Talin Warhaft II
Talin Warhaft age 29
Talin Warhaft II in Reign of Chaos






19 - 29 (Reign of Chaos)


The Empire

Uriel Septim VII

General Talin Warhaft I

Home Province


Home City

Unknown, assumed to be the Imperial City


General Talin Warhaft I: Father

Nissa: Wife

Diana Draci : Former lover/Close friend

Zane: Son

Agatha Tira : Close friend

Natalia Warhaft : Daughter

Naomi Skyborn : Ex Lover/mother of his first child.



For his father, see Talin Warhaft I (Reign of Chaos).
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It sounds like a false account... I didn't let any of those things happen, they happened and all of the things that almost happened, I managed to prevent. The only one I failed was Denon but he knew the risks, we all did.

I never claimed to be flawless, I didn't even claim to be a good leader... They looked to me, because they could, because nobody else wanted to take up the gauntlet.

So I say, as their leader, you and your beast will leave this place and leave my people out of it!

— Talin Warhaft II, Against Dalacon

Talin Warhaft II is an Imperial Warrior of the Templar discipline in Reign of Chaos. He was an Imperial Guard, who patrolled the City, a competent and skilled guard, if not a little inexperienced. After Jagar Tharn betrays the Emperor and banishes him and Talin's Father, General Warhaft to Oblivion, the traitorous half-breed has him banished to the dungeon, where he is left to die. Talin takes the initiative and the roll of leadership as he breaks himself and his fellow inmates out of the Imperial Prison, being a Guard he has a great understanding of law enforcement and the Prison's security systems but still manages to receive some useful help from a 'Friend.'


Talin is the only son of Talin Warhaft Senior, a General in the Imperial Legion, who serves as a personal bodyguard to Emperor Uriel Septim VII. Talin followed in his Father's footsteps and enrolled in the Legion, becoming an Imperial Guard himself at the age of Sixteen, where he continued to work his way up the career ladder for the next three years.

Unbeknown to him, Jagar Tharn was plotting to overthrow the Emperor and banish him and his most trusted General into the realm of Oblivion, where they were kept out of the picture and safe. Tharn then discovered that Warhaft had a son, he immediately saw Talin as a threat and had him arrested and thrown into the Imperial Dungeon, where he was left to die in the dark.

Reign of Chaos:

Talin leads the group in Reign of Chaos and, as a result of his efforts is honoured the title of 'Eternal Champion.' Talin ensures that a number of Jagar Tharn's plots across the continent are brought to a stop, with the assistance of his commrades.


I believe that we have a chance, we have goal and people willing to help us achieve that goal. The result of achieving it will be clearing our names and saving ourselves from Tharn's tyranny. That is something, something that we can hold on to, something to keep us alive.



Chapter 1 - High Rock

Chapter 2: Skyrim

Chapter 3: Elsweyr

Chapter 4: Valenwood

Chapter 5: Summerset

Chapter 6: Hammerfell

Chapter 7: Morrowind

Chapter 8: Black Marsh

Chapter 9: Cyrodiil


  • Talin appears in all 93 pars of Reign of Chaos, he and Gabriel are the only two characters to do so.
  • It is implied that Talin's house on the Waterfront is the same house that is up for sale in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Behind the scenes

  • According to the official Lore of Arena, Talin is 1. The Name of the Eternal Champion. 2. The Name of the Eternal Champion's Father and 3. The first name of General Warhaft. As a result, it made sense to make Talin Warhaft the 2nd, General Warhaft's son, the Eternal Champion inherited his name, making him the Talin Warhaft II and giving him a stronger connection, with the antagonist, Jagar Tharn.
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