Sørskaal City






Sørskaal Hall


Sørskaal City is a large city in Eastmarch, located around the area that Yngol Barrow once was. Sørskaal is the Skyrim capital of the Kaldtfrelsers. It appears in The New Kingdoms.


In 4E 211, the Frelsers arrived in Skyrim in force. They had came at the request of Jarl Etaret Witchbane of Windhelm. Their headquarters were established at Yngol Barrow. After establishing an official alliance with Eastmarch, the area of land was given to them, and they began construction of Sørskaal Hall nearby. Sørskaal Hall now serves as the palace of Sørskaal City.

After a couple months, they began construction of the city as it is today. It was built quickly, and grew to proportions larger than even Whiterun.


Sørskaal stretches over a decent amount of land, much of it being coastal. Sørskaal Hall rests right on top of the entrance to Yngol Barrow. The Hall covers a decent amount of area around that. The rest of the city is located to the south and west of the Hall.

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