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There's no one I have ever met who just hates like he does.
— Nyasia al Din, referring to Scaldor

Scaldor is the former right hand of Imperial Legate, knight of the Order of the Dragon, and Prince-Consort of Taneth, Caecilius Brumanicus Magnus.


I 'ad three brothers. Each older 'an me. When the clansman cooked up our family and fed 'em to us, they wouldn't eat 'em. Couldn't. Some weak, pussified part ov'em wouldn't do it. So they killed 'em, by age, down the line, te me. Was at that age where a kid can't tell right from wrong. Where if ye put food in front 'em, it's food. I like te think I'm still that age.
— Scaldor

For much of his life, Scaldor believed he was born was born to a family of minor Altmer silver traders, in Valenwood. As a boy, his entire family was killed by the tribal Bosmeri clansmen of Clan Mallacht, who proceeded to capture Scaldor and indoctrinate him into their way of life. This started with them forcing him to become a cannibal, as is custom among Bosmeri tribals. The leader of Clan Mallacht, the Mother, paid Scaldor special attention. Like the rest of the clan, he was indoctrinated and brainwashed, from youth, to have an undying love for her and to unquestioningly bend to her every whim. However, he eventually snapped and, after killing her, ran away.

However, upon confronting the Mother for a final time in Jephre's Spine, Scaldor learned that his childhood memories were not his own. Rather, he was a "facsimile" magically created by the Mother, designed to house a soul that was not his own. This explained much of his supernatural fortitude and strength, as well as his general inhumanity.

From there, Scaldor lived a very interesting existence, filled with violence and hardship.

At one point, when he was young, he was put in charge of a war party. Scaldor stated that he made "every mistake" and led his men directly into a massacre from which none survived.

Scaldor has had numerous brushes with death, such as several hangings, which he bears many scars from.

He was married to a Bosmer, named Iwona, for a period of time, but he outlived her.

He eventually found his way to Magnus, who impressed Scaldor enough that the Altmer decided to stay by his side, becoming a loyal right hand to the would-be king.

Not much later, Magnus was attacked by Kismet, who slew the entirety of Magnus' bodyguard before going toe-to-toe with Scaldor. Kismet outmatched Scaldor, and nearly killed him, but Scaldor managed to bite Kismet on the eye and force the blademaster to retreat.

When Magnus' wife died, and his daughter became Queen, Magnus entrusted the thing he held dearest to Scaldor, knowing no one would protect the girl more fiercely than him. Scaldor is not too happy with his duty, but his loyalty to Magnus means he will do his upmost to safeguard Nyasia al Din.

Scaldor has been noted for having an abrasive personality ad being incredibly violent, delighting in causing both physical and emotional pain.

At the climax of the Covenant's adventure into Jephre's Spine, it collapsed a top a mortally wounded Scaldor and the Mother, presumably killing them both.

Skills and Abilities

Scaldor, not actually being a living creature, could withstand substantial amounts of punishment and walk it off with little ill effects. He had an aggressive, no-holds barred fighting style. He would frequently suffer numerous injuries to himself during battle, but has an uncannily high pain tolerance and endurance that he can usually shrug them off.

Scaldor did not need to eat or sleep. He did not even sweat, completely immune to temperature. He could survive without the function of his organs, as well as a broken neck. However, taking enough punishment would eventually destroy him.

Of Nyasia al Din's bodyguards, Scaldor is the brains, Baldr is the brawn.


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