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I don't give a f*** about the f***ing Council of f***ing Nobles! [...] That so-called "Council" is just a collection of arseholes that have never worked for a gold piece in their life, and think they own this Empire because their great-great-great-great aunt once got f***cked up the arse by Kamodus the f***ing Tenth!

Sofia is the leader of the Resistance in the Age of Industry canon.


Sofia was born in 6E 147 in the city of Markarth. Her parents were killed by thieves when she was very young, and she was left to survive on the streets for much of her childhood. She learnt all the skills of survival, and managed to live by picking pockets and begging.

When she was 16 her activities led her to steal important official documents from an Empire spy, and this caught the attention of the Resistance. She joined their number, and soared through the ranks. By the age of 18 she was the head of the Markarth branch, and by 21 she was the head of the Resistance for all of Skyrim. It was in this year that she met Meledran, and she convinced him to join the Cause. When Samarkand re-conquered Skyrim in 6E 170 she was forced from Skyrim, and travelled to Brightwall so as to get closer to the Empire. In 6E 178, at the age of 31, she was made leader of the Resistance.

In 6E 183 she, like so many others, was caught up in the political intrigue and conspiracies surrounding the Project: Behemoth.

After the death of Emperor Maximus II and the disappearance of Princess Marya, the Empire fell into chaos. A senate was eventually formed, and Sofia managed to get a place on it. She uses this opportunity to further the Resistance's goals, and proved to be a very able politician.

During the epilogue of Age of Industry II Sofia leads a strike team to attack the Council of Nobles, despite the lack of official sanctioning, and destroys their head quarters. Whether or not this ended the Council permanently, nobody can be sure... yet.


Sofia is shown to be a strong leader, and instills respect into her followers. She is also quite open with her opinions, which hasn't helped her get much love as a senator.

During the Battle of Brightwall she aided in the city's defence, and actually assaulted another senator who was not being useful enough. She has also expressed a particular dislike of the Council of Nobles due to their superior ideology, and their ideals of aristocratic supremacy.




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