Sea Mares
Banner of the Sea Mares
Leader Mister Mudd (Deceased), Abbard Pin-Leg (Deceased), Shiera Seastar
Locations The Pale, Sea of Ghosts
Headquarters Dawnstar, Skyrim
Key Members Two-Toes Tytos (Deceased), Takes-Many-Coins (Deceased), Syinter Seastar (Formerly)
Alignment Piracy, The Elder Council (specifically Lords Daerch and Jonothor Mannick)
Enemies All Holds of Skyrim except the Pale, the Cyrodiilic Empire, the East Empire Trading Company
Founder Unknown, Possibly Mister Mudd
Founding Unknown, Fourth Era

The Sea Mares are an organization of pirates that has arose in power shortly after the end of the Stormcloak Rebellion and the Dragon Crisis. They are well known for successfully managing to take control of Dawnstar and maintain order over the Pale Hold for over twenty years.

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