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Scouts are lightly-armored, quick moving soldiers. They are capable of outrunning assassins and thieves because of their own skill in free movement.

During pursuits alongside other soldiers, Scouts usually catch up to a target first and injure them with the short blades they wield. They also use bows at times, albeit more rarely.


Scouts are usually found in cities, more often in larger cities. They are also seen operating in the wilderness. They are usually seen with higher ranking soldiers, such as a Knight Captain or even a Headhunter whom acts as a field officer. They are also used to apprehend criminals who were fast enough to outrun other heavier soldiers, such as Knights.



Assassins are considered as an improved variant of scouts. They possess better agility, skills and endurance compared to standard Scouts, allowing them to engage tougher foes and stay in battle longer. Unlike typical scouts, Assassins remain hidden from plain sight to gather information.


Nightblades are derived from Spellswords who chose to learn the art of assassination as their primary profession over magic. They primarily use swords as their main weapon, rather than daggers. As they are magically trained, Nightblades use mobility magic, debilitating magic and normal damage spells, allowing them to catch up to foes even more effectively than scouts or simply attack them from a distance. They also possess Invisibility spells that they can freely use if they have the magicka..


The attacks of scouts are neither powerful nor particularly damaging. Instead, they compensate with their speed and are skilled in the art of parrying. Their training and light armor gives them the ability to dodge enemy attacks with ease. This rapid and agile form of combat make them deadly in large groups. Scouts are also known to seek out possible hiding places in cities, such as dark corners and wells, making them a constant threat to stealth-oriented adversaries.

Assassins have a greater skill at sneaking than typical scouts, while they are also more skilled. This makes their attacks hit harder and they are able to catch opponents unaware at times. They also utilize light armor, and are able to dodge enemy attacks well. Assassins sometimes utilize invisibility potions or scrolls to conceal themselves from sight.

Nightblades are far more dangerous, as they can conceal themselves on demand with magic. Their agility is unmatched by their non magical peers and they can avoid normally unavoidable attacks using their movement magic. Furthermore, their use of ranged spells to slow enemies, weaken them or outright harm them makes them dangerous at any distance.

During pursuits, All variants of scouts have the ability to follow a target easily across both streets and rooftops alike. They often tackle their target or strike with a light weapon such as a shortsword when the target within range, slowing the enemy down and allowing their allies to catch up.


For many, patience is required to defeat Scouts by waiting for them to land the first blow, then countering or disarming them. Alternatively, Scouts can be defeated with a powerful chain of attacks to deplete their stamina by forcing them to dodge and block. They were also vulnerable to poisons which restricted movement. Magic users can use lightning spells to easily strike them with damage they cannot avoid by dodging, especially if the chain lightning spell is known. Frost spells can also be used to slow them and deplete their stamina.

Assassins are more difficult to battle, as they have greater stamina and more skill, but they have all the same vulnerabilities as their less skilled versions. Assassins also have a greater ability to hide, making spells like Detect Life indispensable in flushing them out of hiding.

Nightblades are far more dangerous than their lesser versions, and require careful attention in battle. While the basic idea in fighting them is still the same, they are much less vulnerable to movement restriction poisons or skills. Furthermore, their use of longer blades and higher skill with blades allows them to parry more effectively and prevents attack chains from being as effective. Lightning magic, be it area spells or chain lightning, is exceptionally useful against Nightblades, since it also drains their magicka and limits their use of magic. Frost spells are still effective, although less so compared to against normal scouts.

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