Roderic Acques
Roderic Acques
Roderic in 4E 219
Race Breton
Gender Male
Age 60
Status Alive
Titles Head General of High Rock (Formerly), 5th Legion's General
Factions High Rock, Stormcrown Alliance (Formerly), Legion, Empire
Birthplace Somewhere in the Jehanna wilderness
Family Unnamed Father (Deceased)
Unnamed Mother (Deceased)
Yes... But I learnt long ago never to pay before-hand... I would need to send some soldiers to 'assist' him and 'capture' him if he tries to run off with our money.
— Roderic to Achel

Roderic Acques is a Breton spellsword. He served as one of Daric Lariat's generals during his rebellion against the Empire and later became the General of the 5th Legion, the one assigned to High Rock. He now resides in Aldingwall, the Legion's base in High Rock.

Early Life

Roderic was brought up away from civilization with his parents, hunters that lived in the Jehanna wilderness. His father died years later at a hunting trip and his mother soon killed herself after. With the skills he was taught he managed to survive alone until he was 19 before proving himself worth of joining a bandit group in the Western Reach. He eventually made his way as leader. He soon ditched bandit life at the age of 22 and set off. His main reason for ending his bandit carrier was after he was captured and nearly executed in Jehanna. After the event he decided to change his ways and be on the right side of the law. He eventually found the Lariat Loyalists after the King of Jehanna pledged for them and joined them in their fight. He made his way through the ranks eventually becoming the second-in-command to Marcus Mede.

Sometime in his youth Roderic was scammed out of gold, when someone was paid to do something and they didn't. They ran off with the money, ever since he has been cautious about paying beforehand.


Character Form

  • Class: Spellsword
  • Skills: Master One handed, Expert Restoration/Destruction, Adept Alteration/Conjuration/Heavy Armor
  • Powers: Dragonskin
  • Equipment: Ebony Sword, Ebony Armor (During RotSD). General Plate Armor (After RotSD)

Return of the Septim Dynasty I

Roderic Ebony

Roderic in his Ebony Armor

Roderic used to be under the command of Marcus Mede, and so he was present during the meeting in the war room when Marcus was assassinated. Like the others he was too late to stop the assassin. After the assassination he met with King Daric to talk about the plans for the invasion of Daggerfall now that the lead general was killed. Daric said to maintain the same plan as before, but now without Marcus. They left the city according to schedule and arrived in Daggerfall at the same time as the Nords. Roderic led a platoon of soldiers into the city, when Daric ordered the start of the attack. After the King of Daggerfall had been defeated and the city was captured Roderic led the Breton force from the city to join the Nords fighting the Legion outside the city. After the battle Roderic followed Daric's Army back to Shornhelm. Roderic was promoted by Daric to be his lead general. Roderic rode alongside Daric during the battle for Wayrest and after it was over, with their king surrendering, he was called to Daric's tent along with Grandmaster Ortius. The king wanted to discuss the assault on Evermore, the last city still under Imperial control. Daric asked Roderic for an idea, as the city was heavily garrisoned. The general asked if there was a sewer, to which Daric replied that he assumed so. Roderic continued telling the king his plan, to send a force into the city through the sewers to open the gates and let the rest of the army inside. Daric liked the plan and suggested that Roderic lead the team that heads into the sewers, which he suggest be made up of some Blades. Roderic thought it would be risky to take the Blades with him, as they were Daric's guards, but the king dismissed the idea.

After the planning was done Daric said that they would leave at dawn the next day to march to Evermore, which they did. They arrived in the city's outskirts within two days. While the army awaited outside, out of the garrisoning army's reach. Roderic and a group of Blades headed to the sewer entrance. While they made their way through the sewers they encountered some resistance from creatures that lived there, and some bandits. When they arrived at the exit into the city Roderic told the Blades to get ready and then they charged towards the gates when they entered the city. Roderic covered the Blades, including one named Caesar Autrus, while they charged for the gates. A group of Legionnaires attacked the Blades and Roderic headed over to help them fight. After dispatching the imperials the general ordered Caesar to find the lever to open the gates. Caesar made it up to the walls and found the lever, a guard tried to stop him but he dispatched him quickly. Roderic praised Caesar's work. With the gates opened Daric's soldiers started to poor into the city. Roderic was fighting near the gates when he was approached by a Khajiit. The khajiit told him that he was sent by Daric to assist the general in taking out the catapults atop the wall. Roderic acknowledged the order and told the khajiit to follow him while he headed to the walls. As the catapults were busy firing on Daric's army outside the city the soldiers manning them didn't notice the general and the khajiit approaching them at first. However, the Legion's general spotted them and ordered a force to intercept them, leading that force was a powerful pyromancer. Roderic spotted the force heading towards them and told the khajiit to go ahead after the catapults while he distracted the enemy. Jo'Khar followed the order and went after the catapults. The pyromancer cast a fireball at Roderic, but he dodged it. The pyromancer's subordinates charged at Roderic but Jo'Khar, who had already destroyed the catapult, cast Chain Lighting on them. Roderic cast fireballs at them as well. After being hit by both spells most of the subordinates were whipped out. Daric and his horsemen had made it into the city, galloping in from the main gate. The pyromancer had cast Wall of Flame on the cavalry, some of the horses were killed while others were just scared. Daric's horse had been burned by the spell and he panicked, knocking the king down. Roderic ran to help Daric while Jo'Khar continued to duel with the pyromancer. When Roderic arrived to help his king up he found out that the fall had injured him pretty seriously. He had broken a few ribs and probably had internal bleeding. Roderic helped Daric up and led him back to the army's camp outside the battlefield. The general brought the king to a healer and watched as he took care of the king. Daric told Roderic and Jo'Khar to capture the castle and end the battle. Roderic chose to remain at his King's side and left the order to the khajiit. After the battle was over and Daric was fully healed he followed the king back to Shornhelm for his coronation as High King of High Rock, which he attended.

Return of the Septim Dynasty II

High King Daric had ordered his Breton soldiers to head to Hammerfell to aid their Forebear allies. The Forebears had started their civil war with the Crowns, who had the Empire backing them, and have barely been able to maintain themselves in the war. King Bodean had requested the help of his Breton allies. As Roderic ordered his men onto the ships that were going to depart for Hammerfell he spotted Jo'Khar, and so he walked over to greet him. Jo'Khar told him the orders that Daric had relayed him and said their destination was the city of Taneth. A few days later the Breton Army disembarked in Taneth. Roderic was the first onto the docks, where he could see King Bodean waiting for them. He introduced himself to the Redguard, who greeted him back. Bodean gave him a brief summary of how the war was going then asked that he accompany him to the war room. Roderic and Jo'Khar followed him. Bodean showed them the map of Hammerfell and how the Civil War was going. He told them that Rihad, a long held city of the Forebears, was captured by the Crowns. Bodean told them how he had planed to take it back but now that the Breton forces had arrived he has changed my plans. He now planned to assault Stros M'Kai. The crowns used the island as a naval base, but the navy that was there is now garrisoned in Rihad. It was the perfect opportunity to strike, according to the king.

The Stormcrown Alliance forces left Taneth and headed towards Stros M'Kai. A few days later they could see the island in the distance. Bodean told Roderic to take 5 ships and attack the Crown Navy ships head on. The Redguard king planned to take 3 and flank them when the time was right. Roderic acknowledged the order and had his five ships create an arrow formation and went continue head-on. The Crown Navy saw the incoming Breton Ships. Their Admiral ordered his ships into loose formation and they went to meet their enemies, they fired on Roderic's ships. To the south a strange fog had formed. Roderic ordered the formation to split. The ships turned sideways and fired on the enemy ships. The two navies were evenly matched. The fog got closer. Bodean's ships then got out of the fog, that they had created, and appeared right behind the Crown Ships. The King's vessels fired on the enemy, who was now trapped between two forces. The Forebear ships fired on the Crown vessels' masts. Without masts the Crown ships became stranded in between their enemies. Many of the Crown navy men abandoned their ships. Instead of destroying the ships Bodean decided to board them. They captured the Crowns' soldiers. Roderic had his ship sail closer to the King's ship, he couldn't believe it had worked. Bodean told him that they were lucky that most of the navy was in Rihad and Sentinel. He then called the general to come with him to the island to claim their spoils of victory. As soon as they took control of the island Bodean had put an embargo on the exporting of goods to Imperial supporters, namely the Nelthars who imported Jarrin Root from the island.

Jo'Khar suggested that they get ready for a Nelthar counterattack, as they have shown to rely heavily on the imported Jarrin Root and the embargo angered them. Bodean said that he has already contacted them to open negotiations, as he wanted the Nelthars to join the Stormcrown Alliance and stop backing the Empire. Roderic agreed with the King's plan, however Jo'Khar remained skeptical that it would work. Bodean told Roderic that he could return to the mainland if he wished to, since the island was now secure there wasn't much for the Breton forces to do in Stros M'Kai, as his generals were already planning the next strike against the Crowns. Roderic decided to stay and aid Bodean in the negotiations with the Nelthars. The king thanked him for his concern and made the choice to have the whole army remain on the island until the negotiations concluded. A few days later a large Nelthar ship arrived at the island, Roderic was at the docks with Bodean. The general ordered his men to remain ready for an attack, as the Nelthars had yet to show signs of whether they came in peace or to attack. Roderic noticed that Jo'Khar, who was beside him, was nervous. He assured the Khajiit that they had the situation under control, trying to calm him down. When the Nelthar ambassador approached the Redguard king Roderic walked over to him, standing near him like one of his bodyguards. While Bodean welcomed the Nelthar to the island and started to lead her to the castle to start the negotiations a soldier ran up to the general. The soldier told him that three of their men were missing, men that had been sent to capture a Sload that had been aiding the Crowns with something on the island. Roderic ordered the soldier to send a team, and to take Jo'Khar with them, to find the missing soldiers and to capture the Sload. After that he continued to follow Bodean to the castle. The Redguard King took them inside the castle and to a large chamber with a round table. He sat at one end, Roderic sat next to him, and the Nelthar sat at the opposite end. When Visus, the Nelthar ambassador, sat down Bodean began the negotiations. Bodean and the Nelthars were able to make a deal, after the meeting was over Bodean called Roderic to come with him, as his men told him that they had captured the Sload.

Roderic followed the king to the castle dungeon where he was going to meet with the captured Sload, they met with Jo'Khar along the way. Bodean talked with the Sload and decided to free him after it didn't tell them anything, Roderic glared at the Sload. He knew the creature must be hiding something, he couldn't just be the diplomat from the Thras like he claimed to be. The Sload asked for assistance in fixing his airship that had crashed on the island while he was trying to leave. Achel, a Redguard Lieutenant that had led the capture of the Sload, was talking with an Argonian that claimed to know someone that could fix it and asked for gold to pay him. Roderic didn't trust the Argonian either, he thought he was trying to con them out of some gold. Achel tried to convince Roderic that the Argonian wasn't a thief, but Roderic replied that he learned long ago never to pay before-hand. He ordered some soldiers to assist the Argonian and to capture him if he tried to run off with the money. Tanan shamed the general by implying that he was cautious only because he was an Argonian. Achel assured Tanan it wasn't because of that. Roderic replied that it had nothing to do with his race, he just had a similar situation happen to him in the past. He then said he should go with the Argonian to meet the person that will fix the airship, and Achel agreed. Tanan agreed and suggested that they only take a small force so as to not attract attention. Roderic said he would take 3 soldiers and Achel, as he didn't trust the Argonian. Achel told Tanan to lead the way, and so the Argonian did. Roderic remained on his guard in case the Argonian tried to escape. Jo'Khar soon joined the group in escorting the Argonian, Roderic explained to him what the situation was. Tanan asked the Khajiit why he didn't trust him and the two started to argue. The Argonian then told them that they needed to head to Falkreath. Roderic was surprised, as that would be a long journey. Tanan said that they could make camp at night and travel during the whole day. Roderic suspected that the Argonian would want to slip away during the night while they were sleeping, so he suggested that they just send a messenger to meet with Tanan's friend and bring him to Stros M'Kai. Achel reminded them that they'd need to take a ship to Solitude from the island and then travel to Falkreath. Tanan said that his friend wouldn't be welcoming to Roderic's kind, but the general assured the Argonian that no matter what race his friend was they would be able to find someone to serve as a messenger in the army as it was pretty diverse. He replied that he was an Argonian that only trusted other Argonians. Achel started to think that this was going to be too much trouble just to fix a Sload's ship, as they still had more important things like the Civil War to deal with. Roderic told Tanan that they had a few Argonian soldiers and they they could probably find someone to send.

While they were talking the Argonian cast invisibility on himself and disappeared with the gold. Roderic noticed right away and ordered the soldiers to find the thief and capture him. Jo'Khar said that he could still smell the Argonian, Roderic order the mage to go after him. Jo'Khar led them towards a cave. Achel, who was ashamed he was tricked by Tanan, followed with his scimitar drawn. The group caught up with the Argonian near the Sload's crashed ship, the Sload was fighting the Argonian. The Khajiit yelled at Tanan and fired Ice Spikes at his direction. Tanan fired arrows at the Sload, he dodged most of the Khajiit's attacks. The Sload then summoned two Dremora to aid him in fighting the Argonian, who tried to escape during the fight. Jo'Khar ran after the Argonian, and Roderic followed close behind. The Argonian headed towards a river, saying that the Khajiit won't be able to follow him. Roderic said that he doesn't mind the water and continued to chase after the thief. Jo'Khar cast a Lightning Bolt at the water, making the Argonian stop running towards it. The Sload pinned him down with Ice Spikes so to stop him from running. Tanan continued to fire arrows at his pursuers, but he gave up and surrendered. The Khajiit cast Ash Shell on him, so as to stop him from escaping. However Tanan had faked giving up and struggled, managing to free himself from the Ash Shell. Jo'Khar then ordered the soldiers to get him, they managed to tackle him. The Sload asked the Argonian to give him the gold he had stolen, but when the soldiers tackled him and he gave up again the Sload got angry at them. The Sload approached the Argonian and demanded the gold, Tanan played dumb and avoided answering. Tanan tried to slime his way out of the ordeal, reminding the Sload that he wasn't the one that shot down his airship, he only helped lift a rock. It seemed to work, the Sload was confused. Roderic merely watched, he wouldn't allow the thief to escape again. It seemed to work, the Sload was confused. Jo'Khar grabbed his dagger and put it up against the Argonian's throat. He was sick of the Argonian's lies, he asked Tanan what his last words were. Tanan requested that he move the dagger, and claimed that he never lied. He said there was a man that could fix the airship, in Falkreath. Jo'Khar asked why he should trust the Argonian. Tanan said it was in his nature, but he asked to be taken to Falkreath so they could confirm his story. Jo'Khar still wasn't convinced, and asked how he knew the Argonian would keep his word. The Argonian replied saying the Khajiit was smart enough to tell truth from lie. Jo'Khar gave him a cold stare, but agreed to take him there. However he reminded the Argonian that if he tried anything Roderic would kill him, Roderic nodded. The Sload then added that he would likely eat him. Jo'Khar released the Argonian.

A band of Crown soldiers, likely left over from the battle on the island, attacked the group. Tanan had turned invisible, but he said he wasn't escaping, and started to fire on the soldiers. The Forebear soldiers fought against them and with the help of the Khajiit, the Breton general and the Argonian they were able to defeat them easily. Jo'Khar told Tanan to show himself. The Argonian appeared with a smile on his face and then fired on the Khajiit and made a break for it. Jo'Khar ran after him and soon returned to the group with the thief. Jo'Khar asked the Argonian if he had ever lost someone close to him and felt powerless to help them. Tanan replied that he had a brother, but asked why the Khajiit asked. Jo'Khar told him that he lost his entire family a few years back, and that he wanted revenge. But he didn't think Roderic would approve of the his revenge quest. Jo'Khar then noticed that Roderic was looking at him, and so he stopped talking. Roderic told him to focus on the war, like the Khajiit thought he would, but said he was sorry for the loss of his family. Jo'Khar nodded slightly to keep anyone from noticing him and Tanan, he was trying to slip away from the group. However Roderic wasn't so easily ditched. He told Jo'Khar that he looked like someone that was broken, which was true but till now he had been good at hiding it. The Breton said that he knew revenge was important to him, but the war was more important, Jo'Khar nodded and pretended to be convinced by the general. Roderic, Jo'Khar and the others that were in Stros M'Kai left for Hegathe when they were called there by Bodean's cousin, Cluson. Bodean, who had returned to Taneth, was captured when the city was taken by the Crowns. With the Redguard king in enemy hands his cousin, the King of Hegathe, had taken charge of the Forebears. He was planning on taking Taneth back and freeing his cousin. The Nelthars were also in Hegathe, after having agreed to aid the Stormcrown Alliance in their war. In the city Cluson, his generals and the Nelthars planned their siege of Taneth. However Cluson said that before they could take Taneth back they would need move troops, as they had lost a lot a men during the Crown's capture of Taneth. The Nelthars said they'd send a large force to aid the Redguards in taking back their city, they used a portal to bring their soldiers from the Jerral Mountains to Hegathe. King Cluson said that with the Nelthar forces they had enough to besiege Taneth.

King Cluson and his army left Hegathe and headed towards Taneth. With the Nelthar troops they outnumbered the Crown garrisoning the city 2 to 1. Cluson and his army passed by Gilane and continued on their path to Taneth. He turned to General Roderic and said that they would have to think before they act in the siege. Taneth's walls were still very sturdy and they would have the upper hand while they keep them out of the city. The general wished that Daric was here, as he could help with planning the siege. He asked the Redguard if the city had a sewer entrance, he thought of using the same plan the Bretons used to take Evermore. Cluson replied that there was no sewer entrance, the city was in lockdown so there was no way in. The only available entrance can only be opened from the inside, so they have to besiege the city. He said that he had his engineers build some siege weapons. They had three catapults, two ballistae, six ladders, and a siege tower. But the Redguard was not sure it would be enough. Roderic said that the Bretons were ready. The Forebear Army was reaching their former capital. They neared Taneth, Roderic saw the city in the distance. Once a proud HQ of the Forebears and seat of King Bodean, now a saked city being controlled by the Crowns. Crown banners were visible on the walls of the city. Cluson ordered the siege to begin, the catapults and the ballistae fired on the wall in a hopes of breaking it, there were a few cracks here and there but the wall was still holding. It would be wiser to fire onto the gates. He ordered one of the catapults and one of the ballistae moved to the front of the city. The Crown garrison fired arrows at the Forebear army, they also fired from their catapults and dropped burning oil on the occasional soldiers who got too close to the wall. Cluson ordered the Siege tower to head towards the wall, it was filled with Soldiers. The Crowns fired arrows at the tower. A few forebear soldiers were hit by the arrows and fell off the tower. Though the tower's outer shell protected most of the soldiers. The Siege tower made its way to the wall and dropped a bridge so the soldiers inside could cross over to the wall. They erupted onto the wall and charged at the Crown archers. Many, however, were hit by arrows and died. Roderic was with Cluson, overseeing the battle. The Forebear siege weapons stopped firing at the wall now that the soldiers from the Siege Tower made it. Cluson had them moved to a better position as they awaited the Soldiers atop the wall in their assault. A mage, Xeraz Kanir, used her control of the earth to create a sand dune making a way straight up to the wall allowing herself and any of the soldiers still outside to get onto the wall rather easily. With the help of the sand dune the Forebear army made its way easily inside the city. Cluson headed inside, while Roderic stayed behind with the artillery. After the battle was over he was called back to High Rock by High King Daric, to aid him in maintaining order in the province.

Return of the Septim Dynasty IV

Some of the general's new duties after his return to High Rock were all those previously entrusted to Marcus Mede, including the management of Daric's agents in other provinces. One such agent was an Argonian named Skaal-ti Tailshadow, whom had helped General Etienne during the Hammerfell Civil War. Roderic decided to utilize the Argonian's skills and sent him on a mission to Black Marsh to see if the An-Xileel were willing to ally with the Stormcrown Alliance. The Argonian accepted the job and departed for his home province.


  • Roderic's name was Rodyrick, but that was changed to something more lore-friendly spelling after the person who roleplayed him quit.
  • Roderic was supposed to be a werewolf, but since that was never mentioned in the RP and he never transformed that power was removed from him.
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