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Y'ffre must have chosen you for a reason, so I am not going to get in your way. Though if you harm the Earth Bones I will not hesitate to kill you.
— Rontadras to Valmerion

Rontadras is a Changeling, a forest spirit created by Y'ffre during the Dawn Era with the ability to take the shape of any animal. He, like the most of his siblings, betrayed Y'ffre at the end of the Dawn Era and did not give up their immortality. However, he has since repented and joined with Olphras to make up for their betrayal by enacting Y'ffre's will at the close of the Merethic Era.



Rontadras was one of the Changelings created as Y'ffre's first children, intended to be forest spirits to guard his other creations as he shaped the flora of Nirn. After the War of the Gods at the end of the Dawn Era, when the betrayer Lorkhan was killed by Trinimac and the continent of Old Ehlnofey sundered, Y'ffre gave up his divinity to bind himself to the forests of Valenwood and become the first of the Earth Bones. He intended for the Changelings to follow in his footsteps, but they betrayed his wishes and retained their immortality and shapeshifting powers.

For millennium Rontadras lived on Tamriel, his immortality making him jaded and he - like many others of his siblings - understood the merits of Y'ffre's plan. Olphras, his elder sister, led her repentant kind to the Heart of the Valenwood to tend to Y'ffre's most sacred grove and to atone for their past misdeeds.

Of Frond And Leaf

Meeting the Chosen

In the closing of the Merethic Era, Y'ffre sought to improve the lives of his followers in Valenwood, but in order to do so he sent a vision to his most faithful, the Silvenar, an tasked him with gathering together individuals that could restore Y'ffre's powers by gathering the fragments of his power that had been scattered when he gave up his divinity. Rontadras was given the mission of watching the Chosen of Y'ffre on their way to the Heart, to make sure they arrived there as intended. He watched them as they left the orc stronghold using the animals of the forest to bring him information on their movements.

The Chosen reached the Eldengrove and after they reached the center near the Heart of the Valenwood, Rontadras reported to Olphras. She went to meet with them and bring them to Y'ffre's grove. They came face-to-face with the divine tree, the First Tree. Olphras placed the Eldest Leaf, a fragment of Y'ffre, on the spring that surrounded the tree. It glowed and led to the awakening of Y'ffre. The God of the Forest spoke, beckoning an old friend to pass on into the afterlife. Their whole conversation with Y'ffre was confusing, he spoke cryptically and every question he answered just brought up more questions. Y'ffre told them of their mission to restore his divine powers so that he could undo the betrayal of his first children and bring prosperity to his followers in the Valenwood.

When their meeting with Y'ffre was concluded, Olphras revealed that she was a Changeling, as before she had been disguised as a Spriggan, as were all the animals that had been in the Heart's grove were also Changelings. Olphras told them that her kind could sense the pieces of Y'ffre when they were touching his fragments. Thus she had Rontadras follow them and offer them guidance in their hunt for the relics. He was also to help defend them against their brother, Dringoth the Destroyer, who still refused to repent and was hunting the relics himself in an attempt to find his way to the Heart of the Valenwood. They were surprised to learn that the Destroyer was real and gladly accepted Rontadras' help. The Changelings used the Eldest Leaf to sense the other fragments and warned them that one of the relics in the Reaper's March was being corrupted, which made it harder to sense the others. Not wanting to let a piece of Y'ffre be corrupted they agreed to head after it first. Two Bosmer split from the group, deciding to head back to Silvenar. The rest continued to the March.

War in the March

The Chosen reached the March after a few days of traveling out of the Eldengrove, which was much easier than before with Rontadras guiding them. When they crossed into the Reaper's March they saw the walking city Falinesti on its pilgrimage across the region in the distance. A good omen according to the Bosmer. They headed towards a nearby settlement to try to learn more about the region and find the trail of the tainted relic. However, as they got close to a riverside village they found it being attacked by a band of Khajiit. They ran in to save the villages and fight off the cats. Rontadras didn't interfere, staying back to watch the Chosen. They managed to beat back the Khajiit on their own and saved the villagers.

The villagers thanked them and gladly offered them information. The village elder told them that the Khajiit that had attacked them were mercenaries from the Ayleid war between the cities of Aettus and Thormar. The King of Thormar was hiring lots of mercenaries to use against the Daedraphiles. Recently the war had been spreading south towards the Jodewood where the village was located, as mercenaries deserted the front lines. Eplear Camoran, the Chosen Jaqspur, asked if he knew about a holy relic in the area. The Elder of the village didn't know anything, but suggested that they seek out the Greenspeakers, a cult of Y'ffre in the Northern Woods.

That night, Rontadras saw two of the Chosen - the healer Oronin and the nomad Gwendaridh - talking to each other near the river. Their conversation seemed quite heated to the Changeling went to observe them. Oronin questioned her motives for continuing on with the group, considering past outbursts against the Orcs that were their allies. She argued with him and let him know just how much she hated the Orcs, telling him all that her clan had suffered at the hands of the Orcs. Oronin sympathized with her past, but was firm that she needed to learn to control herself. She relented, but didn't know how to control herself. He promised to help her. Rontadras interrupted them then. He found their talk amusing, much to Oronin's and Gwendaridh's annoyance. After sharing a few words with Oronin about his abilities, whom seemed to have been blessed with some of Y'ffre's powers, the Changeling left them alone.

While Valmerion was on watch duty he tried to sneaked off, but was intercepted by the Changeling. Rontadras had been watching the Chosen priest intently for a while as he sensed dubious motives from the Aldmer. Valmerion threatened Rontadras, but the spirit wasn't trying to get in his way. He let Valmerion wander off in the night, going on his own for the hunt of the Earth Bones. Rontadras only told the others in the morning, much to their annoyance. While Oronin and Eplear wanted to go after him, Rontadras and Areanae Rosemire convinced them that they had little time to waste with the relic being more corrupted by the day so they traveled north without the Priest.

Leaving behind the village that they had saved, the group followed the river north. A day's journey away they saw the first signs of the war that had gripped the region. They came across a recent battlefield. Vultures were pecking at the corpses, which were mangled and torn. The corpses were a mixture of different races. There were Ayleids, some Bosmer, Orsimer, and some Khajiiti. One appeared to be a Maormer. They couldn't exactly tell what happened just from the bodies, but Rontadras felt the taint of Daedra in the area. Earendil Vokhiun smelled smoke. Rontadras investigated and discovered a camp in a fort nearby that guarded a river crossing. He couldn't tell much about it from a distance, so the group decided to investigate in case it was a bandit camp that could be a danger to the village. They split up into two groups at Eplear's suggestion, not wanting to appear threatening to the fort guards. He chose Areanae and Bura to accompany him and pretend to be travelers. The others remained outside and waited for word from Eplear that it was safe. Rontadras watched them from a distance, to make sure Eplear's group did not get into trouble. Everything seemed to have gone well as soon enough as Eplear called out to them through Rontadras and had them regroup inside the fort. Eplear explained that the fort belonged to the King of Thormar and was currently manned by mercenaries in his employ. The Khajiit that attacked the village had been deserters. When they were trying to leave the fort, however, they were intercepted by a group of Maormer mercenaries who demanded to have Earendil, saying that he was a deserter of one of their crews. Earendil tried to lie his way out of the situation, but could not convince them. Instead of picking a fight, he agreed to go with them, telling the Chosen to continue on their mission. They reluctantly agreed and left the Maormer behind.

The group trekked through the Ayleid controlled lands, passing near the city of Thormar but not heading there as they needed to head straight north. They stopped at a pond to rest up. Eplear apologized for getting them in the situation that led to Earendil was taken, but none of them thought that it was his fault. They continued ahead and found another crossing for the Crescent River that led into the Northern Woods. It was guarded by an Ayleid fort. This one was more protected than Ayleid soldiers and they figured that it would be too difficult to attempt the traveler disguise with them, especially since none of them spoke Ayleidoon well. To get past this one, they figured that a distraction would be necessary for them to sneak across the bridge. Rontadras sneaked in with his bird form to bring down the bridge, while the others sneaked into position. The plan was going well until a group of Ayleid knights headed out of the fort and would've spotted them had Areanae not summoned her Atronach to distract them. The Changeling managed to bring the bridge down and the group rushed across it. The knights defeated the Atronach and chased after the group. Rontadras transformed into an elephant and smashed the bridge so that the Ayleids could not follow them. They ran into the woods, with spells and arrows trailing them before they were safe.

Crossing the Northern Woods was unsettling, as the forest had been abandoned by the fauna. They found signs of Daedric influence tainting the land. Nonetheless, they proceeded but it was difficult to travel without being able to hunt for food. They became desperate and had to search out for food elsewhere. A trail of animal carcasses led to them finding an abandoned village. Inside the village to look for supplies, finding the place to be have been long since left behind due to the war. There was no fresh food to be found. More carcasses led them to footprints and to the fiend inhabiting the abandoned village. A Daedroth appeared from its den among the ruined houses and attacked them. Lubruk froze up, but was saved by Epler. Gwendaridh remained back with Oronin. Bura charge at the daedra, with Areanae and Eplear providing covering fire. Eplear shot one arrow through the beast's left eye. Rontadras saved them from being burned alive, paralyzing the daedra just as it was about to breath fire. Oronin's vines wrapped around the immobile fiend. Eplear distracted the fiend as Bura scaled it. The spell expired, letting the daedra move once more. It broke free from Oronin's vines, but the she-Orc managed to land a fatal blow through its skull.

The Daedroth was not the only Daedra they faced on their way to the Greenspeaker's Grove, but the weaker Daedra were no match for them. They reached the grove, finding it to be overrun with webs. Rontadras could feel that the place was very tainted by the Daedra. He heard a plea for help, signifying that there might be survivors inside. The Chosen entered, cautiously, and found numerous cocoons hanging from the central graht-oak. Bura cut one of them open, to see if there were survivors, only finding a dissolved mush inside. Before they could check the other cocoons, they were met by a Spider Daedra who confronted them. Eplear lashed out at her, but Rontadras calmed him down. She tried to bargain with them, trying to give them information on the relic they were searching for in exchange for Rontadras. The group refused to hand the Changeling over and Oronin demanded that the Spider Daedra leave the grove alone, prompting the Daedra to attack. They were swarmed by Spiderlings. Rontadras was paralyzed, but the others kept the Spider Daedra and her minions busy. However, she was able to get her hands on Rontadras just as the poison's effects were wearing off. Eplear fired an arrow through the Daedra's hand, making her let go of Rontadras. Now freed, the Changeling managed to transform into a deer and pinned the Daedra to the oak. While he held it in place, Bura swooped in and stab the Daedra through the chest. The Daedra vanished, the battle was won.

As they recovered, they discovered which of the cocoons housed the survivor. Bura cut it open, freeing the Nymph that was trapped inside. Oronin healed her injuries Rontadras gave her his robe, letting the wounded Nymph rest as the group recovered. As they were waiting, Eplear noticed someone approaching the grove. He ambushed the person while the others prepared for a fight, however, it turned out that it was Earendil. He had escaped from the pirates and made his way back to the group. Not longer after, the Nymph awoke. She was scared of Rontadras, calling him an Oathbreaker, but he was able to calm her down. She told them that she was one of the Nymphs that had lived in the grove with the Greenspeakers, protecting the Eldenbark Shield. The grove was recently attacked by a group of Daedra and Ayleids led by a Changeling called Selene. Rontadras revealed that Selene was indeed one of his siblings, but had not joined Olphras in trying to redeem their betrayal of Y'ffre. The nymph, Evegarte, explained that Selene had the Greenspeakers killed and took the Shield for herself. Evegarte had managed to remain hidden. She sought out help, finding a masked mage to aid her, but was betrayed to the Spider Daedra by the mage in exchange for information. The Chosen realized that the mage must have been Valmerion. She told them that Selene returned to Aettus and that the relic was there with her. Unfortunately for the Chosen, they would not just be able to enter the city and retrieve the relic. They needed allies. After some deliberation, they decided to head to Arenthia to seek aid from its Queen.

The group headed east to the Crescent River. They took Evegarte with them, rather than leave her alone in the Daedra infested woods. They did not have a way to cross the river so Earendil volunteered to find them a boat. Before long he returned with one, probably having stolen it. They climbed into it while the Maormer swam them across. The boat landed near a trading post belonging to Arenthia. As they were crossing the trading post, the overseer intercepted them. She warned them that a duo of Maormer pirates were looking for a group that matched their description and said that they might be waiting for them in Arenthia. Earendil apologized for causing the group trouble, but it seemed like the pirates were still after him. Eplear thanked her for the warning and continued on their way.

Arenthia was not far from the trading post. They arrived late in the afternoon. Eplear was familiar with the city and helped them navigate to the queen's residence, a large spire in the southern part of the city. The gates that led to it were closed and guarded. The guards questioned them. Eplear explained the situation and used his connection to the Silvenar to obtain an audience. The city's Vicereeve met with them and agreed to bring them to the queen. He led them inside the Spire to a large living room overlooking the gardens. Queen Sylnia Arenthil came to speak to them and they explained to her what had happened at the Greenspeaker's Grove, Evegarte giving her a detailed account of the attack. The Chosen convinced Queen Sylnia that leaving the Eldenbark Shield in the hands of Selene and the Ayleids was a terrible idea. Sylnia was also angry at the attack on the Greenspeakers, which were an order of Y'ffre's monks that her ancestor Arenthil, the first King of the Bosmer, started. She could not allow their deaths to go unpunished. Though the political situation was difficult, since attacking Aettus might lead to retaliation from the Cyrodillic Ayleids. The risk of allowing Y'ffre's relic to be corrupted outweigh the possibility of attack. She agreed to aid them in infiltrating the city, but first needed to coordinate with King Gondian of Thormar, who was already planning on attacking Aettus. She gave the Chosen leave to remain in her Spire and rest up while she ironed out the details of the attack. They thanked her for all her help.

A couple nights later, a young Bosmer girl named Kaaail infiltrated the Spire and was found by Rontadras when he was speaking with Evegarte. The Bosmer told him that she had followed the Chosen from Silvenar and wanted to aid them in their holy mission. They agreed to allow her to follow them. As thanks, she warned them of the two Maormer that were searching for them. She revealed that the Maormer were currently at an inn and waiting for an opportunity to strike at Earendil. The former pirate decided it was best to strike first and the group agreed. The next day they exited the Spire and went to the inn to confront the Maormer. Rontadras didn't want to get involved in the confrontation, instead he headed with Evegarte to the Graht-Oak grove. The people praying at the grove didn't seem to mind them. She seemed happy there. Rontadras could tell from her body language that she felt safe for the first time since the attack by the Daedra. He suggested that they request for Evegarte to remain in the city when they head off for Aettus. She liked the suggestion, cleaning tears from her cheek.

When the Queen was ready, she ordered the army to march from Arenthia. The Chosen followed her, heading west across the Crescent River and deeper into the Northern Woods. They found the woods to be more heavily filled with Daedra, making progress slow. To aid in making it across the land, the Chosen acted as scouts and sought out safe passages where they were fewer Daedra. While they were searching for a path to the city itself, they were intercepted by a group of Ayleids. The Ayleid leader demanded that they surrender and come with him to meet with Selene. The Chosen did not trust him and refused to surrender. Rather than try to convince them, the Ayleids turned to violence. The leader summoned forth the Daedroth that the group had fought previously. Earendil attacked the daedra, keeping it busy while the others fought the Ayleids. The Ayleid leader attacked Eplear, who was pelted by spells and suffered many small wounds. Rontadras cast a shield to defend the archer, giving him some cover from which to fire back at the cultist leader. The cultist vanished into shadows and appeared behind them, breaking Rontadras' shield and knocking down Eplear. It was hard to fight back as the Ayleid teleported around, but Eplear managed to eventually land a shot through his chest. However, the leader cast a powerful spell that hit Eplear, leaving him in terrible pain as his soul was nearly shredded by the spell. The Jaqspur collapsed, alive but seriously wounded. Oronin came to his aid, but his magic could not heal Eplear's soul. Rontadras protected the two of them. The Ayleid tried the spell once more, but this time the Changeling protected the Chosen. Channeling his magic through the Eldest Leaf and feeding him a potion, Oronin healed the archer. The Ayleid summoned a shadowy hand in between them and grabbed both elves. Gwendaridh hit the cultist with one of her daggers and Bura charged in to attack him. She caught the mage off-guard, but he survived her wound. The Daedroth came to its master's aid, forcing Bura to retreat. Areanae and Gwendaridh finished off the Umbral Mage, causing the Daedroth to disappear and winning the battle. After recovering from the fight they regrouped with Kaaail and then informed the queen that the way to Aettus was clear.

The Queen's army attacked Aettus at the same time as the Thormar army was attacking from the south. As their coordinated assault on the city began, the Chosen split off and sought to infiltrate while the Ayleid Daedraphiles were busy defending themselves. They headed to the northern section of the city where Rontadras set up a rope for the group to climb up the wall. The Ayleids noticed their approach and defend the battlements. Eplear, Lubruk and Areanae stayed back to provide covering fire while Bura, Earendil and the others headed in to climb up. Areanae, Lubruk and Eplear later followed them up. Bura had managed to clear a path to the streets. With Rontadras' help they avoided patrols of soldiers and guards as the battle around them progressed. They made it to the palace, where Selene confronted them in the courtyard. She revealed that she had become High Priestess of the Daedric Prince Mephala. Rontadras and Oronin tried to convince her of the error of her ways, but were unable to. She demanded that they surrender the Eldest Leaf to her in exchange for their lives, but they of course refused. In response she ordered the Ayleids to attack them.

Rontadras protected the elves as they ran inside the palace, the Ayleids closing in around them. They could not linger so the Changeling used the Eldest Leaf to guide the group towards the corrupted relic. They fought back the Ayleids until reaching an underground passage. There Oronin sealed up the entrance with his vines to stall the Ayleids while they continued underground. The underground was filled with webs and covered in Daedra. Eplear's fire arrows let them pass several webs that blocked their path, venturing deeper through the complex of secret tunnels, torture chambers, ritual rooms and ancient halls. Eventually they were met with another apparition of Selene, who taunted them saying that they were merely walking right into her web. Rontadras returned the taunt, but it backfired as Selene opened a portal that summoned forth Spiderkith from Mephala's realm to attack them. Areanae summoned her Atronach and had it attack the leader of the Spiderkith. The Changeling aided the Atronach against the Weaver. However, his magic did little against her. She had the ability to negate it. The Weaver destroyed the Atronach before attacking Bura. Bura held it off, but was pushed back by the strength of the fiend. Rontadras tried to help her, but the Weaver could negate his magic. She tried to coordinate her attacks with Rontadras, but the Weaver did not let up. Dismissing the Changeling mage, the Weaver focused on Bura and was beating her. However, she underestimated Rontadras. The Changeling shapeshifted into an elk and slammed into the Daedra with his antlers, pinning her down and allowed Bura to land a fatal wound. The others managed to kill off the rest of the Daedra. Now only Selene remained.

They tracked Selene down to a ritual chamber deep within the palace. She was performing a vile act, gutting a nymph into a basin of blood where the Eldenbark Shield was submerged. Nearby there were the corpses of dozens of Faerie. Rontadras was repulsed by how depraved his sibling had become. He yelled out at her. Selene dismissed his dismay, taunting them with the near completion of the ritual. Hearing that the ritual was not completed gave the Chosen some hope. Selene transformed into a massive spider to squash them. The Chosen scattered, trying to avoid her attacks. Rontadras headed down into the bottom of the chamber, trying to retrieve the relic. However, Selene's massive body was protecting it. Gwendaridh, Bura and Kaaail down to the bottom of the chamber to attack the spider. Together, coordinating their attacks, they cut into the underside of the spider leaving large gashes. This distracted Selene enough for Rontadras to slip through. He retrieved the Eldenbark Shield and used the Eldest Leaf to purify it. Selene attacked him, but he used the power of the Shield to defend against her massive limb. Selene pulled herself into the ceiling, escaping their range. Selene spat webs at them, trapping the women against the floor. Eplear used one of the Fire Arrows to free them from the web. Valmerion appeared in the ritual chamber, launching a powerful fire spell into the spider, causing her web to burn away and sending Selene back to the ground. While she was recovering, the women charged in, hacking at the spider. Selene shapeshifted into the form of a Spider Daedra to use magic to defend herself. She launched lightning spells at Gwen and Kaaail, but Oronin protected the two with his vines. Valmerion's lightning weakened Selene, letting Bura nearly gut the Oathbreaker. Gwendaridh hacked off one of the daedra's legs. Selene tried to cast a powerful spell, but was interrupted. Gwendaridh took the opportunity to climb onto Selene's back and stabbed her through the back. Selene reverted back to her original form before her body began to dissolve into a grey goo. She taunted them, telling them that she could not be killed and that she would return. Nevertheless, the battle was won.

As they were recovering, Valmerion tried to have Rontadras give him the relic, but the Changeling refused. Instead he entrusted the Eldenbark Shield to Bura's care. She promised to keep it safe. Eplear demanded to know why Valmerion had helped them after he had abandoned them. He dismissed the question at first, but after continued pressure gave a short explanation. He told them that he could not defeat Selene alone thus needed their help one more. Now they were his best bet to get the other relics. After Oronin healed their wounds, they headed back to the surface, finding the battle for the city to be nearly over. King Gondian and Queen Sylnia were in the palace courtyard, with the defeated King Qarhor at their feet. Gondian killed Qarhor, then met with the Chosen. He thanked them for their aid and forgave them for the trouble they caused at his forts. Sylnia thanked them as well and offered them some information. She told them that another relic of Y'ffre had been in the possession of her ancestor before it was given to the Kinlords of Haven, whom had it now, the Heart-Root Blade. Offering them some parting words, she wished them luck in their mission.

Demon and Destroyer


Observant, curious, benevolent.


  • Attributes: Willpower, Intelligence
  • Skills: Master Alteration, Expert Mysticism, Expert Acrobatics, Expert Athletics, Adept Speechcraft, Adept Medical
  • Minor Skills: Illusion, Unarmored, Hand-to-Hand
  • Spells: Aegis, Ebonyflesh, Paralyze, Mass Paralysis, Clairvoyance, Candlelight, Telekinesis, Superior Dispel, Greater Dispel Other
  • Powers: Shapeshifting, Immortality, Beast Tongue(Allows him to speak with animals)
  • Equipment: Rontadras carries with him a wooden staff, a blue robe, a leatherbound tome and various magical items of unknown power, although none seem to be defensive or offensive.