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Scouts were lightly-armored, quick moving soldiers. They were one of the few types capable of outrunning assassins and thieves, and were also skilled freerunners and combatants.

During pursuits alongside other soldiers, Scouts would usually catch up to a target first, and injure them with the short blades they wielded. They were also seen using bows, albeit more rarely.


Scouts were usually found in cities, notably more often in larger cities. They were also seen operating in the wilderness. They are usually seen with more high-ranking soldiers, such as a Knight Captain or even a Headhunter whom acts as a field officer. They were also used to apprehend criminals who were fast enough to outrun other heavier soldiers, such as Knights.


The attacks of Scouts were neither powerful nor particularly damaging. Instead, they compensated with their speed, were near impossible to disarm, skilled in the art of parrying, and their ability to dodge most enemy attacks. This rapid and agile form of combat made them deadly in large groups. They were also known for their magical resilience due to their advanced form of training.

Scouts are also known to seek out any possible hiding places in cities, such as dark corners and wells, making them a constant threat to stealth-oriented adversaries.


According to Riane, patience is required to defeat Scouts easily, waiting for them to land the first blow, then countering. Skilled Scouts were only be able to be defeated in this manner. Alternatively, Scouts can be defeated with a chain of attacks once they ran out of breath, or having their stamina depleted. They were also vulnerable to poisons which restricted movement.

During pursuits, Scouts have the ability to follow a target easily across both streets and rooftops alike. They would often tackle their target or strike with a light weapon such as a dagger or shortsword as soon as they came within range, slowing the enemy down and allowing their allies to catch up.

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