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The Rielmer, or the 'Beautiful Elves', are a race of beautiful Mer from Cyrodiil.


Once Elves from Akavir, the Ancestors of this race had integrated themselves into the Aylied culture. The Rielmer were born from an Akaviri Elf and a Aylied, who were said to be the most beautiful creatures in the world. Meridia loved the children so much, she created a new race from them.

The Aylieds hated and feared their new cousins, for their very presence seemed to inspire their human slaves. So, they made war on them. With the superior numbers and fighting style, the Aylieds swiftly enslaved the Rielmer.

After many long years of slavery, the Rielmer joined the Human revolution. However, when the Nedes began enslaving the Rielmer, the Elves fled, disappearing into the mountains. Since then, the Rielmer have fought off any who invaded, using their superior charm and wit to fight the invaders.

There had been rumors of an invasion being planned of Cyrodiil, to avenge their ancestors. This was back in the early Second Era, before Tiber Septim. Many speculated that it was just myth, until Bruma burned. The Rielmer had invaded.

They destroyed all in their path, until they finally arrived at the Imperial City. However, the Imperials called on their allies, the Nords, who retaliated. They came swiftly through the mountains, destroying the Rielmer villages. The Rielmer were trapped between two forces, and were utterly crushed.

However, they had established a hidden settlement near Anvil that lives on.


The Rielmer were renowned as beautiful, taking the most beautiful elements of the other races of Mer and combining them into one.

Generally, people say that they look rather oriental in appearance, like the humans from Akavir. Though beautiful, the Rielmer are renowned for also being very warlike, putting trial in combat above every other achievement.

Their Chieftain is always the strongest Elf in their village. In this aspect, many compare them to the Orsimer, but more beautiful.