelm to meet with the General and the rest of the army. As Roderic ordered his men onto the ships that were going to depart for Hammerfell he spotted Jo'Khar, and so he walked over to greet him. He told the Breton that Daric had sent him to help in Hammerfell's Civil War.

In the months following Daric's coronation in High Rock, Augustus Mede started looking for ways to defeat the usurper. He planned on using the greater number of his army but with other provinces revolting his armies were forced to fight on more than one front, splitting them up and making the rebels harder to deal with. One idea that came to mind was getting more troops, and the easiest way to do so was to bring people back...from the dead. The Emperor became obsessed with this plan to use necromancy to reinforce his army and so eventually contacted the Sloads, as there wasn't enough powerful necromancers in Cyrodiil to support an undead army. Sload diplomats from the Coral Kingdom of Thras met with the Emperor and one of them, Q'Taga was instrumental to forming the alliance between the Sloads and the Empire. Emperor Augustus was in his study. He banged on the table. He was becoming very angry, his citizens where revolting and High Rock and Skyrim were in Daric's possession. He damned the Bretons, Nords and the Forebears, who were now in open war with the Crowns in Hammerfell. He needed to send reinforcements to Skyrim since the 2nd Legion was annihilated when the Nords took back Falkreath two months ago. He had gotten all the spare soldiers from Summerset, Valenwood and Elsweyr and combined them into a 12th Legion. The new legion was heading to Skyrim, they were planning to invaded from Morrowind, assaulting the Rift.

Lorchel Dark-Wand had been sent on a mission by her superiors. She was above a room in Hammerfell, after the noble and the advisor that were discussing in the room, left she swooped in and grabbed the plans, and the map. She dashed out the window and leapt off the building landing on her feet. She drew up her hood and began stealthily darting back to where her horse was. After reaching her horse she rode out of Hegathe and towards Sentinel. Lorchel walked into the Imperial planning room and placed the rebel plans on the table where her superiors were at. The 6th Legion general, Glallian Scinia, looked over the attack plans, he was pleased with her success and said that with the Forebears' attack plans to retake Rihad they would be able to counter them without much effort, he then told her that the Emperor would be pleased. The general told Lorchel to get back to work. Lorchel was bored, she reminded her superior that she was also an assassin. She had just been sent on espionage missions so far, she wanted something more exciting. Glaccian told her that all the important targets, like King Bodean and High King Daric were too well protected and as such were beyond their reach. Though he mentioned that their spies have told them that Daric was sending a large force to Hammerfell. He suggested that she go after that army's general. He then decided that would be the best course of action and ordered her to do so. Lorchel departed from Sentinel but before she could do her mission and go after the Breton general she was called to Cyrodiil. Her track record for completed assignments had attracted the attention of the Penitus Oculatus, who were in need of new capable members since a bunch of them quit six months ago during the battle of Daggerfall. She travelled to the Imperial City and was inducted into the order as a scout. She continued to carry out missions in the other provinces, in fact one of the main reasons that Elsweyr had few rebellions was because of her intervening on behalf of the Penitus Oculatus.

King Bodean waited in Taneth until the Breton forces arrived, as Daric had agreed to help him. The Breton Army left High Rock by ship and travelled to the city of Taneth, arriving there after two weeks. Roderic was the first onto the docks, where he could see King Bodean waiting for them. He introduced himself to the Redguard, who greeted him back. Bodean gave him a brief summary of how the war was going then asked that he accompany him to the war room. Roderic and Jo'Khar followed him to the palace. He showed them a map of Hammerfell and gave a detailed explanation on the status of the war and his plans. The Forebears had been planning to take back Rihad but it was too well guarded and it was what the Crowns expected they'd do. Bodean said that now that they had the Bretons with them they could take Stros M'Kai and deal a blow against the Crown Navy. Because most of their ships were away from the island it was the perfect time to strike. The Breton agreed with the plan and then King Bodean had readied the forces at his disposal.

High King Ennah of Sentinel was in his castle, awaiting for his meeting with Naerion Nelthar to discuss the heavy taxes on imported goods that the Crowns were demanding. Naerion had gone to Sentinel to speak to High King Ennah about some importation taxes, as there was a sudden increase in them in Hammerfell which caused the Nelthars' profits in the province to drop substantially. He walked into the king's castle and told the guards that he had an appointment with the High King, requesting that he be lead to him. The guard looked at him awkwardly, Naerion took off his mask revealing his black hair and red eyes. He told the guard he was Naerion Nelthar and demanded to be lead to the High King. He put his mask back on and the guard led him to the door of the room High King Ennah was inside. He knocked lightly on the door and walked in, he bowed when he saw the Redguard monarch. He introduced himself and said that his brother Naritin had sent him in his stead. Ennah greeted him and asked why the Nelthars requested a meeting. He was in his study, he motioned for Naerion to sit in the chair in front of him. Naerion sat down and said that it was because of the insane taxes on imported goods. Ennah said that they were not insane, and were very reasonable. He said that they could raise it much higher if they wished. Naerion said that the taxes are far too high, and since the Nelthars relied on many imported goods it was cutting into their profits. If it continued they'd lose a fortune. The Redguard King said for him to understand, as the Crowns were merely protecting their province's economy from imported goods. The high taxes made the Nelthar merchandise more expensive than the local ones and made the population buy local goods instead. Not only did it help the economy it also maintained the cultural domination in Hammerfell.

The Nelthar said that they needed the Jarrin Root from Stros M'Kai. He then held up a katana in it's sheath. The sheath and the handle was of wood and ebony, nicely cut, making the sword look just gorgeous. He drew it out of it's sheath revealing the blade inscribed with glowing runes. He told the King about the blade, how it wouldn't be found anywhere around here as it was made only by the greatest of the Nelthar craftsmen. It was expensive and traditionally carried by the Nelthar heads. He then asked why cares about cultural domination, as it's not the culture that maintained his rule. The king looked offended because of Naerion's question. Ennah explained that the Crowns have maintained the Old Yokudan culture alive for all these years. They maintain their gods and traditions. He then told him to head to Stros M'Kai if he wanted Jarrin Root and bother a merchant there, as he did not control the export of goods from there. When he looked at the blade he asked the Nelthar what it had to do with their discussion. Naerion said that getting the root transported, paying the original price and tax, that it was a lot of money. Ennah coldly said that it was money he would have to pay if he wanted the product. Naerion took off his mask revealing his face which was utterly displeased. He told Ennah that he was the High King, then thought that if he wasn't he would send his soul straight to Oblivion. The Nelthar then walked out the door. He then returned to the Nelthar base in the Jerral Mountains to report to his brother. High King Ennah went back to his duties.

A Redoran ambassador arrived in Shornhelm, Daric goes to meet with him. The ambassador told him that the Archmaster believes that Daric is a worthy ally now that he has Skyrim, half of Hammerfell and all of High Rock on his side. He said that House Redoran would be honored to fight by their side against the tyrant Augustus Mede. Daric asked what other Great Houses would fight beside them. The ambassador replied that House Indoril would surely help. Houses Telvanni and Sadras had been neutral so far and House Hlaalu and Dres were supporters of Augustus Mede. But he told the king that for now Indoril wasn't going to help, they expect House Redoran to liberate Blacklight from Imperial Occupation first. He also said that it would take some time to put their plans into motion. And to expect word from them in the future.

The 12th Legion crossed into Morrowind, they headed towards the Rift which was lightly guarded.

A large number of Argonians gather in Helmstrom, for an unknown purpose. In truth, they were gathering to discuss their course of action. Daric Lariat's rebellion had drawn the Empire's attention towards northern Tamriel, leaving less eyes on the south. The An-Xileel wanted to take advantage of that.

The Forebears and the Bretons had set sail for Stros M'Kai. A few days after they left Taneth they could see the island in the distance. Bodean got the monocular and looked at the city. He spotted 5 ships guarding the island, the Stormcrown forces still outnumbered them. He told Roderic to take 5 of the ships and attack the enemy head on, he said that he will take the other 3 and flank them when the time was right. Roderic acknowledged the order and had his five ships create an arrow formation and went continue head-on. When the Storcrown ships split up Bodean ordered the mages aboard his vessels to cast fire spells at the water. This created a dense fog which Bodean used to maneuver the ships into flanking position without the enemy seeing them. The Crown Navy saw the incoming Breton ships. Their Admiral ordered his ships into loose formation and they went to meet their enemies, they fired on Roderic's ships. The Admiral looked to the south where a strange fog had formed. Roderic ordered the formation to split. The ships turned sideways and the fired on the enemy navy. Jo'Khar was aboard Roderic's ship, He cast Lightning Bolts and other spells at the enemy vessels. The two navies were evenly matched. The Crown admiral could help noticing that the fog got closer. He then realized that it wasn't a regular fog and ordered his men to brace themselves. When they were in position Bodean's ships got out of the fog and appeared right behind the Crown Ships. The King's vessels fired on the enemy, who was now trapped between two forces. The Crown forces tried to escape but Bodean ordered his men to fire at their masts. The Forebear ships fired on the Crown vessels' masts. Without masts the Crown ships became stranded in between their enemies. Many of the Crown crewmen abandoned their ships. Instead of destroying the ships Bodean decided to board them and they captured the Crowns's soldiers.

Roderic had his ship sail closer to the King's ship, he couldn't believe it had worked. Bodean replied that they were lucky that the majority of the Crown Navy was either in Rihad or Sentinel. Having defeated the garrisoning navy of Stros M'Kai the forebears now controlled the island. It was a major blow to the crown navy as the island served as a base for their ships. Bodean ordered an embargo on the exporting of goods to Imperial and Crown supporters. The king sent a letter to the Nelthars notifying them that he had captured the island and that the Jarrin Root shipments would stop, but that he was open to negotiations. He then awaited for a response. Jo'Khar recommend that they get ready for a possible counter-attack by the Nelthars. He thought they'd most likely try to reclaim Stros M'Kai aggressively, as they used to import items from the island before the Forebears took it over. Bodean explained that they were one of the major financial backers of the Empire, and that the embargo of Stros M'Kai was a blow to their operations. But to calm the Khajiit he told him that he already sent a letter to call for a negotiation with them. Jo'Khar nodded and hoped for the best. The ships all still remained in the Harbor in Stros M'Kai, protecting the island. The king said that Jo'Khar and Roderic could return to the mainland if they wished, as his generals were already planning their next strike. The mage told Roderic that he would follow whatever he decided. Roderic decided to stay and aid Bodean in the negotiations with the Nelthars. The king thanked him for his concern and made the choice to have the whole army remain on the island until the negotiations concluded. King Bodean went up to one of his admirals. He told him to be ready for anything as the Nelthars hadn't yet sent back a reply so they could come in peace or to attack.

Word of the capture of Stros M'Kai reached the Crowns. Ennah was angry because General Glallian had told him that the Forebears would attack Rihad, not Stros M'Kai. The general apologized, he said his spies had told them the attack on Rihad was imminent. He told them that they didn't expect reinforcements from High Rock changing their plans. Ennah didn't accept any excuses. Stros M'Kai was an important naval base and a major exporter of goods. The Nelthars would not be pleased. Glallian said that they would retaliate, his forces were marching on Taneth as they spoke.

Q'Taga was on the island of Stros M'Kai. His kind had been contacted by the Empire sometime in the past six months and had begun working with them, though to what extent was not public knowledge. Q'Taga was a member of the diplomats that first started the negotiations with the Emperor, he even meet him face-to-face. The Emperor was interested in any way he could find to defeat the usurper and end the Stormcrown Rebellion. It seemed that he had sought out the Sloads for their natural talents, namely necromancy. Q'Taga was only supposed to be on the island of Stros M'Kai for a few days, but unluckily he was there when the Forebears attacked and took the island from the Crowns. He was preparing to leave on his airship and head back to Sentinel when three Forebears soldiers run towards the him and demanded that he stay where he is, for he was under arrest for aiding the Crowns. Q'Taga slowly turned his head, facing the three soldiers that had come to arrest him, and taunted them. He asked who they thought they were to think they could arrest him when they were so small. The soldiers replied that they were soldiers of King Bodean and that they were charged with arresting the Sload for aiding the Empire and the Crowns. Q'Taga replied saying that they would have to arrest him over his lifeless corpse. He summoned two Dremora Lords. The soldiers attacked the Dremora Lords, but they were no match for the two powerful daedra and were quickly killed. Q'Taga headed towards his ship. He activated it, but the engine failed and it couldn't fly. He examined it, confused about the source of the malfunction, and saw that the engine was overheating due to the extreme heat of the province.

Visus Nelthar was on the Nelthar's largest battleship headed for Stros M'Kai. This particular ship was engineered by Naritin Nelthar as well as many other people that have interest in Dwemer technology, it was called Mahemium. She had been sent to the island to speak with King Bodean, the leader of the Forebears, to negotiate with him the terms of Jarrin Root trade. Since the Forebears took the island from the Crowns they stopped the shipments to the Nelthars. The Mahemium comes into sight on Stros M'Kai, they were flying the Nelthar flag. At the very front of the ship stood the ship's captain, a Nelthar Admiral, and Visus next to him. She asked him what he saw. He replied saying that he spotted Bodean's ships near the island. He asked if they should attack. Visus said no, she wanted to see if their offer for a negotiation was genuine. The admiral asked what if she was capture, as he was afraid of what Naritin might do to him should that happen. She told him that death at her father's hands would be the least of his concerns should she be captured.

A few days later a lookout on one of the ships' mast spotted a ship bearing the Nelthar Flag, a dwemer looking ship. Jo'Khar was stunned at the size of the ship. He hadn't seen anything like it since his expedition to the Tower of Mzark, as the vessel was clearly of Dwemer design. The general ordered his men to remain ready for an attack, as the Nelthars had yet to show signs of whether they came in peace or to attack. Bodean was relieved it was only one ship as it probably meant they had come to negotiate. The ship docked at the port, Bodean, Roderic and some others went to meet the people that got off the ship. Jo'Khar was beside the general. He was a little nervous as he had never seen a ship that size. He thought if that thing carried more firepower than he thought, they'd better watch out. Roderic noticed that Jo'Khar was nervous. He assured the Khajiit that they had the situation under control, trying to calm him down. The ship was quickly approaching the island. The ship slowed down and drove into port. The Nelthar admiral walked off and up to the King Bodean, who was at the Docks with a few of his soldiers. He introduced himself as Nikoros Nelthar and said that he brough Lady Visus, daughter of Naritin Nelthar and next head of the Nelthars. Visus said that that was enough, saying that she could introduce herself. She walked off the boat and up to the king without problems, as she could see everything around her. However she didn't look straight at Bodean so she apologized for that, telling him that she was blind. When the Nelthar ambassador approached the Redguard king Roderic walked over to him, standing near him like one of his bodyguards. Bodean said it was not needed and invited her to the palace so they could have their meeting. Stros M'Kai was home to a large Dwemer ruin, in which the city was built on. The palace was a large Dwemer keep.

While they headed to the castle to start the negotiations a soldier ran up to the general. The soldier told him that three of their men were missing, men that had been sent to capture a Sload that had been aiding the Crowns with something on the island. Roderic ordered the soldier to send a team, and to take Jo'Khar with them, to find the missing soldiers and to capture the Sload. After that he continued to follow Bodean to the castle. Bodean, some soldiers from both Forebears and the Nelthars Visus and Admiral Nikoros went to the room with a large round table where the Bodean and Visus sat at separate sides. Roderic stood behind the King and the Admiral did the same for Lady Visus. Bodean asked the lady if she was ready to negotiate. She said that negotiation might be hard as her father rather seems to demand that the shipments continue as normal. The king said the shipments would return to normal, as soon as the Nelthars renounce their support for the Crowns and the Empire. Visus said that she had no obligations to the Crowns, but she said she would have to speak to her father about it. Visus said goodbye to the king and then headed out of the room with the admiral following behind her. As she was leaving she said he would have an answer soon. After the Nelthars left Bodean and Roderic went to attend to other matters.

The soldier told the Khajiit that the general has asked him to lead the Khajiit to where three soldiers, that had been trying to capture a Sload that had been helping the Crowns, were last spotted. Jo'Khar asked where the creature was. The soldier replied that the Sload was on the northern coast of the island and then he, Jo'Khar and three other soldiers headed there. Q'Taga cursed the Hammerfell heat. He tried to fix his ship but it would take some time for the engines to cool off. The old Sload finally got the airship working. He tried to fly, but it didn't take off. Angrily, he realized that the engine was still too hot for flying. When the Khajiit and the soldiers arrived on the coast they could see a downed airship and the Sload seemly trying to repair it. Achel, one of the soldiers, pointed him out to the others. Jo'Khar was surprised about the size of the Sload. He asked whether they had to capture or kill the creature. After some time Q'Taga finally got it to fly. He climbed on it and it slowly started to fly. Lieutenant Achel ordered them to shot the ship down but to leave the Sload alive, king Bodean didn't want it dead. The Sload laughed at their futile effort to capture him. Achel ordered them to fire arrows at the airship's balloon. Jo'Khar charged an Ice Spike instead and told Achel that he would fire the spell on his signal. Achel ordered the Khajiit and the soldiers to fire on the airship. Jo'Khar and the soldiers fired arrows and ice spikes at the balloon. A few shots later, the balloon suffered a lot of holes. The Minos started to fall. Q'Taga shouted displeased. The airship soon crashed.

In a tavern in Stros M'kai, Tanan was playing cards and cheating. Stros M'kai had just recently been conquered by the Forebears, though that didn't interfere with Tanan's life at all. He was thrown out from the tavern, after being caught cheating, and saw an airship falling out of the sky in the distance. Think that it could be something interesting he went to check it out. He watched from the ridge seeing what was happening, unsure whether to get involved or not. He spotted the crashed airship and saw a Khajiit with a couple Redguard soldiers going to search it. Tanan walked towards the Khajiit and greeted him.

Jo'Khar and the troops proceeded to the crash site to arrest the Sload. He told the creature to halt and told it they had no intention of harming him if he cooperated. The Sload was buried under rubble from the ship and was knocked unconscious, he was on the airship's deck. He wasn't moving and it was hard for him to breathe under the rubble. Achel searched the wreck for the Sload. Jo'Khar warned the Argonian that had approached them that he was interfering with official business and told him to stay back, as the soldiers drew their swords. Tanan told them to relax, and asked if there was something he could do to help. Jo'Khar asked the Argonian to tell him about the Argonian maid and the lusty baron, attempting to make fun of the Argonian. Tanan ignored him and Achel then told him to help them check the wreck of the airship for a Sload. Tanan introduced himself to them. Jo'Khar didn't trust him to he told Tanan that he was going to keep an eye on him. Achel asked the Argonian to help him move a large rock. Tanan asked some questions and the Redguard soldier answered them, they were mostly about the situation surrounding the crash. They lifted the rock and spotted the Sload under it. The three other soldiers dragged the Sload from under the rock, and then Achel and Tanan put it down. Jo'Khar just stood there watching the Argonian, making sure he didn't try anything. Achel ordered his soldiers to take the Sload to the dungeon, as the King wanted to have a word with him after he spoke with the Nelthar ambassador. Achel and his men managed to put the Sload into a large cell. He then asked that someone notify Bodean, while the rest remain behind to guard the Sload. Jo'Khar left to inform the king of the news.

Bodean was walking down a hall when he spots Jo'Khar. He asked them if they had captured the Sload, whom had been spotted in the island and was working with the Crowns before it was captured by the Forebears. Jo'Khar told him that they managed to capture it and it was in the dungeon. The three of them headed there immediately, Bodean was interested in finding out what the Sload was helping the Crowns with. Q'Taga asked them if they thought they could keep him imprisoned for long. Bodean introduced himself to the Sload as he walked up to his cell. He told him that after they captured the island they learned from the citizens of the Sload's presence there, and that he was doing business with the Crowns. The King asked the creature what he was aiding his enemy with. Q'Taga decided to play dumb and told him he was a mere diplomat, and that he travelled Tamriel aboard his airship, the Minos, before the Forebears that were sent to capture him and shot it down. Bodean didn't buy into his story, but he asked the Sload what he would do now if he was set free, where he would go. Q'Taga seemed pleased that the King was buying his story of innocence. He replied that he would return to his lair in Thras and never bother the Forebears again. Jo'Khar told them to wait, and said that he heard stories of the Sloads spreading something known as the 'Thrassian Plague'. He said that maybe they could use this information to blackmail the enemy into surrendering key territories. He mentioned that not even the Nelthars could possibly ignore such a deadly disease. But Bodean ignored the Khajiit, as that disease was much too dangerous to use as a weapon. Bodean said that keeping the Sload locked up would be pointless and they'd have to waste a lot of food to feed him. He decided to free him, as a plan to see what the creature was up to, and told Achel, a Forebear lieutenant, to unlock the cell. Achel did as the king asked and opened the door to the cell.

Q'Taga asked the king if any of his soldiers knew how to fix an airship. Bodean replied that no, as they didn't have any airships in their army so logically no soldier would know how to fix one. Roderic glared at the Sload. The Sload asked how he was going to leave without his ship. Achel pointed out the Sload's current pickle. Bodean said that he'd need to fix it on his own, he told him he could buy supplies in the market and then left the dungeon, not giving a damn about the Sload's current situation. Jo'Khar left with him and went to find someway to quench his thirst for blood. Tanan called Achel over, asking to have a word with him. Achel agreed and asked him what this was about. Tanan said that he knew a manufacturer, who recently claimed to know how to create ships that could sail upon the sky. He asked if he should I see if this was true. Achel said to go ahead, as it would certainly help out the Sload. The Argonian said that he would need 1000 septims to get it done. The Redguard said he would petition the king for the amount and told him to go ahead and fix this Sload's airship. He also said that he was sure everyone would be happy to have the smelly thing out of there, referring to the Sload. Roderic didn't trust the Argonian either, he thought he was trying to con them out of some gold. Roderic didn't trust the Argonian either, he thought he was trying to con them out of some gold. Achel tried to convince Roderic that the Argonian wasn't a thief, but Roderic replied that he learned long ago never to pay before-hand. He ordered some soldiers to assist the Argonian and to capture him if he tried to run off with the money. Tanan shamed the Breton general by implying that he was cautious only because he was an Argonian. Achel assured Tanan it wasn't because of that. Roderic replied that it had nothing to do with his race, he just had a similar situation happen to him in the past. He then said he should go with the Argonian to meet the person that will fix the airship, and Achel agreed. Tanan agreed and suggested that they only take a small force so as to not attract attention. Roderic said he would take 3 soldiers and Achel, as he didn't trust the Argonian. Achel told Tanan to lead the way, and so the Argonian did, already planning his escape.

Crown forces got close to Taneth, the assault on the city is imminent. The Crown army arrives in Tenath and besieges the city. All communication between the city and its allies is cut off.

A horde of Argonians attacked Thorn. The attack was so fast and unexpected that no legionnaire survived. The Argonian Rebellion had begun.

Visus returned to the Jerral Mountains to report to her father about the deal she made with Bodean. After Visus returned to the Nelthars a letter went to the Crowns saying that they have outlived their usefulness to the Nelthars and so no longer wishes to have their alliance. Another letter comes to Bodean asking them for an alliance as well as the Jarrin Root shipping to start up again.

Bodean was in the Keep's study, he was starting to think it was time to return to Taneth, it had been a few days since he was in his city. He sent word to one of the ships in the port telling its captain he'd be heading back to Taneth soon. Sometime later Bodean received a letter from Visus confirming the alliance and asking for the Jarrin Root shipments to start up again, the king immediately informed the admiral of the fleet station on the island to remove the blockade of the shipments. As a token of friendship he cut 5% off the taxes of the shipments. Later, Jo'Khar went to meet with King Bodean, he asked what they were going to do with the Sload. He said that he didn't know, but that he didn't believe the story of the Sload just being a diplomat. He said the creature must have been doing something with the Crowns, something that would require him to be here on Stros M'Kai. He asked the Khajiit to look into it for him as he was leaving for Taneth on that day. Roderic was left in charge of the forces left on the island as Bodean took a ship back to Taneth. Jo'Khar nodded and left to find the general. The Khajiit was still in the dark about the Sload's intentions. He had heard of the Thrassian Plague that affected Tamriel in the First Era and thought that maybe the Sload could be persuaded to aid against the Empire or the Nelthars, and if not then to at least give up some information.

High King Daric was in the War room. He had received word from the Forebears that Stros M'Kai had been captured. The most important military leaders in High Rock were there. The High King told Etienne Geles, one of his commanders, that he might need to go with the rest of the army to Hammerfell. Even with the help of the Bretons the Forebears were still outnumbered by the Crowns and their Imperial allies. Daric suggested that he should take the rest of the army and go through the Reach and Dragontail Mountains and attack Dragonstar. The commander acknowledged the order and left the war room to coordinate and plan for the attack. Etienne entered his command tent. He took a sip of wine and called his most trusted lieutenant to him. He ordered him to rally the soldiers, since they'd be marching on Dragonstar. The lieutenant hurried away and Etienne started planning the attack. He contemplated splitting the army and attacking from two sides as it would let them split their defenses, quickening the siege. The western side of the city had the weaker military, so attacking there would be easier. Daric decided to check up on him and told him to be careful near the Reach, as that was were Orsinium was located. Etienne said he had a feeling the Orcs would stay put, then he offered some wine to Daric. The king accepted and had a drink with the commander. He told the king that he didn't like the sound of King Bodean, the leader of the Forebears, as the commander thought he only joined up with Daric for personal gain. Daric agreed that it was a likely possibility as one of the terms of their alliance was that Daric help Bodean become High King of Hammerfell. However the king said that as long as they help Bodean the Redguard would help them. Etienne started to discuss strategy with Daric, asking where they should try to get one side of Dragonstar to attack the other. Dragonstar was a city that was split into East and West, and each part had its own government. Daric told the commander that both sides were vassals of the High King of Hammerfell, Ennah, but they still despised each other thanks to their governmental differences, as the West was a monarchy while the East was a oligarchy. Etienne said that he would try diplomacy, but that he would fight both sides if it came down to it. He said farewell to the king and asked that Daric not get shot or invaded while he was away. Daric laughed and told him he would try not to, as the Blades had been doing a good job so far and Ortius was a good Grandmaster. He then suggested that Etienne should take Caesar Autrus with him if he planed on using subterfuge. The King them took another sip of wine then returned to the castle, saying farewell to the commander.

Roderic remained on his guard in case the Argonian tried to escape. Achel hoped Tanan didn't try anything, because if he did it would be on him as he was the one that trusted him. Jo'Khar met up with Achel and Tanan and was carefully watching the Argonian. He would not hesitate to break his legs if he tried to escape. Roderic explained to him what the situation was. Tanan slowly walked towards the Khajiit and asked why he didn't trust people. Jo'Khar brushed him off, saying he had experience with thieves, and said it was nothing personal against the Argonian. Tanan told him not to be so quick to judge. Tanan said they needed to head to Falkreath, Skyrim. Roderic was surprised, as that would be a long journey. Tanan suggested that they travel by daylight and make camp at night. Roderic suspected that the Argonian would want to slip away during the night while they were sleeping, so he suggested that they just send a messenger to meet with Tanan's friend and bring him to Stros M'Kai. Achel mentioned they'd need to take a ship to Solitude and walk from there. Tanan said that his friend wouldn't be welcoming to Roderic's kind, but the general assured the Argonian that no matter what race his friend was they would be able to find someone to serve as a messenger in the army as it was pretty diverse. Jo'Khar had a bad feeling about the Argonian. He replied that he was an Argonian that only trusted other Argonians. Achel reminded them that they had a Civil War to deal with, a trip to Falkreath would be too much of a distraction. Roderic told Tanan that they had a few Argonian soldiers and they they could probably find someone to send. While they talked Tanan cast invisibility on himself and melted into the shadows, using the fact they were distracted to escape to take the gold from Achel. He left quickly and when he spotted a cave he went in it planning to make camp.

Q'Taga then left the dungeon, being escorted by some Forebear soldiers back to the Minos 's wreck. He knew that waiting for the Argonian and the others would take too long so began to fix the ship on his own. Tanan sighed, relieved to have finally gotten away from them. However he decided not to make camp and continue his escape farther away, as he had a feeling they would be able to track him. When he spotted the Sload near his craft he approached him. He told the Sload that he knew someone who specializes in airships and that he would only charge 500 septims for the repair, paid upfront. He asked the creature if he should go fetch him, but said he would need 600 septims, 500 for the repair and 100 for going to get the repairman. The Sload having noticed that Tanan was holding two sacks in his hands, said that he already had the gold he needed and that he wasn't stupid enough to fall for that con. The Argonian had completely forgot about the sacks. He left the Sload and continued his escape, this time heading to the island's port as he planned to take a ship to Solitude. Q'Taga called the Argonian back and then started going after him. The Sload was slow but he was still able to follow the Argonian conman. The Argonian turned invisible once more, and continued his escape. He started to realize that he bit more than he could chew when the Sload didn't give up on chasing him.

High King Ennah received the letter from the Nelthars. He downplayed the impact the Nelthars' change of sides would have in the war and said they were now just another bug he'd have to squish under his boot.

The 12th Legion made it into the Rift. They now marched towards Riften. When Ulfric Stormcloak received word of the army he ordered the Stormcloaks to gather in Eastmarch then move south to intercept the Imperial army before they reached Riften.

After finishing up in his tent and putting on his armor Etienne called one of his lieutenants and asked if the men were ready to march. The officer replied that they were and Etienne was pleased, he then ordered the soldier to go look for the Blade that Daric had mentioned, Caesar. He walked out of the command tent to observe the army and gave a speech. After it, he summoned the best scouts and told them to eliminate any hostiles along the roads. After the briefing, the march began. In the six months following Daric's coronation Caesar, as well as the other Blades, remained at Shornhelm to protect the High King. It wasn't until Daric decided to send the rest of his army into Hammerfell that Caesar was ordered to go with them and serve under Commander Etienne Geles. A soldier found Caesar and told him to head to meet with Commander Etienne. He went up to an officer and asked if he was Etienne. The Breton, assuming that the Blade was Caesar asked what it was he wanted. The Blade introduced himself as the Knight-Brother of the Blades and former Penitus Oculatus member, like all the new Blades were. Etienne told him that the Blade would only take orders from him. He then told him about his plan to get one side of Dragonstar to aid them in attacking the other. The commander also shared his B-plan, having Caesar assassinate the monarch of West Dragonstar and have them accuse East Dragonstar for the murder, causing a Civil War. Caesar commended the plan, saying that it was brilliant. Etienne said that this was why he was a commander. He then said that if they were lucky and the scouts cleared the road for them that they'd be able to reach Dragonstar within three weeks, maybe two, as they had just recently exited Shornhelm. The Blade warned that they should be careful when crossing the Western Reach as hostile Reachmen inhabited the area, as well as Orcs that lived in the mountains in between Skyrim and Hammerfell. Etienne agreed, but mentioned that perhaps they could bring up the old Daggerfall Covenant if they got the Orcs to join them. Caesar told him that the Orcs were too fond of Emperor Augustus, as he was the one that reinstated New Orsinium as an Imperial Province to get their support during the Second Great War. He also reminded the commander that it was the Bretons and Redguards that destroyed Nova Orsinium in the beginning of the 4th Era, so he doubted that the Orcs would betray the Empire to join them.

Etienne realized that Caesar was right and then asked him if he knew of any passages that they could use to avoid conflict. The Blade suggested that they go straight south from Evermore, as that was a pretty direct path to Dragonstar. However he mentioned that the path would most likely be patrolled by Crown soldiers. He also mentioned that they could go through the mountians and try their luck with the Reachmen and Orcs. The commander said that that they'd need to be effective if they went through Evermore, because if one Crown soldier sees them and makes it to Dragonstar then the city would have its defenses up before they got within miles of it. But they would have to take the risk, as it was the best of the solutions. Caesar agreed and said that all the Breton must do is lead and he would follow. Etienne called his lieutenant and told him to have the army change its course towards Evermore. He also ordered him to send some of their best troops forward, to deal with the Crown patrols that might be ahead of them in the border to Hammerfell.

A few days later Bodean's ship arrived near Taneth. He was horrified to see his city was being besieged. Smoke covered the air and he could hear the clashing of steel. Before he could do anything his ship was being bombarded by Crown forces. He immediately regretted not returning sooner to Taneth. Bodean tried to organize a defense but he only had one ship. The Crowns fired on it. The mast broke and the ship began to sink from all the holes in the hull, the ship began to break apart from the catapult fire. Bodean jumped in the water and held on a plank so he wouldn't sink. Many of his soldiers died but some, like him, were trying to stay afloat. A Crown ship approached them and rounded them up. All the Forebear survivors where held prisoners, including King Bodean. The Crowns were still besieging the city. The Forebears who defended Taneth wouldn't give up. But the Crowns had one card up their sleeve, King Bodean. They chained the king and took him close to the wall. The 6th Legion's General, Glallian, was holding Bodean's chains. He demanded that the Forebears open the city gates or the king would be executed right then and there. Bodean begged the Taneth garrison not to do it, not to trade the whole city just for his life. General Glallian hit the King with the pommel of his blade. Then he held the sword above Bodean's neck and told them they had 5 second to comply. He started to count down. Again Bodean begged them not to open the gates. The general hit him again and continued to count down, getting close to 0. A soldier on the wall yelled for him to wait, he then told the Imperial that they'd open the gates. The Forebears opened the gates and the Crown soldiers entered the city. They began slaughtering the Forebear soldiers who hadn't laid down their weapons. Taneth was captured, and King Bodean and the surviving Forebears were locked in the city dungeon.

General Glallian wrote a letter to High King Ennah, it told of the capture of Tenath and King Bodean. Sometime later High King Ennah received the letter from General Glallian. He laughed when he heard of Bodean's imprisonment in Taneth's dungeon. He thought about celebrating, since the Forebears were no leaderless and would now inevitably lose the Civil War.

Roderic noticed right away that Tanan disappeared and ordered the soldiers to find the thief and capture him. Achel shamefully stated that he stole all the money. Jo'Khar told them that he could still smell the Argonian. Roderic order the mage to go after him. Jo'Khar was angry at the Argonian, he cursed him as he ran towards the direction of the cave the trail lead to. He carefully analyzed the trail with his eyes and nose. Achel went with the Khajiit, already with his weapon drawn. Jo'Khar and the group caught up with the Argonian near the Sload's crashed ship. Q'Taga didn't give up the chase. He cast Detect Life, finding the Argonian and then shooting a Lightning Bolt at him, staggering him. The Khajiit yelled at Tanan and fired Ice Spikes at his direction. Tanan drew his bow while he regained his footing and shot the Sload with an arrow, making him shout from the pain. Now angered, Q'Taga summoned two Dremora Lords. Achel couldn't tell where the Argonian was since he was still invisible. The Argonian thief ran, barely dodging the Ice Spikes. An arrow flew in the Khajiit's direction, he tried to block it with his hands but failed and was shot. He grunted from the pain, then pulled the arrow out and healed himself, before pursuing the Argonian. Tanan turned and saw Jo'Khar and taunted him for not quitting chasing him. In the distance they could see a river and Tanan sprinted towards it for his escape, thinking the Khajiit wouldn't be able to cross it. Roderic said that he doesn't mind the water and continued to chase after the thief. Jo'Khar cast a Lightning Bolt at the water, making the Argonian stop running towards it. Q'Taga pinned him down with Ice Spikes so to stop him from running. The Argonian asked the creature what it was that he did to him. The Sload replied that the conman didn't fix his airship and lied to try to con him out of gold. Tanan fired arrow after arrow at his pursuers. The Argonian tried to disappear but he was pinned so he stood and gave up. Jo'Khar cast Ash Shell on Tanan, so as to stop him from escaping. However Tanan had faked giving up and struggled, managing to free himself from the Ash Shell. Jo'Khar then ordered the soldiers to get him, they managed to tackle him.

Q'Taga asked the Argonian to give him the gold he had stolen, but when the soldiers tackled him and he gave up again he got angry at them. The Sload approached the conman and demanded the gold, whom seemed to play dumb and avoided answering. Tanan tried to slime his way out of the ordeal, reminding the Sload that he wasn't the one that shot down his airship, he only helped lift a rock. It seemed to work, the Sload was confused. Jo'Khar grabbed his dagger and put it up against the Argonian's throat. Roderic merely watched, he wouldn't allow the thief to escape again. He was sick of the Argonian's lies, he asked Tanan what his last words were. Tanan requested that he move the dagger, and claimed that he never lied. He said there was a man that could fix the airship, in Falkreath. Jo'Khar asked why he should trust the Argonian. Tanan said it was in his nature, but he asked to be taken to Falkreath so they could confirm his story. The Khajiit still wasn't convinced, and asked how he knew the Argonian would keep his word. The Argonian replied saying the Khajiit was smart enough to tell truth from lie. Jo'Khar gave him a cold stare, but agreed to take him there. However he reminded the Argonian that if he tried anything Roderic would kill him. Q'Taga then added that he would likely eat him. They released the Argonian.

A band of Crown soldiers, likely left over from the battle on the island, attacked the group. Q'Taga didn't bother fighting the soldiers, as they wouldn't hurt him. Tanan turned invisible, however he said he wasn't escaping, and started to fire on the soldiers. The Forebear soldiers fought against them and with the help of the Khajiit, the Breton general and the Argonian they were able to defeat them easily. Jo'Khar told Tanan to show himself. The Argonian appeared with a smile on his face and then fired on the Khajiit and made a break for it, heading towards the river again. Getting bored of this cat and mouse game the Argonian was playing with the group the Q'Taga went back to the wreck of his ship. He went back to fixing his airship and after a few days he was able to fix it. Departing from Stros M'Kai, heading back to mainland Hammerfell. Jo'Khar used Embrace of Shadows to disappear and appeared in front of the Argonian. The Khajiit tried to break his leg but Tanan dodged the attack. He then gave up again, saying no one could take a joke nowadays. Jo'Khar told him that next time he tries to joke he would have his head mounted on a wall, then he escorted Tanan back to the group. The Argonian told the Mage that he respected him, and asked if he had need of a mercenary like him. Jo'Khar confessed that there was something, but that they shouldn't talk about it near the others. Tanan nodded and continued to follow Jo'Khar back to the others.

Forebear scouts sent by the King of Hegathe, made it to the outskirts of Taneth. They saw the smoke and the Crown flags and realized the fate of the city. They returned to Hegathe to inform their King. The Forebears scouts return to Hegathe after a few days. They headed for the Palace to speak to the King, telling him that Taneth had fallen. King Cluson of Hegathe asked them about King Bodean, whether he was alive or not. They reported that his whereabouts were unknown. Cluson said that it now fell to him to lead the Forebears. He told the scouts to send a message to the navy at Stros M'Kai, to inform them of what had happebed. A message was sent to General Rodyrick informing him of the capture of Taneth and the status of King Bodean. King Cluson was in his war room. With him stood the Forebear Generals. Cluson ordered them to move a portion of their forces to Gilane, since they couldn't afford to lose another city. One of the generals asked what would happen to the rest of their forces, saying they could not stay in the defensive forever. The king said that they'd be attacking Skaven. Another of the generals pointed out that the only way to get to Skaven was from Sentinel or Taneth, two cities that were filled with Crown soldiers. Cluson said that there was one other way, to crossthe Alik'r Desert. A few days later part of the Forebear's army goes to Gilane to bolster the defense there. King Cluson and his Generals were planning for the trip through the Alik'r.

Tyronos and Tanion went from Anvil to Bruma, they were heading to the Jerall Mountains to report back to the Nelthars after spending some time traveling. The twins reaches the mountain range, they made it to the Nelthar fortress. They walked up to the fortress' gates. Tanion noted that they were no guards, and asked how they were going to open the door this time. Tyronos said that they could destroy it. She refused that, as if might make Naritin and Naerion angry. Tyronos shrugged, then knocked on the door and a few seconds it was opened by a Nelthar guard. The guard welcomed them and led them inside, closing the door after they walked in. They headed to the leader's chambers and encountered Naerion walking out of Naritin's room along the way. He walked straight past them without saying anything, he told his brother about the failed negotiations with High King Ennah and Naritin wasn't happy. The twins knocked on the door and entered. Naritin welcomed the Dragon Twins and said that their return was in great timing, as he needed someone to do his biding. Tanion held up a stone tablet, one of the research materials that they had found in their travels. Naritin took it and put it on a desk saying that he would look it over later. He said that the two had to secure a new alliance with the Forebears, as they were a part of the Civil War in Hammerfell. They could use any power at their disposal to help their allies, even the Dragon Transformation. The twins were to follow the Redguards' orders as long as they didn't conflict with Naritin and the Nelthars' wishes. They bowed and then left for Hammerfell. The twins got back to Anvil and onto their ship. They made sure to show that they were Nelthars and set sail for Hammerfell. Tanion was paranoid, she said that they were making it too obvious that they were Nelthars. She worried that the Forebears might think they were faking. Tyronos shrugged off her paranoia, as they could prove they weren't spies. The Nelthar ship was slowly approaching Hegathe.

The Hegathe Harbor guards saw the approaching ship. One of them asked who's ship that was. Another of them replied, saying it was a Nelthar ship. The first guard asked whether they were still allied with the Crowns or not. The second guard said that they changed sides recently. He told the other guard to send two patrol ships and let them through. The ship approached the city's port. It was manned only by the twins who did a splendid job sailing such a ship with only 2 people. They sailed into the port and Tanion immediately jumped off the ship and onto the docks with ropes. She tied up the ship while Tyronos was slowing it down in order for the ship not to cause any harm to the docks. Finally it was properly docked. Tyronos turns to the guards that were waiting for them at the docks. He told them that Naritin sent them to help in the war, as they were capable in both research and military service. The guard told them that King Cluson, King Bodean's cousin and the new leader of the Forebears, was in the War Room. He led the twins there.

Etienne and his men arrived in Evermore a week or so later. They headed for the southern passage into Hammerfell. Their plan had worked an their best soldiers took care of the patrols, not letting them warn the city of the incoming army. Before long, after another week, they could see Dragonstar in the distance. Etienne managed to catch a glimpse of Dragonstar. He asked one of his scouts, whom had just returned from scouting the city, how far was it. The scout reported that it was still a good 2 days walk away. He also said that they needed to be careful as he had seen some Crown patrols along the way. He suggested that the elite soldiers continue to lead the way to deal with them. The commander ordered his men to have the fastest horsemen, armed with their best bows and arrows, to head off to deal with the patrols. Caesar went up to Etienne and asked if he had decided with side of Dragonstar were they going to try to reach out to first. He replied saying that they'd reach out to the east side, the Oligarchy. Since they'd likely vote on it, instead of simply deciding like the monarchist west side would. He said that it'll buy them time and increase their chances of a possible alliance. The commander also mentioned that he hoped they could take the city with as little bloodshed as possible, as not only would they win favor with the locals, but their army would be at full strength. The Blade agreed that the eastern oligarchy would be more reasonable, but mentioned that he had heard stories of their corrupt nature. Etienne said that before the voting starts, he wanted Caesar to infiltrate the city and bribe some of the council members. As it was better to be safe than sorry. He nodded, saying that the noble families of eastern Dragonstar that run the council sure do love gold.

The Nord Army had arrived in the Rift to fight the advancing 12th Legion. The High King himself led the assault alongside his friend, Stormblade Galmar.

The Argonian Horde arrived in Stormhold, the city fell just like legionnaire survivors. But the battle was tougher than the one in Thorn as Stormhold was a bigger city and had more defenses. The horde took a little damage and so they remained in Stormhold to resupply before heading back into the marsh. In Gideon, Black Marsh's Imperial Capital, the Imperial Governor of Black Marsh was getting worried, as Thorn had gone dark. The 10th Legion General assured him that it was nothing to worry about. He said the courier messages were probably just lost along the way, as the marsh was a dangerous place so the messengers were likely just killed. The governor told the general to send a patrol from Stormhold to Thorn just in case. The General sent a letter to Stormhold.

A day and a half later the Breton Army reached the outskirts of Dragonstar. They dealt with the Crown patrols and set up camp a few miles from the city. Etienne was in his tent when Caesar walked in. The Blade suggested that only the two of them go into Eastern Dragonstar, as a large group would only attract attention. The commander agreed and said that they shouldn't spoil appearances by bringing visible weapons. He said that if something went wrong they could always just bring a dagger or two each. Etienne then put on his helmet and a cloak, with a dagger hidden underneath it. Caesar also put on a cloak on top of his armor. He left his sword and shield and went to grab a dagger from the quartermaster. When he returned he said for them to go. He told the commander that the Council was said to meet in the big building in the center of town. He suggested that they remain undercover so the guards didn't catch them before they made it to the council building. Etienne hoped that the gods would be on their side, for that at least. They exited the command tent and viewed the city. It looked relatively peaceful. He said that they could wait until they started getting at each other's throats before they went in. As that'd distract the guards. Caesar said that that would be at night, as he heard that the city was at constant unrest because of revolutionary groups present in both sides of the city. But he said he didn't think the council was present at the Council Building at night. The Commander mentioned that they didn't have to go to the building at night. As he suspected that there'd be a few good places we could stay unnoticed until the next day. The Blade nodded and said that he would follow his lead, saying that they can leave when he deemed it time. The Breton said that they may as well set off now. Since by the time they get to the part of the city they're going to it would be dusk. And he hoped that'll be good enough. Caesar and Etienne left for Dragonstar.

The commander asked the Imperial what he planned on doing after the war's over. Before Caesar could reply the commander mentioned that honest if he didn't know that Caesar was a Blade he would've thought him to be a trader. The Imperial was a bit surprised, asking if he really looked like a trader. He then replied to the commander's question, saying that he was not much more than a soldier. He told the Breton that he was in the Penitus Oculatus before defecting and before that he was in the Legion. He said that after Daric takes the throne from Augustus he would likely still be a Blade. Etienne confirmed that he did have the look of a trader. He then told the Imperial that before joining Daric he was a mercenary, with a simple life...that he didn't miss. Caesar laughed and said that now he knew that if being a Blade didn't work out for him he could always become a trader. The Breton laughed as well saying that there are traders that are richer than kings and that if he knew what to do he could buy a palace. The Blade said that he'd keep that in mind. He looked ahead to the city gates saying that they arrived. Etienne said to let him handle the guards. He walked up to the guards and said that they were weary travelers and came to seek refuge in the city. The guards asked where do they hailed from. The commander said that they hailed from the Reach and they were travelling toward Stros M'Kai. The guard continued to question the two men, asking what side of the Reach they were from. Skyrim's, Hammerfell's, New Orsinium's or High Rock's. He was suspicious and so he gripped his scimitar. Caesar replied before Etienne could, saying New Orsinium. The guard seemed more suspicious, as they didn't look like Orcs. The Blade said that other races lived in Orsinium, just like the other provinces. The other guard asked what was the capital of New Orsinium. The Imperial replied that it was Trinimac's Fall. The first guard asked the second guard if that was correct. He replied that it was, and said to let them through. The duo walk through the gates. Etienne commended the Blade for his quick thinking, saying that it was a good trait, and it was something most of my subordinates lacked. Caesar thanked him, saying that when he was a part of the Penitus Oculatus he used to work as a spy.

As they were walking through the city the commander said that they were being followed. He nodded towards a shadow on the ground and told the Blade to take a quick left, head straight down the road until the third junction then turn right to the first building on his left. It was an inn. Etienne told him to rent a room and said that he'd meet him there tomorrow. The Imperial acknowledged the order and left to follow the instructions. He made it to the inn and rented a room. Caesar went up to the room, took off the cloak and started to take off his armor. He finished taking off most of his armor, sat on his bed, dagger in hand, and took a nap. The commander, attempting to lose his follower, quickly found himself in what seemed to be the city slums. Seeing a guard ahead, he slipped into an open house. He could hear muttering, and he waited for the door to open, but it didn't happen. He hoped he was the only one following them. The Breton opened the door and looked outside. Nobody suspicious there. Quietly, he retraced his steps until he ended up at the place he and Caesar had split up. Remembering his directions, he started making his way toward the inn. Instead of entering the inn, Etienne headed past it and found himself in a town square of sorts. He assumed that it must be a market. He decided to stay the night in a tavern. The next day Caesar woke up and headed out of the inn. He went to where he and Etienne split up. He woke up in a chair, donned his cloak and headed out to the point where he and Caesar had split up. Caesar waited with his back to a wall just watching for the familiar cloaked figure to appear. He saw the commander appear out of a corner and headed to him. He greeted him and asked if they should go to the Council Building now. Etienne said yes, then that if they denied them to just run. Not even to look around for him as the word around town was that the council may corrupt, but they were swift in eliminating those they hated.

The twins reached the war room in Hegathe. King Cluson saw that his guards brought in two strangers. He asked them who those two were and why they had interrupted his meeting with his generals. The twins bowed and introduced themselves, telling the King the same thing they had told the guards. Cluson welcome them in, asking them to join the discussion of the assault on Skaven. One of the king's generals said that sending forces through the Alik'r was suicide, as only a small force could survive the harsh desert. A second general said that a small force wouldn't be able to take Skaven. Tanion said that to move a larger force through the desert they would need a lot of water. Tyronos suggested attacking Rihad instead, as it would be easier to attack that city from the sea. Tanion pointed out that taking Rihad would block supply routes from Cyrodiil to Taneth, making it easier to later take back Taneth. Tyronos said that if things didn't go as smoothly as they hoped he had a surprise for them. Cluson said that Rihad was too close to Cyrodiil, the Empire could easily take the city back from them if the Forebears took it. They'd only be able to maintain a hold on it if they sent more troops, but they don't have the troops the spare. If they took Skaven then Sentinel will be cut off from Dragonstar and the other cities to the East. Tyronos pointed out that if they took Skaven, Taneth would take an opportunity to attack Gilane. Tanion believed that Taneth was the best option. Tyronos asked how many soldiers the Nelthar had. She said that there was enough to guard all their territories in the Jerral Mountains, which is what Nait told her when he was alive. One of the generals said that Gilane was already being guarded by half of the Forebear forces. Cluson raised his hand to stop the general from talking. He asked the twins how long they'd have to wait for them to arrive, as the Jerral Mountains were far way and the troops would have to cross through Skyrim.

By the look on Jo'Khar's face it was clear the Khajiit had something bothering him, that wasn't about the war. Tanan tried to ask what the thing he needed a mercenary for was. The Khajiit told him to keep it between them, as he didn't know if Roderic would approve. The Argonian agreed and they met up with the group. Jo'Khar asked the Argonian if he had ever lost someone close to him and felt powerless to help them. Tanan replied that he had a brother, but asked why the Khajiit asked. Jo'Khar told him that he lost his entire family a few years back, and that he wanted revenge. But he didn't think Roderic would approve of the his revenge quest. Jo'Khar then noticed that Roderic was looking at him, and so he stopped talking. Roderic told him to focus on the war, like the Khajiit thought he would, but said he was sorry for the loss of his family. Jo'Khar nodded slightly to keep anyone from noticing him and Tanan, he was trying to slip away from the group. However Roderic wasn't so easily ditched. He told Jo'Khar that he looked like someone that was broken, which was true but till now he had been good at hiding it. The Breton said that he knew revenge was important to him, but the war was more important, Jo'Khar nodded and pretended to be convinced by the general. Tanan said that he would still help the Khajiit with his revenge, but Jo'Khar told him to be quiet till then.

Caesar and Etienne made their way to the Council Building. The building was of course guarded so Caesar turned to the commander and said that he'd handle it as he was an Imperial. He went to the guards. When he reached them he greeted them and told them his name, but said that he was an Ambassador for the Empire. He said that he and Etienne were, and pointed at the commander. He told the guards that they needed to see the council. One of the guards asked if Caesar had an Imperial seal. The Blade showed them his old Penitus Oculatus badge, which he still had kept. The other guard recognized it as a Penitus badge, but mispronounced the order's name. The Imperial corrected him, which made the guard question why Imperials had such hard to pronounce names. Caesar said that he wasn't the one that named it, he just joined it. The guard said for him to go ahead, that the Council was in the main chamber. He told the Blade it was in the back of the building in the second floor. Caesar went back to Etienne and the duo walked into the building. Etienne asked the Imperial if he still had his Penitus Oculatus badge. He replied that there was no reason to throw it out, and even mentioned that he still had his old Penitus armor back in Wind Talon Temple in High Rock. They start climbing the steps to the second floor. The Breton said that it'll come in handy some day, like the badge did that day. He then said that the past leaves scars, but it also leaves gifts. The Blade said that they were wise words. They made it to the council chamber, Caesar told Etienne for him to go first. He opened the doors and walked in, greeting the council then asking if they had interrupted anything. The room was large and open, it had arches on the walls and windows that showed the city bellow. In the center was a crescent moon shaped table and three Redguards sat at it. The eldest one, the one in the middle, looked up at the arrivals. He said that they had interrupted their argument, but that that wasn't bad thing. He said that the other two just loved to argue, saying that he swore they had a thing for each other. The woman, who was on the right, said that that was an outrageous accusation as she wouldn't be caught dead with that pig. The man, who was on the left, laughed and said that he was surprised that now he was a pig, as previously he thought he was an ass. He joked asking if he shape shifted or something. The woman didn't appreciate his joke and told him to drop dead, as the city would surely benefit from it. The eldest man told them to please stop arguing, as they had guests. He then told Etienne and Caesar to sit for them to talk, as he said he was sick of the other two councilors and wanted to hear a fresh voice.

Etienne spoke, saying that they came on behalf of High King Daric Lariat. He said that they wished for East Dragonstar to join their cause, as not only would they gain prosperous trade routes and still have full control of the city once it is fully taken. The elder looked at the other two councilors. The woman said that High King Ennah would have their heads if they betrayed him. The man said that if they sided with them then they could claim western Dragonstar. He said that that benefit alone was worth the risk. The elder stroked his beard and said that the Forebears were losing the war and thus siding with them would be stupid. Caesar said that they were losing because they didn't have a large enough army, but now they do. He said that High King Daric had sent the full Breton Army to assist his allies, the Forebears, in their war. The man mentioned that the Breton army did win in High Rock. The woman retorted, saying that they weren't familiar with the terrain and climate of Hammerfell. He said that they should side with the Bretons and the Forebears. She said that they shouldn't. Everybody turned to the elder, he was still stroking his beard. He said that for trade and all of Western Dragonstar's territories, he thought it may be worth it. However he said that before they accepted the alliance that Etienne and Caesar would have to do something for them. The elder man told them that there was a rebel group in the city, they were called the Setting Suns and they terrorized Eastern Dragonstar at night. He said that they've dealt with groups like that one before but another just seemed to pop up after they ended one. He said that if the Bretons could deal with those rebels then the Council would accept. Caesar whispered to the commander saying that he thought they should agree to help. Etienne said that they would help, he then asked where they should start. The elder said that the Setting Suns were reported to have a base in the lower market, close to the bazaar. The problem was that every time they sent guards there the place was empty. He said that he thinks they have someone on the inside. The man told Frink, the elder, that surely he wouldn't bother their new allies with such a menial task. He said to let the city guard deal with the Suns. Frink said that that was the problem, the city guard couldn't handle them. The old man said someone in the guard must be helping the Suns. The woman agreed, telling Gor, the man, that Frink was right. She said the guards wouldn't be able to solve the problem and maybe Daric's men could. She said that if they did this then they would have her support. The elder said that it was settled, he told Etienne and Caesar go to the lower market and end the Setting Suns. The commander said that it would be done. The duo then walked out of the room. He then told the Imperial for them to deal with these Setting Suns. The Blade asked if he knew the way to the bazaar. The Breton replied that he'd seen a market the other day, he then explained the events of the last night. Caesar understood, then asked if he thought whomever was following them would follow them again. Etienne replied saying that if they could find them, then yes, and he didn't think they're trying to offer them discounted sweetrolls. The Imperial agreed that that was doubtfully why they were being followed.

Tanion said that they'd need to send word to Naritin before they would send the troops. She said that if they crossed the West Reach and the Dragontail Mountains they could take Skaven by surprise. As for how long it would take, Tyronos said that it depended on who they had avaliable, and what matter of transportation they would use. King Cluson asked what transportation they would use, since a large force would be forced to march on foot. Tanion told him that one of Naritin's former apprentices, Alis Nelthar, had the power to move through portals. However she was unsude exactly how many people could go through her portals at a time. Cluson was pleased, he asked the Nelthars to have Alis send as many soldiers as she could to Hegathe. Tyronos and Tanion bowed, saying that they'd return soon. The twins left the palace and headed to the docks and boarded their ship. They set sail for Anvil. Sometime later they docked in Anvil and exited their ship. They each put on a cloak to hide their faces before taking a carriage to Bruma. Tanion and Tyronos got off the carriage and continued north to the hidout. They took of the cloaks and knocked on the door which again was opened, then went to Naritin's chambers. He seemed annoyed that the war was still going on. They apologized and told him that they wished to use Alis to transport Nelthar soldiers to Hammerfell. Naritin said that if they sent troops to Hammerfell then the base would be undermanned, so the twins would have to stay and guard it. Tyronos argued that the Forebears were expecting them back, but Naritin said that Alis was a high-ranking Nelthar and could take their place. He called a guard over and ordered him to relay a message to Alis. He handed the guard a scroll, who then bowed and left. The Twins remained in the Jerral Mountains for the rest of the war, guarding the Nelthar territories as per Naritin's orders.

The commander and the Blade turned around the corner and saw a busy market with a bunch of people buying and selling things. Merchants were yelling discounts and how their merchandise was the best on that side of Hammerfell. Caesar pointed out that this was most likely the bazaar. The commander said to look for any sewer grates or trapdoors, he then started to looking around. The Blade began doing the same. Etienne saw a trapdoor under a food stand, he called the Imperial over. When he saw it the Blade said that he would go first and jumped down the trapdoor. He began casting a very weak lightning spell just to create some light in the darkness. He also drew the dagger he had on his boot. Etienne asked the Blade if he could see anyone. Caesar replied that he couldn't see anyone, but that down there it looked like a passage to somewhere. He sniffed the air and then said that he thought that it may be part of the sewers. He then helped Etienne down the trapdoor and asked if they should follow it. The commander said for them to follow it, but for the Imperial to remain on his guard. Etienne then drew his concealed dagger. The two continue down the hallway. The only light source was the blue lightning in Caesar's hand. They made a turn and ended up in the sewers. The Blade remarked that he was right, the passage did connect to the sewer. They heard some splashes a few feet in front of them but it was too dark to see what made them. Caesar decided to follow it and they end up in a large underground complex. The Breton whispered to him, telling him to look for any type of doorway or opening, and to look down every grate he saw. The Blade began searching the complex, he heard some noises and saw movement in his surrounding. He pointed out that they were being surrounded. Etienne remarked that this was awkward and activated his Flame Cloak. The Imperial asked why it was awkward. He then looked around following the sounds and the movements trying to locate those surrounding them. Etienne said that he knew what he meant and then pressed himself against a wall, hoping that it was a wall.

Alis was in her study when a Nelthar guard delivered a message. It stated that she needed to transport an army of Nelthar guards to Hammerfell and serve as their leader, to aid the Forebears in their Civil War against the Crowns. Alis walked out of the Nelthar base in Jerall Mountains where she found a large Nelthar force already assembled and some more falling in line. She commented on her surprise at how fast soldiers assembled. Alis looked at the scroll and thought of Hegathe. She concentrated and a large portal appeared. First Alis walked through then the soldiers afterwards. All the soldiers had the Nelthar mark on their shoulders and Alis had it on her cloak. King Cluson was in his study when a guard came in telling him that a army appeared out of thin air in the outskirts of Hegathe. He headed out with his personal guards to greet Alis. When the last Nelthar passed through the portal it closed. As she waited outside the Redguard city with the army she spotted King Cluson, the current leader of the Forebears, approaching. Alis bowed to the king, she introduced herself and told him that the Dragon Twins had stayed behind at the base. Cluson greeted her back, then looked at the soldiers and commented on the amount. He said that with those soldiers aiding them they will be strong enough to recapture Taneth. Alis placed her soldiers under the Redguard king's command as he was more experience in war than she was. Cluson thanked her then had his guards escort the Nelthar soldiers to the military camp in which the Forebear army was staying. The Nelthar soldiers followed the guards to the camp. She told the king that if they had any use for a skilled mage to let her know, as she was one of the top Nelthar mages. Cluson said that he'd need the help of a talented mage during the siege. The walls of Taneth were strong, from what the scouts told him the walls were mostly intact despite the Crowns' attack on the city. Which was highly strange as there was no other way into the city according to the king. Alis suggest the existence of a secret entrance, that was unless they had someone that could make portals like her.

Cluson said that there was no secret passage, at least not one that the Crowns would be capable of opening. He told her that there was an escape route that led outside the city, but it could only be opened from the inside and only with a House Suda Signet Ring. He showed it to Alis. Only members of House Suda possessed the ring. Alis asked if someone could steal it, or if there could be a traitor in the family. She said that she meant no offense, she was just considering every possibility. Cluson stated again that it could only be opened from the inside, and said that only the leaders in tehir family were given the ring. He compared it to how the Nelthar Head family worked, as they too had a head family of sorts in the Forebears. He revealed that the only ones who currently had the ring were him and King Bodean, his cousin. Alis talked a bit about the Nelthars, how the head family were decendents of Ultima Nelthar, and that their base has blood seals on certain doors that only the head family could open. She then suggested that an airship may have helped the Crowns to get in, as the Sloads possessed them. She suggested maybe dealing with them to help the Forebears as well. The Redguard agreed it might work, as brute force wouldn't be enough to take the city without crippling it. With airships they'd be able to bypass the wall. He mentioned the Sload that his cousin found on Stros M'Kai, maybe with his help they'd be able to negotiate with the Sloads and obtain their airships. Alis asked the king if there were any libraries around. She complained about the small size of the Nelthar library in the Jerral mountains, and the fac that many archives were blood sealed. Cluson said that were was an Archive Hall in his palace. As Hegathe was one of the oldest cities in Hammerfell, founded by the Elves before the Yokudan arrived in Tamriel. The archive had an assortment of books and scrolls. He asked why she was searching for. She merely said she was curious about the origins of magic and the Aetherius. The king admited that he didn't know if his archive would have the answers she wanted, but said she was welcome to look. He told her he would be back at the palace or in the barracks organizing the army. She thanked him then bowed and the two parted ways. Alis headed to the archives. Before she entered she saw a large condor landing nearby, around it's neck a K with the Nelthar mark inscribed it was hanging. It was carrying a scroll on it's back. Alis thought where it was a Kanir vulture or not, then took the scroll and opened it. They were orders, an investigator named Xeraz Kanir was comming to Hammerfell. The Kanirs had power over the Nelthars so she'd have to oblige. She still had time before Xeraz arrived so she wrote something on the scroll and gave to the condor, who then flew off into the distance. Alis then continued to the archive to study.

In Hammerfell Skaal-ti Tailshadow had infiltrated the city of East Dragonstar and eventually joined a rebel group called the Setting Suns to better gather intel on both the West and East parts of Dragonstar. However as he was an Argonian his progress in the rebel faction was slow, the Redguards didn't trust him. One day a rebel scout spotted two intruders in the Setting Suns base. The gruff looking Redguard rebel leader ordered the men to go with him to intercept the intruders, Skaal-ti when with him. They gathered in a large chamber and awaited to ambush the intruders, when the two of them came into the dark room they were surrounded by the rebels.

An arrow goes flying past Caesar, only missing by millimeters. He saw a shadow a distance away and casted lightning bolt at it. The blue light from the bolt momentarily illuminated the room showing half a dozen men around Caesar and the Commander. The Blade cursed the fact that they were outnumbered. The bolt missed. The man Caesar almost hit lit a torch and the room partly illuminated. A gruff looking Redguard said that the spell was close. He suggested to the duo that they don't move, as half a dozen arrows were pointed at them right now. He asked them why they were there and if they were working for the guards or the council. He also pointed out that they didn't look like locals as he examined them. The Imperial turned to Etienne, as if to wait for him to say something. The commander said that they used to be sweetroll merchants, but now they're treasure hunters of a sort. The Redguard laughed, saying that it was rich that he tried to pass himself off as a sweetroll merchant. He then looked at the Breton and asked if he took him for a fool, saying that it was obvious that they were sent to find them. Skaal-ti kept his hand on his sword, ready to draw it. The Redguard looked over to the Argonian then back to the strangers. He assume that the duo's silence meant that he was right, and that they were sent to find them. He pointed out that as they could see it wasn't a good choice. The Setting Sun leader then turned to his men and ordered them to subdue them and take them to the hideout, and said to make sure to put a bag over their heads first so they didn't find out the location of their base. Five Suns started to walk towards Caesar and Etienne with their weapons drawn. Caesar charged a chain lightning spell and said that it looked like they'd have to fight them all. He looked at the dagger he held in his hand wishing that he had kept his katana. Skaal-ti was with the 5 Suns, he started slowly walking towards the Imperial and the Breton. Then suddenly, he stabbed two of the Setting Suns in front of him and shouted For Daric!. He ran over to where the duo were standing and briefly said that he would explain later. Caesar looked at the Argonian and asked which side he was on. He then cast the chain lightning hitting the two remaining Suns.

The Argonian revealed that he was sent by one of Daric's generals to infiltrate the Setting Suns and gather intel in Hammerfell as a whole but that was a while back, before King Daric had taken all of High Rock. Skaal-ti told his name to them and said that he was supposed to keep an eye out in Hammerfell so the Stormcrown Alliance would know if the Legion decided to march north from there. Caesar introduced the duo to the Argonian, mentioning their names and respective ranks. He told Skaal-ti that they were trying to end the Suns so the local government allied with them. He mentioned that the Suns apparently had an inside man on the guards or something like that, so that was why the Council sent them. He looked around to the four dead Suns and then asked the Argonian if he knew where their base was. Skaal-ti said that he had only been with the Setting Suns and as they were wary of strangers they didn't trust him with the location. But he thought their best hope was to follow any leads they find. The Blade said for them to search around, as they obviously had some sort of base around there somewhere. They split up and started searching. A while later the Argonian called them over. He told them that there was a lever there. When he pulled the lever a small ladder came down from the ceiling. He said he would go check it out. Skaal-ti walked up the ladder and left the duo down there. He then told them that he thought it was up there. Caesar and Etienne followed Skaal-ti up the ladder. They made it to the base. There was a big cistern and in the center stood the gruff Redguard. He spoke, saying that Skaal-ti really disappointed him because of the betrayal. But he said that it was too bad for them as he knew the Argonian was not one of them from the beginning. Five archers stood behind him and pointed their arrows at the three intruders. The Setting Sun leader said that no one crosses the Suns and lives. Etienne muttered to Caesar that his Chain Lightning would be useful right about now. The Imperial charged the Chain lightning, he said that he wouldn't be able to hit them all, just two. He told the commander and Skaal-ti to get ready. Caesar cast the Chain Lightning spell and it hit two of the archers. The three remaining archers fired onto the three intruders, one of the arrows hit Caesar on his left shoulder.

Xeraz heard about the Civil War going on in Hammerfell and decided to travel to her home province to intervene. When she arrived she heard reports that the two factions were going to fight in Taneth. She was sitting on a sand dune watching Taneth in the distance. The Kanir vulture was on her shoulder. She decided to get going as the Forebears and Nelthar forces would reach the city soon.

Roderic, Jo'Khar and the others that were in Stros M'Kai as well as a large force of the soldiers that were still on the island left for Hegathe when they were called there by Bodean's cousin, Cluson. King Cluson and his army left Hegathe and headed towards Taneth. With the Nelthar troops they outnumbered the Crown garrisoning the city 2 to 1. Cluson and his army passed by Gilane and continued on their path to Taneth. He turned to General Roderic, telling him that they needed to think before they acted on the siege. Taneth's walls were still very sturdy and the Crowns would have the upper hand while they keep the Forebears out of the city. The general wished that Daric was here, as he could help with planning the siege. He asked the Redguard if the city had a sewer entrance, he thought of using the same plan the Bretons used to take Evermore. Cluson replied that there was no sewer entrance, the city was in lockdown so there was no way in. The only available entrance can only be opened from the inside, so they have to besiege the city. He said that he had his engineers build some siege weapons. They had three catapults, two ballistae, six ladders, and a siege tower. But the Redguard was not sure it would be enough. Roderic said that the Bretons were ready. The Forebear Army was reaching their former capital. They neared Taneth, Roderic saw the city in the distance. Once a proud HQ of the Forebears and seat of King Bodean, now a saked city being controlled by the Crowns. Crown banners were visible on the walls of the city. Cluson ordered the siege to begin, the catapults and the ballistae fired on the wall in a hopes of breaking it, there were a few cracks here and there but the wall was still holding. The King thought it would be wiser to fire onto the gates and so he ordered one of the catapults and one of the ballistae moved to the front of the city. The Crown garrison fired arrows at the Forebear army, they also fired from their catapults and dropped burning oil on the occasional soldiers who got too close to the wall. Some of the Nelthar soldiers were with them but the others had to stay and guard the cities already under the Forebears control. 3 soldiers at the siege loaded their arrows.

While in Hegathe the mage saw an opportunity to slip away and asked Tanan what he thought was a good way to do so. Tanan turned himself invisible and so did J'Khar, they then slipped away without anyone noticing. Jo'Khar noted that because Roderic would disapprove it was likely that he wouldn't be able to return as if nothing ever happened. And he also noted that the general might try to chase them. Tanan told him not to worry, as he might have escaped had the Khajiit not been there to stop him. Jo'Khar agreed, and said that all they needed now was a lead. The mage suggested Solitude as the man he was looking for may usually travel by boat. The two of them were able to get a boat in a village to the north to take them to Skyrim. Jo'Khar thought about the Vampire that killed his family. It was rumored he's a smuggler for the Empire and a friend of the Crowns. About what he expected from an Imperial thief. But getting to him isn't going to be easy.

Days later in the dungeon, Bodean had come up with a plan. He shared his cell with one of his lieutenants, Achel, so together they were going to escape. He faked being dead, which made sense because the Crowns hadn't been feeding him much or giving him almost any water for the past few days. Achel called the guards telling them that Bodean was dead. The two guards patrolling close to them opened the cell. Achel went to the corner as one of the guards pointed his spear at him. The other guard knelled down next to Bodean and examined the body. It was then that Bodean grabbed the rock he was hiding behind him and hit the guard in the head with all the force he could. The guard fell on the floor. Bodean got on top of him and continued hitting him with the rock. The guard that was pointing the spear at Achel was distracted and Achel managed to take the spear from him. He stabbed the guard with the spear and killed him. Bodean and Achel took the guard's uniforms, as they had been using nothing but ragged clothes, and their weapons. They got out of the cell and went to free their friends. Bodean and Achel freed their friends and made their way out of the dungeon, they were all disguised as Crown soldiers. They walked out and noticed everyone was running towards the walls. Bodean questioned why the soldiers were heading there. Then he heard a huge bang sound and the ground shook. He concluded that the city was under siege, he ordered his men to follow him to help the attackers. Bodean and his men made it to the wall and noticed the Forebears Army besieging the city. He looked at the flags of the army and saw they were the colors of Hegathe, his cousin King Cluson of Hegathe was leading the army. He told him men that they must aid his cousin in his fight. He looked around at the catapults on the wall that were bombarding the Forebear army and ordered Achel and the others to take them out. Because of their disguise the Crown soldiers in the first catapult didn't notice them until it was too late, they killed the soldiers and damaged the catapult.

The Imperial courier arrives in Stormhold, but instead of being greeted by the legionnaires who used to garrison the city he was greeted by the Argonian troops who had captured the city. They managed to capture him and take the letter, which was a request to investigate Thorn who hadn't responded to previous messages. Meanwhile the bulk of the Argonian Horde was travelling through the inner swamps to the city of Archon on the eastern coast of Black Marsh.

Etienne charged ahead and attacked one of the archers, only after stabbing him did the Breton notice the arrow in his thigh. Caesar cast another Chain Lightning spell at the remaining archers. With his magicka now empty he couldn't heal his shoulder, but he did pull out the arrow. Speaking to the Redguard leader of the Suns he said it's over and to surrender now. The leader replied that they would never surrender, they would be victorious. He said that the west would conquer the east. He then drew his scimitar and yelled. A dozen other Suns appeared from the sides of the cistern and charged at the intruders. Caesar looked around for a better weapon than the dagger he was using, he picked up a scimitar from one of the archers and charged at the Suns. Etienne plunged his dagger into a Setting Sun and took his weapon, decapitating another soon after. He asked the leader if he was sure he didn't want to surrender. The Leader slashed at the Breton, asking if that answered his question. Caesar sliced a Sun. Then three suns ganged up on him so Caesar was forced to stay on the defensive while his magicka recharged. Skaal-ti backed away from the fight and casted his 'The Shadow Stone' power and became invisible. Etienne blocked most of the attack but receives a cut down his forearm. He thought it could've been worse. The leader continued slashing at the commander, he activated his Adrenaline Rush ability and was able to use many power attacks at the Breton. Caesar held his own against the three Suns that surrounded him. His magicka had partly refilled so he cast lightning bolt at one of the suns. Etienne held up his sword to block the attacks from the Redguard. After withstanding many hits, the sword shatters in two. He then charged a Firebolt spell. The Leader kept on fighting the commander. Caesar switched to the offensive now that he killed one of the three Suns attacking him. He slashed at one of the two and stabbed the other. There were six Suns remaining, two went to help out their boss while the other four charged at the Blade. Caesar blocked the attacks with his sword but he was getting ganged up on an some blows hit him, slicing at his armor. The robe he had been wearing over his armor was now completely ripped and fell off him.

Xeraz got closer to the battle but stayed far enough to make sure that the soldiers wouldn't attack or even aim at her. Some did however notice her in the distance. She took the large gourd off her back and put it on the ground, then sat down on it, watching the battle. Cluson ordered the Siege tower to head towards the wall. It was filled with Soldiers. The Crowns fired arrows at the tower. A few Forebear soldiers were hit by the arrows and fell off the tower. Though the tower's outer shell protected most of the soldiers. The Siege tower made its way to the wall and dropped a bridge so the soldiers inside could cross over to the wall. They erupted onto the wall and charged at the Crown archers. Many, however, were hit by arrows and died. Xeraz put the gourd on her back and then uncorked it. Earth floated out and stayed in the air around her, she then started walking towards the battlefield. She thought that she should join the battle now. The Forebear siege weapons stopped firing at the wall now that the soldiers from the Siege Tower made it. Cluson had them moved to a better position as they awaited the Soldiers atop the wall in their assault. The Soldiers managed to kill the archers and then they saw a group of Crown soldiers attacking another group that was guarding a catapults.

Bodean and his men made their way to the other Catapult. The Soldiers there had seen them destroy the last catapult, so they had to fight them. While they were fighting the Crown soldiers near the catapult Bodean could see a Siege Tower moving close to the wall and eventually making contact and setting loose the Forebear soldiers that had been inside it. The soldiers engaged the other Crown soldiers that had been on the wall, primarily archers. The soldiers managed to kill the archers and then they noticed Bodean and his men fighting the Crowns near the catapult. The soldiers from the tower charged at the catapults and helped the Bodean and his men destroy it. After the fight they held their weapons at the king, Achel and the others and asked why they were attacking the men stationed at the catapult. The Forebear soldiers thought that Bodean and his men were rogue Crown soldiers, as they were wearing Crown uniforms. Bodean replied that he would never be able to take back his city if he didn't and then took off his helmet to show his face to the soldiers and reveal his identity. The Forebear soldiers bowed to him, realizing he was King Bodean, and said that they thought he was dead. Bodean explained that he was captured when the Crowns took Taneth and that now he is taking back what is his. He ordered the soldiers to follow him so they could open the gates, so his cousion Cluson didn't have to break the city's wall. He lead the soldiers to the Gate Tower.

The leader was pulled back, and as Skaal-ti appeared behind him the Argonian's blade slid across his throat. Right after he slashed the other two suns helping their boss from behind. He then quickly switched his view to the Suns attacking Caesar. Skaal-ti switched to his bow and shot one arrow after another, killing two of the four, and the third arrow was blocked by a shield. The Sun came charging at him. Caesar stabbed the sun that was still fighting him and then sliced him in the chest. Afterwards he went after the Sun that was charging at Skaal-ti. The Argonian rolled over and let Caesar kill the charging sun. He thanked the Blade afterwards and asked if they should get going. Caesar knelled down next to the dead sun. He pointed out that they had high quality equipment for rebels, so someone had to be financing them. He then got up and said that they should get out of there, saying that they needed to see the Council to tell them they dealt with the Setting Suns. Caesar, Etienne and Skaal-ti made it to the Council Chamber. When they entered the eldest councilor greeted them and asked if they were successful in completing the task. Etienne said that they did and told the councilors that now they had more reason to attack the monarchy on the west side of Dragonstar. He told them that the Setting Suns were the best financed rebel group he'd ever seen. But not only that, he told them how their leader said "the west will conquer the east". The commander came to the conclusion that the Council's rival had been plotting against them for months, if not years. The elder said that he feared as much. He said that the Suns were too well organized to be just an ordinary rebel group, he figured the King of the West was financing them. The old Redguard then said that now that they were taken care of the Council and East Dragonstar would side with him. He told the commander to expect their guards to aid them in taking the city in their name. Caesar then asked Etienne when should they strike.

The Stormcloaks were able to mount a counter attack to retake the Rift from the Empire. Riften never fell but the Legion had been able to capture villages and other holdings in the Rift. The Legion retreated from Skyrim and headed back to Morrowind.

Xeraz used her control of the earth to create a sand dune making a way straight up to the wall allowing herself and any of the soldiers still outside to get onto the wall rather easily. With the help of the sand dune the Forebear Army made its way easily inside the city. Cluson headed inside, while Roderic stayed behind with the artillery. Seeing that opening the gate was no longer necessary Bodean and his men went to find and met up with Cluson. A few minutes later there were able to find him. Cluson was surprised to see Bodean still alive. Bodean told him of his captivity and said that now they had to take Taneth back. He and his men went to the streets to fight the remaining Crown soldiers. Xeraz walked into the city as well. She crossed her arms and watched the fighting in the city. An arrow came towards her which she skillfully dodged before the sand swallowed the soldier that shot it. Bodean was fighting and lead his men to the main plaza, where he saw the Imperial General. He taunted the Imperial, asking him if he expected to see him out of the dungeons. The general coldly said the Redguard's name, obviously angered at the king. He told Glallian that he would take Taneth back from the Emperor's clutches. His men raised their weapons and readied to strike at the General and his soldiers. Bodean raised his hand and ordered them to stop, he said he would fight the general by himself. Glallian laughed, asking Bodean if he really wanted to duel him. He called the king's sense of honor petty, just like that of the Nords. The general looked around, he knew he was losing the battle but if he dueled Bodean he could at least kill him. He agreed to the duel moving closer to Bodean as the two circled each other.

The Emperor continued to become more and more secluded from other people. He had his family moved out of the Imperial City, and stopped conversing with his advisers. The dark rumors that spread across Cyrodiil about the Emperor and the Imperial City only continued. Travel in and out of the Imperial City also decreased. With his descent into madness only getting worse he continued to sentence people to death, mostly by hanging, due to his anger and paranoia.

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