Silence is the realm of Oblivion, forged and ruled by Setsuna. It was created when Setsuna devoured Azura, and corrupted Moonshadow. Silence was expanded upon when Setsuna proceeded to devour both Boethiah and Mephala, becoming the official deity of the Dunmer.


Silence took on the form of an endless void, filled with endless amounts of separate floating islands, which are all connected somehow, despite being separate. These islands exist in the form of many different biomes, though Silence mostly consists of endless dark forests, straight out of the worst nightmares of mortals.

This realm of darkness was inhabited by the souls of Men, Mer and Beasts alike, as well as infinite amounts of Daedra, particularly Shadows, and even the occasional Angel of Silence. Much like when Shadows appear on Mundus, the souls in Silence find themselves constantly pursued by the Shadows, who are all out to kill them. Shadows in Silence are much more direct than when they appear on Mundus, and will constantly attempt to kill the inhabitants of Silence, as opposed to stalking them like on Mundus. Stalking the souls of Silence is completely unnecessary, as they are already lacking in sanity.

Entrance to Silence

Only those authorised by Setsuna herself can enter Silence. Most Weavers can enter freely, as they serve Setsuna faithfully, despite not having any oath or reason to serve her. Many of Setsuna's servants, including the Dunmer, enter Silence upon death. Those granted entry consider themselves the strongest of mortals, as few can withstand the infinite terror of Silence. There is absolutely no way to enter Silence without Setsuna's permission.

Siris Steelfang was able to force his way into Silence, since his will was absolute and there was no power which could stop him.


Siris Steelfang eventually defeated Setsuna and re created the reclamations. Silence was split into the three planes that it was originally made of and the Daedric Princes that were remade resumed their spheres as if nothing had happened.

Silence can therefore be considered to have never existed. Everything in Silence was destroyed by the Tranquil Guardians that invaded it.


  • To the souls that inhabit it, Silence is very similar to the world of Don't Starve Together, particularly when the sanity meter is empty.
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