Soul Sorcery, also known as Soul Magic, Shadow Sorcery or Night Magic, is a rather special type of magic possessed by the Weaver race in the New Kingdoms canon.

Soul Sorcery is unique, in that it does not belong to any of the standard schools of magic, because it can take on any form. Every Weaver has different Soul Sorcery, although it is believed that those of the original bloodline may possess more power than those who have become Weavers

Soul Sorcery can mimic other forms of magic, and can even have similar effects, but are typically based on the ways of the Weaver who possesses them. If a Weaver likes to destroy, typically their Soul Sorcery may mostly be fire-based. If a Weaver enjoys manipulating their targets, their Soul Sorcery may come in the form of mind and sense-manipulation.

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