Talen-Jei, the Tsaesci Mercenary
Race Argonian/Tsaesci, Fraxinus Vampire
Gender Male
Age 60
Status Undead (Fraxinus Vampiris)
Factions Order of Vulcan and The Blackwood Knights
Titles General of the Order, Grandmaster of the Knights in Black Marsh
Place of Birth Stormhold, Black Marsh
Family -----------------------------------------
  • Darin-Jei (Son)

Talen-Jei is an Argonian/Tsaesci halfbreed, and is also a Fraxinus Vampire who appears in The New Kingdoms. He is a general of the Order of Vulcan and a mercenary of the Blackwood Knights.

Early Life

Talen-Jei spent his early life hidden away in a cave near Stormhold, because he was seen as a monster. One day an Argonian woman found him, and decided to help him leave Black Marsh without trouble. She took him to Leyawiin, where they fell in love and had a son. She passed away later on, leaving Talen-Jei and his son, Darin-Jei, broke. They couldn't find jobs, so Adawulf Sea-Born had Namir Azzan invite them both into the Blackwood Knights and The Order of Vulcan.

Mercenary Life

Talen-Jei eventually made a name for himself, getting him the position of Third in Command. Tales of his sword fighting skills are told all over Tamriel, and many suspect he is the only remaining Tsaesci left on Nirn due to what Louise of the Black Fang did to the rest.

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