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A standard shortsword made of silver.

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Swords are straight or curved weapons consisting of a bladed edge or often double edges. it can be used for cutting, slashing, thrusting, slicing, stabbing, jabbing, and piercing. It can also be one-handed or two-handed depending on design and preference.



Shortswords are swords that are on the shorter side, although they tend to be longer than a dagger. Though generally weaker than their longer counterparts, they tend to be more optimal for those who utilize speed and flexibility while maintaining an overall effectiveness in blade-to-blade combat. 

Arming Sword

Arming Swords are the typical length for a one handed sword, and are not meant for two handed use. Hence, their hilts tend to be too short for two hands to be used on it. They are often paired with a shield or are used as sidearms when the main weapon has been lost or exhausted. They have better reach than short swords and the longer blades enable wider arcs to be swept.

It is a relatively common weapon type, carried as a backup by many kinds of soldiers. Some soldiers also tend to use these as their main weapon, especially the kinds that require agility but still use spells.

Bastard/Hand and Half Swords

Hand and half swords which are the largest one-handed swords, with a hilt long enough to allow a two handed grip. They are the heaviest, longest and likely most damaging variant of one-handed swords. Unlike their shorter counterpart, Bastard Swords are better at parrying some melee attacks, maintaining a good distance with enemies or be used well with both hands if the need arises. At the hands of a skilled user, Bastard Swords can even be used to deflect some projectiles with proper and highly-disciplined training.

Most Battlemages favour magical versions of these as they rarely, if ever wield offhand weapons, but require a sword that can be used easily with one hand when they are casting spells with the other.


The lightest two handed swords available, they are longer than hand and half swords but have thin blades to lower the overall weight of the weapon. They are used by two handed fighters who favour a weapon that has good range, but do not want the more difficult handling of a heavier weapon. These swords can swing wide arcs, but the mass behind the strikes tend to be lower.


Claymores, also referred to as greatswords, were the heaviest and longest variant of swords. They were favored by two handed fighters who preferred weapons with great cutting power that had good range and ability to swing wide arcs. It can also be used for thrusting and slashing. With the proper technique and skill, a greatsword user can easily sunder their opponent's shield or weapon, and even their armor, often yielding fatal results against the victim.