Shiera Seastar
Shiera the Lustful
Race Nord
Gender Female
Age 14 in Chapters I and II, 29 in Chapters III-VI, 39 in Chapter VII
Status Deceased
Factions Sea Mares
Titles Lady Captain of the Sea Mares, Queen of the Pale and the Sea of Ghosts
Place of Birth Dawnstar, Skyrim
Family Unknown Grandmother (Deceased),

Mister Mudd (Grandfather - Deceased), Abbard Pin-Leg (Father - Deceased), Syinter Seastar (Son), Gunnar Skalla (Son), Ivar Seastar (Son - Deceased), Rigeka Skull-Crusher (Daughter - Deceased), Adawulf Sea-Born (Former Lover - Undead), Unknown Prostitute (Mother - Unknown Status), Jonothor Mannick (Lover), Two-Toes Tytos (Lover - Deceased), Felrion (Lover - Unknown Status), Euron Grey (Lover), Varak Black-Blood (Lover), Geladrar (Lover)


Shiera Seastar was the daughter of Abbard Pin-Leg and the pirate lord of the Sea Mares. She was an accomplished mage who reportedly studied with a Telvanni mage and the infamous witches of the infamous Reachmen tribes of the Eastern Reach.

She was the mother of Syinter Seastar, and the lover of Adawulf Sea-Born.

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