An ebony-made short-sword.

Firmament Transparent

Shortswords are shorter variants of the one-handed longsword. Generally smaller than regular longswords, it inflicts less damage than a longsword of the same material, but is lighter, cheaper, and is relatively easier to use.


Shortswords can become formidable weapons at the hands of a trained user, and is preferred by more agile fighters such as scouts and assassins. Skilled shortsword users can also quickly parry some attacks before follwing up with a swift counter-attack or Riposte. Some shortswords were also very stealthy, allowing silent kills and assassinations for it's user.

However, shortswords also had it's drawbacks; Heavy attacks, such as from a greatsword, can easily break through the defenses of a shortsword and is incredibly difficult for a shortsword user to parry the attack, if not impossible. Shortswords are also ill-advised against adversaries utilizing heavy armor or shields, though magical weapon enchantments can offset this.

Notable Users

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