Silorne Galerion
Silorne Galerion
Race Aldmer/Coldlight Vampire


Gender Female


Age 3,598


Status Alive


Factions Coldlight Citadel
Titles Silorne


Place of Birth Coldlight Citadel


Family Valius Coldlight- living

Vanus Galerion- dead

Early life

Silorne is an Aldmer vampire that was Vanus Galerion's unknown child. She was born right when the Second Era began and had many magic talents. She excelled at magic and was taught by the Mage's Guild in Alteration, Destruction, and Restoration magic. Soon, she left to join the Tamriel's Fighting Guild to learn how to use a sword. Afterwards, she left and encountered Valius Coldight and he gave her Coldlight vampirism. She traveled with him to the Coldlight Citadel in High Rock.

Later life

However, she soon grew bored and left the citadel to adventure. While she was traveling, Silorne found some bandits and killed them with the help of Dredon. She met him at the Bannered Mare soon after.

Meeting Dredon/Relationship building

During their time at the Bannered Mare, Silorne gets attacked by Dredon's twin brother, Triacus. She mistakes him for Dredon and begins leaving. She takes a second and remember's Dredon's face not having the scar that Triacus does. She then is requested by her gruncle via telepathy to bail them out.

She bails them out of jail and gets drunk at the Bannered Mare. Dredon takes her to her bed, being a gentleman, instead of having sex with her. They left, going to different places. Later on, when she was getting tested at the College, Silorne encountered Dredon again. While waiting she healed Dredon. She got unfairly tested afterwards by Louis Cyphre. She soon finds Dredon at the inn near the college. They leave the inn and go to her house.

When they get there, she drowns, but is saved by Dredon. She then gets asked by Valius to help him fight with Talion against Ulysses de Jehanna after she kisses Dredon.


  • Silorne is one of the last remaining Aldmer in Nirn.
  • Silorne is one of the two carriers of Coldlight vampirism.
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