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Day Length

23.9 Hours

Surface Temp

21 °C

Surface Gravity

1.0 g


Breton, Imperial, Nord, Redguard, Goblins




2 Billion





Tamriel is a planet in the Alessia system. It was the homeworld of Men, or the Human race, now divided into several sub-races; Imperials, Bretons, Nords and Redguards.


Tamriel was the original homeworld of the race collectively known as Humans or Mankind. Roughly 1000 years ago, there was an established empire on the planet, with the Imperials as the governing race, and with the other races as subjects. However, during the Empire's expansion, the races of Men overworked the planet, exhausting its resources and destroyed its once flourishing eco-system. When the last of its natural assets were depleted, the Empire collapsed and Mankind left Tamriel for various other planets, leaving only a population of poor miners, scavengers and scientists behind in their dying colonies. The perfect hideout for various criminal syndicates.

Along with Black Marsh, Cyrodiil, and Valenwood, it's one of the few inhabited planets under White-Gold Tower law in the Mundus Galaxy to not have a satellite.

The surface consists mainly of water and masses of land. However the hospitable climate and nature of the planet has deteriorated, since the mining and drilling companies kept gathering what little resources remained. Nowadays the water has been deemed undrinkable and many toxic substances can be found in the otherwise breathable air. The rain on Tamriel has a mild acidic effect, and inhabitants are recommended to stay indoors during bad weather to tend to their health. The landscapes are littered with old oiling rigs and mining facilities which now serves as homes for the people still living on the planet.

Impoverished as they are, the inhabitants scrape by through hard toil, scavenging and working in whatever mining facilities that are still in business.

Despite the former Empire no longer existing, the Alessia system with neighbouring systems are collectively called "Empire space" to this day, despite any citizens, aside for the Imperials, not being governed by the New Empire.


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