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Courtney: Best friend

Dunlammus Tyrael: Possessed him.


Sigard is a Nord Skaal in Legend of Nirn: World of Ruin, he starts off as an adventurous soul, who wants to explore Tamriel with his friend, Courtney. The Nord travels to Morrowind and eventually reaches The Red Mountain, where he is possessed by an evil entity.


Sigard was born in the Skaal village in Solstheim, where he was raised by his fellow tribesmen and brought up to be a hunter and warrior. The Skaal were seemingly unaffected by the Industrialisation and thus, he didn't become aware of the change until a year before World of Ruin's events, where he learned of the fascinating world that lay beyond the safety of his home village.

Sigard at home

Sigard, in his home in Solthstiem, during better times.

The Skaal decided that he wanted to leave his village and become a merchant in the real world, he and his best friend, Courtney, who was a Dunmer, adopted by the tribe, set out together on an adventure.

Legend of Nirn: World of Ruin

Sigard begins the adventure, with Courtney, who proves to be the more capable of the two, due to her experience outside the city. The Nord seems to be quite close to her and they both travel together, to the province of Skyrim, where they explore the eastern side of it.

Whilst traveling with Courtney, Sigard begins to have strange dreams, that seem to fixate on Red Mountain and the battle that happened there, ten years prior. The Nord kept the dreams to himself and focussed on his adventure with his Dunmer friend, hoping to put his past behind him.

Sigard posessed

Sigard: After being posessedd by the entity...

The two then head to Red Mountain, where Sigard begins to hear voices, that call to him. He quickly becomes obsessed with finding the source and the two of them stay in Lord Vidron's ruined lair, looking for it.

Sigard, after a month of searched, eventually uncovers a secret passage way, where the voice appears to have originated, he descends into the crypt, curious as to what he will find before he quickly finds himself trapped overwhelmed by a powerful entity, that takes possession of his body, killing him and transforming him into the biggest danger that Tamriel has faced, since the Vidron Crisis.


  • Sigard was named after the protagonist of the children's book 'There's a Viking in my Bed!'
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