Sintori Grove
Sintori Entrance




Somewhere northwest of Elden Root


Hidden Creature Reserve


Weavil Clan City, Torvetta Lake


Sintori Grove is a location in Valenwood created by Vorwith Forlen.


Its exact location is unknown to most, besides Vorwith and a few others. It is a place of legend to the Bosmeri, however. Many have tried to find the mystical location, but to no avail. The legend of Sintori states that it is somewhere in Valenwood, somewhere northwest of Elden Root. Some believe that it is an underground location due to its legendary size, and others believe it is a Daedric Plane, or an Outer Realm. In truth the entrance in Valenwood is only a portal to Sintori, and its true location is unknown to all except Vorwith. Its entrance is in a cave deep in the forests of Valenwood. The actual entrance is hidden even deeper into the cave, as a precaution for if someone finds it.

Sublocations located throughout Sintori

Sintori's legend states that it is extremely large, and some have even believed that it is actually a different name for Valenwood. It even has its own sub-biomes. It has swamps, forests, clearings, waterfalls, and many similar biomes.

Native Creatures

Main article: Vorwith's Creatures. Vorwith Forlen made Sintori Grove as a closed environment. He made many creatures to fill in the ecological holes in Sintori. Known inhabitants are listed below.

  • Sintori Skeever
  • Sintori Sloth
  • Sintori Stag
  • Weavil
  • Maoi
  • Thisslock
  • Tusktog
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