The Saw Cleaver is a weapon owned by Sander Lafayette, which appears during the second chapter of the Age of Industry canon and his prelude.

General Information

The Cleaver is a transformable weapon. It is a versatile blade, that can be wielded with one or two hands. It has two different forms, each one having its own pros and cons.The Cleaver has a long, black and brown hilt and the blade is a large and seemingly rusty saw, with various edged in the side of the blade. Sander explains to Meledran in the second part of Ashes of the Past that the weapon has an enchantment on it, that still holds many unknown powers. He is currently aware of one - that it stops the regenerating of both vampires and daedra.

Sander further claims that the weapon is just another holder for a daedric essence, originating from Molag Bal's realm of Coldharbour - an essence that he removed with the help of Anna Gilliet and placed it in the Cleaver, and which wwas formerly a part of Vampire's Claw.

Close Range

Saw Cleaver small

In this form, the Cleaver's blade is closely attached to the hilt. The wielder is allowed to perform rapid and swift attacks, at the cost of having to be at close range to actually hit his or her enemy. This form can only be used with one hand. The weapon does inflict less damage this way than its other form.

Long Range

Saw cleaver

The second form of the cleaver activates when one pushes the lever close to the base of the blade. The Saw detaches itself from the hilt, causing it to have a much longer range, at the cost of losing the bonus of having rapid attacks in its former form. The weapon does inflict more damage this way. In this form, the wielder has to wield it with both hands.

Sander Saw

Sander with the Saw Cleaver.


  • The Saw Cleaver is actually a weapon from the upcoming game Bloodborne, but the author chose to use it as it looked very steampunk-ish to him.
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