Anyways, I met this beautiful girl. Sasha , she's called.
— Jack, about Sasha

Sasha Snow-Foot, also known as just Sasha or Sash, is a Nord woman, daughter of Ulfred Snow-Foot, and the former lover of Jack Masked-Eye.


Sasha was born in Windhelm, in the Snow-Foot mansion - she was born in the noble Nord family and Clan Snow-Foot, and so, had many luxurious oppurtunities, like the oppurtunity to attend school. From a young age, she was trained how to wield all kinds of bladed weapons, as to learn the deadly techniques that her clan was notorious for.

At the age of 20, she met Jack Masked-Eye, according to her "a kind and compassionate man". After her father Ulfred caught wind of her relationship, she refused to let his daughter marry a Masked-Eye. Even though Sasha knew of Jack's occupation, she still loved him, and left the clan to live in Whiterun Hold with Jack.

She got pregnant, and both Jack and Sasha were excited and couldn't wait for their child - however, she eventually died when hired thugs, sent by an unknown individual, killed her in her house. She was still pregnant when she was assassinated - dying at the age of 22.

In flashbacks and nightmares Sasha is seen hunting alot in the forest close to Riverwood and the plains of Whiterun, as well as talking against Jack about their upcoming child.


Sasha, in life, was a kind and compassionate individual, aching to help people around her. This was proven when she regularly gave money to the homeless, and helped the Dark-Elves living in the slums of Windhelm alot with daily chores, or whenever they were in trouble with other Nords.

She was also extremely loyal to Jack, as she was prepared to leave her noble heritage and household to live with him in a small cabin in the woods.

She had a strong sense of honor, just like most Nords around her.

She also disliked the Thalmor , but did not hate all the high elves in return, as she knew that some didn't associate with their kind.

Weapons and Gear

Sasha, in life, was usually armed with a powerful warhammer named Snow-Foot, although the warhammer is lost now, its wherabouts unknown.

She also donned multiple armor sets throughout her life, such as stalhrim, nordic carved armor, and even ebony - suggesting she was a skilled blacksmith.


  • Ancient Legends : A Warlord's Rebirth Part IV (appeared in a dream)

  • Ancient Legends : Molon Labe (had several appearances in flashbacks and nightmares, as well as mentioned by the witches and Deest)

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