Stormking Armor
Stormking Armor
Base Armor 93
Weight 56
Base Value Priceless
Enchantment Numerous
Type Heavy Armor
Material Quicksilver and Steel
Current Owner Ursine Stormcloak

Stormking Armor is a unique set of heavy armor, made from Quicksilver and Steel. It was forged by Oengul War-Anvil, like Strunfaas after the Skyrim Civil War, for High King Ulfric. It was enchanted by Ulfric's court wizard, Wuunferth the Unliving. Ulfric uses the armor set in every battle that he has fought since the Civil War.

Armor Set


Stormking Helmet
Base Armor: 20
Weight: 7
Enchantment: Water Breathing and increase Speech skill by 20 points


Stormking Cuirass
Base Armor: 43
Weight: 37
Enchantment: Increases Stamina Regeneration by 25%, increases Heavy Armor skill by 20 points


Stormking Gauntlets
Base Armor: 15
Weight: 6
Enchantment: One-handed attacks do 30% more damaged, block 30% more damage with your shield


Stormking Boots
Base Armor: 15
Weight: 6
Enchantment: Increases Fire Resistance by 50%, increases your stamina by 40 points.



  • The Stormking Armor has the same base armor and weight as the Nordic Carved Armor. Both armors also have a bear theme to them.
  • This armor is from the mod: Stormlord Armor by gechbal.
  • This armor is also included in the mod: Immersive Armors by hothtrooper44


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