Soul Servant
Soul Servant
Type Daedra
Spells Daedric Curse
Loot Daedra Heart
Void Salts
Ebony War Axe
Meet the Soul Servants, Impure. Blessed they be, for they guard my halls with no remorse for their foes. They are vessels, mindless husks for the souls trapped within.
Velar Veleth, to Urjorahn

Velar's Soul Servants are a type of Daedra encountered in Foyada Padhome. They can be summoned with a spell "Conjure Soul Servant", the spell tome for which can be found in the realm.


Soul Servants were created by Velar Veleth, an insane mage, to serve as guardians of his Oblivion realm. Soul Servants are mindless husks, which are kept living because of the souls trapped within them, however, there has been a case of a sentient one. If a Soul Servant becomes a vessel of more souls, it gets more powers but is also prone to insanity, making it impossible to command. Some Servants overcome this obstacle, are granted more power and transform into Supreme Soul Servants.

Some souls trapped within the Servants can escape their dark vessels. These Souls most commonly roam Foyada Padhome without a physical form, or are found sheltered in a few villages of the plane. Unlike those who were soul trapped, these Souls can gain a vessel, either their body or another corpse.


Soul Servants appear similar to the Ash Spawn found on the island of Solstheim, but are instead opaque black, with red eyes and veins. They are always equipped with an Ebony War Axe.


In combat, Soul Servants tend to curse the opponent first, weakening him, and then switch to melee. Their War Axes make them quite formidable opponents. They also prove to be very tough, withstanding a few blows of a Daedric Sword. However, they only know a single spell which can only be used after a certain period of time if hit, providing mages and archers with an advantage. Soul Servants are pretty common in Foyada Padhome, and thus can overwhelm and defeat enemies with ease. Interestingly enough, Soul Servants take damage in Foyada Padhome's bodies of black water, which can be exploited to kill them faster. They cannot be looted if killed this way.

When killed, Soul Servants' bodies will dissolve into black ghostly remains.



  • Skilled conjurers can summon two Soul Servants, which can be quite a threat to any foe.
  • Soul Servants can also be conjured by the Supreme ones.


Songs of Cinder, Tome One

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