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The Ash Giants


Balfiera Ravines, The Isle of Balfiera


The Cult of Vulcan


Adawulf Sea-Born

Year of Creation:

4E 236

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The Saarebas are the second race created by Adawulf that worships him. They, unlike their Kagrenan cousins, were once Rieklings. Adawulf's general, Vendil Dagoth, brought the Rieklings to Balfiera for expirimentation.

When they arrived, Adawulf's magic turned them into horned giants with ash grey skin. They learned Tamrielic quickly, so they were able to fit in with the Kagrenan easily.

Differences from other Races

They, like the Kagrenan, are immune to fire and ash. They have the strength of a several orc chiefs, and the magical prowess of an Aldmer. Adawulf also gifted them the ability to control the ground under them, since they live in the Balfiera Ravines.


  • They are inspired by the Qunari from the Dragon Age games.
  • The word "Saarebas" means "dangerous thing" in Qunlat, the language of the Qunari.
  • Because they used to be Rieklings, they sometimes speak like infants.