Tanan in 4E 214
Race Argonian
Gender Male
Age 22
Status Deceased
Titles None
Factions Independent
Birthplace Presumably Black Marsh
Family Unknown Parents (Deceased)
Unknown Brother (Deceased)
There is a quite known manefaturer, who recently claimed to know how to create ships that could sail upon the sky, should I see if this is true?
— Tanan trying to con the Forebears.

Tanan was an Argonian merchant, thief and con artist, he cared about nothing more than himself and money. He had dealings with the Thieves Guild in the past, but was not a part of the guild. He was killed by a vampiric member of the Blackhearts in Darklight Tower, 4E 214.

Early Life

He was born into a merchant family in Black Marsh and lived with them for most of his life. In his late teens he got into some illegal business and later got disowned by his family. After being disowned he became a travelling merchant and con artist, practicing his trade all around Tamriel. Eventually he made his way to Hammerfell.


Character Form

  • Class: Thief
  • Skills: Master Sneak, Expert Speech/Illusion, Adept Archery/Lockpicking/Pickpocket
  • Spells: Invisibility
  • Powers: Histskin
  • Equipment: Thieves Guild Armor, Orcish Bow, Steel Arrows, Merchant's Clothes, Merchant's Boots.

Return of the Septim Dynasty II

Tanan Armored

Tanan in his Thieves Guild Armor

In a tavern in Stros M'kai, Tanan was playing cards and cheating. Stros M'kai had just recently been conquered by the Forebears, though that didn't interfere with Tanan's life at all. He was thrown out from the tavern, after being caught cheating, and saw an airship falling out of the sky in the distance. Think that it could be something interesting he went to check it out. He watched from the ridge seeing what was happening, unsure whether to get involved or not. He spotted the crashed airship and saw a Khajiit with a couple Redguard soldiers searching it. Tanan walked towards the Khajiit and greeted him. The Khajiit warned him to stay back, so as to not interfering with official business, as the soldiers drew their swords. Tanan told them to relax, and asked if there was something he could do to help. The Khajiit asked him to tell him about the Argonian maid and the lusty baron, attempting to make fun of the Argonian. Tanan ignored him and a Redguard then told him to help them check the wreck of the airship for a Sload. Tanan introduced himself to them. The Khajiit told the con artist that he was going to keep an eye on him, obviously not trusting him. The Redguard asked Tanan to help him move a large rock. Tanan asked some questions and the Redguard soldier answered them, they were mostly about the situation surrounding the crash. They lifted the rock and spotted the Sload under it. The three other soldiers dragged the Sload from under the rock, and then the Redguard and Tanan put it down. The Khajiit just stood there watching the Argonian, making sure he didn't try anything. The Redguard with Tanan, an officer, ordered his soldiers to take the Sload to the dungeon, as their King wanted to have a word with the creature after he spoke with a Nelthar ambassador.

When the soldiers went to bring the Sload back to the Keep and imprison him in the dungeon Tanan went with them. Along the way he got acquainted with the Redguard officer, Achel, and the Khajiit, Jo'Khar. Achel and his men managed to put the Sload into a large cell. He then asked that someone notify their King, while the rest remained behind to guard the Sload. Jo'Khar left to inform the king of the news. Tanan waited with Achel and the other soldiers for the Khajiit to return with the king. Sometime later three people entered the dungeon, Jo'Khar, the Redguard king and a Breton. The three of them then made their way to the cell. The Sload asked how long they think they can keep him locked up. The king introduced himself as King Bodean of the Forebears to the Sload and asked what he was helping the Crowns with. The Sload introduced himself as a diplomat and complained about his airship. Bodean asked what he would do if he was set free. The Sload said he would return to Thras and never bother the Forebears. Jo'Khar told them to wait, and said that he heard stories of the Sloads spreading something known as the 'Thrassian Plague'. He said that maybe they could use this information to blackmail the enemy into surrendering key territories. He mentioned that not even the Nelthars could possibly ignore such a deadly disease. But Bodean ignored the Khajiit, as he seemed to disagreed. Bodean decided it was too much of a hassle to keep the Sload locked up and had Achel release him. The Sload exited the cell and asked Bodean if any of his men knew how to fix airships. Bodean answered coldly that none of them did, as the Forebears didn't have any airships on their fleet. The creature questioned how he would fix his ship then, Bodean told him he could buy supplies in the market then the King left the dungeon, Jo'Khar left with him. Tanan called Achel over, asking to have a word with him. Achel agreed and asked him what this was about. Tanan said that he knew a manufacturer, who recently claimed to know how to create ships that could sail upon the sky. He asked if he should I see if this was true. Achel said to go ahead, as it would certainly help out the Sload. The Argonian said that he would need 1000 septims to get it done. The Redguard said he would petition the king for the amount and told him to go ahead and fix this Sload's airship. He also said that he was sure everyone would be happy to have the smelly thing out of there, referring to the Sload. The Breton didn't trust the Argonian, he thought he was trying to con them out of some gold. Achel tried to convince him that Tanan wasn't a thief, but the Breton replied that he learned long ago never to pay before-hand. He ordered some soldiers to assist the Argonian and to capture him if he tried to run off with the money. Tanan shamed the Breton general by implying that he was cautious only because he was an Argonian. Achel assured Tanan it wasn't because of that. The general replied that it had nothing to do with his race, he just had a similar situation happen to him in the past. He then said he should go with the Argonian to meet the person that will fix the airship, and Achel agreed calling the general by his name, Roderic. Tanan agreed and suggested that they only take a small force so as to not attract attention. Roderic said he would take 3 soldiers and Achel, which he said as he obviously didn't trust the Argonian. Achel told Tanan to lead the way, and so the Argonian did, already planning his escape.

Tanan could tell that Roderic remained on his guard in case he tried to escape. Jo'Khar soon joined the group in escorting the Argonian, Roderic explained to him what the situation was. Tanan slowly walked towards the Khajiit and asked why he didn't trust people. Jo'Khar brushed him off, saying he had experience with thieves, and said it was nothing personal against the Argonian. Tanan told him not to be so quick to judge. He said they needed to head to Falkreath, Skyrim. Roderic pointed out that would be a long journey, but Tanan said they could travel by daylight and make camp at night. Roderic suggested that it would be easier to send a messenger to bring his friend to Stros M'Kai. Achel mentioned they'd need to take a ship to Solitude and walk from there. Tanan said that his friend wouldn't be welcoming to Roderic's kind, but the general assured the Argonian that no matter what race his friend was they would be able to find someone to serve as a messenger in the army as it was pretty diverse. He replied that he was an Argonian that only trusted other Argonians. Achel started to think that this was going to be too much trouble just to fix a Sload's ship, as they still had more important things like the Civil War to deal with. Roderic told Tanan that they had a few Argonian soldiers and they they could probably find someone to send. While they talked Tanan cast invisibility on himself and melted into the shadows, using the fact they were distracted to escape to take the gold from Achel. He left quickly and when he spotted a cave he went in it planning to make camp. He sighed, relieved to have finally gotten away from them. However he decided not to make camp and continue his escape farther away, as he had a feeling they would be able to track him. When he spotted the Sload near his craft he approached him. He told the Sload that he knew someone who specializes in airships and that he would only charge 500 septims for the repair, paid upfront. He asked the creature if he should go fetch him, but said he would need 600 septims, 500 for the repair and 100 for going to get the repairman. The Sload noticed that Tanan was holding two sacks in his hands, saying that he already had the gold he needed and that he wasn't stupid. The Argonian had completely forgot about the sacks. He left the Sload and continued his escape, this time heading to the island's port as he planned to take a ship to Solitude. The Sload called the Argonian back and then started going after him. The creature was slow but he was still able to follow Tanan. The Argonian turned invisible once more, and continued his escape. He started to realize that he bit more than he could chew when the Sload didn't give up on chasing him. The Sload cast Detect Life, finding the Argonian and then shooting a Lightning Bolt at him, staggering him. As he dropped to one knee Tanan saw that Jo'Khar and the others had caught up with him. The Khajiit fired Ice Spikes at his direction. Tanan drew his bow while he regained his footing and shot the Sload with an arrow, making him shout from the pain. Now angered, the Sload summoned two Dremora Lords. The Argonian thief ran, barely dodging the Ice Spikes. One of Tanan's arrow flew in the Khajiit's direction, he tried to block it with his hands but failed and was shot. He grunted from the pain, then pulled the arrow out and healed himself, before pursuing the Argonian. Tanan turned and saw Jo'Khar and taunted him for not quitting chasing him. In the distance they could see a river and Tanan sprinted towards it for his escape, thinking the Khajiit wouldn't be able to cross it. Roderic said that he doesn't mind the water and continued to chase after the thief. Jo'Khar cast a Lightning Bolt at the water, making the Argonian stop running towards it. The Sload pinned him down with Ice Spikes so to stop him from running. The Argonian asked the creature what it was that he did to him. The Sload replied that he didn't fix his ship and lied to try to con him out of gold. Tanan fired arrow after arrow at his pursuers. The Argonian tried to disappear but he was pinned so he stood and gave up.

Jo'Khar cast Ash Shell on Tanan, so as to stop him from escaping. However Tanan had faked giving up and struggled, managing to free himself from the Ash Shell. Jo'Khar then ordered the soldiers to get him, they managed to tackle him. The Sload asked the Argonian to give him the gold he had stolen, but when the soldiers tackled him and he gave up again the Sload got angry at them. The Sload approached Tanan and demanded the gold, he played dumb and avoided answering. Tanan tried to slime his way out of the ordeal, reminding the Sload that he wasn't the one that shot down his airship, he only helped lift a rock. It seemed to work, the Sload was confused. Jo'Khar grabbed his dagger and put it up against the Argonian's throat. He was sick of the Argonian's lies, he asked Tanan what his last words were. Tanan requested that he move the dagger, and claimed that he never lied. He said there was a man that could fix the airship, in Falkreath. Jo'Khar asked why he should trust the Argonian. Tanan said it was in his nature, but he asked to be taken to Falkreath so they could confirm his story. Jo'Khar still wasn't convinced, and asked how he knew the Argonian would keep his word. The Argonian replied saying the Khajiit was smart enough to tell truth from lie. Jo'Khar gave him a cold stare, but agreed to take him there. However he reminded the Argonian that if he tried anything Roderic would kill him. The Sload then added that he would likely eat him. Jo'Khar released the Argonian. A band of Crown soldiers, likely left over from the battle on the island, attacked the group. Tanan turned invisible, however he said he wasn't escaping, and started to fire on the soldiers. The Forebear soldiers fought against them and with the help of the Khajiit, the Breton general and the Argonian they were able to defeat them easily. Jo'Khar told Tanan to show himself. The Argonian appeared with a smile on his face and then fired on the Khajiit and made a break for it, heading towards the river again. Jo'Khar used Embrace of Shadows to disappear and appeared in front of Tanan. The Khajiit tried to break his leg but Tanan dodged the attack. He then gave up again, saying no one could take a joke nowadays. Jo'Khar told him that next time he tries to joke he would have his head mounted on a wall, then he escorted Tanan back to the group. The Argonian told the Mage that he respected him, and asked if he had need of a mercenary like him. Jo'Khar confessed that there was something, but that they shouldn't talk about it near the others. Tanan nodded and continued to follow Jo'Khar back to the others. By the look on his face it was clear the Khajiit had something bothering him, that wasn't about the war. Tanan tried to ask what the thing he needed a mercenary for was. The Khajiit told him to keep it between them, as he didn't know if Roderic would approve. The Argonian agreed and they met up with the group. Jo'Khar asked the Argonian if he had ever lost someone close to him and felt powerless to help them. Tanan replied that he had a brother, but asked why the Khajiit asked. Jo'Khar told him that he lost his entire family a few years back, and that he wanted revenge. But he didn't think Roderic would approve of the his revenge quest. Jo'Khar then noticed that Roderic was looking at him, and so he stopped talking.

Roderic told the Khajiit to focus on the war, like he thought he would, but said he was sorry for the loss of his family. Jo'Khar nodded slightly to keep anyone from noticing him and Tanan, they were trying to slip away from the group. However Roderic wasn't so easily ditched. The Breton told Jo'Khar that he looked like someone that was broken, which was true but till now he had been good at hiding it. Tanan ignored the general and the mage's talk and focused more on how he and the Khajiit could slip away from Roderic and the other soldiers. The Breton said that he knew revenge was important to him, but the war was more important, the mage nodded and pretended to be convinced by the general. Tanan said that he would still help the Khajiit with his revenge, but Jo'Khar told him to be quiet till then. Tanan, Jo'Khar and the others that were in Stros M'Kai left for Hegathe when they were called there by Bodean's cousin, Cluson. Bodean, who had returned to Taneth, was captured when the city was taken by the Crowns. With the Redguard king in enemy hands his cousin, the King of Hegathe, had taken charge of the Forebears. He was planning on taking Taneth back and freeing his cousin. The Nelthars were also in Hegathe, after having agreed to aid the Stormcrown Alliance in their war. In the city Cluson, his generals and the Nelthars planned their siege of Taneth. While in Hegathe the mage saw an opportunity to slip away and asked Tanan what he thought was a good way to do so. Tanan turned himself invisible and so did J'Khar, they then slipped away without anyone noticing. Jo'Khar noted that because Roderic would disapprove it was likely that he wouldn't be able to return as if nothing ever happened. And he also noted that the general might try to chase them. Tanan told him not to worry, as he might have escaped had the Khajiit not been there to stop him. Jo'Khar agreed, and said that all they needed now was a lead. The mage suggested Solitude as the man he was looking for may usually travel by boat. The two of them were able to get a boat in a village to the north to take them to Skyrim.

Return of the Septim Dynasty III

Jo'Khar and Tanan ran out of Hegathe a few days back, while King Cluson and his army were still in the city. They ran for what felt like hours until the mage asked the Argonian how long it had been since they ran. The Argonian said it must have been forever since Hegathe was far behind them. The two continued walking and came upon a village. There they found a ship willing to take them to Solitude. Tanan didn't want to pay their fare but Jo'Khar convinced him to, saying he owed him for all the trouble he caused in Stros M'Kai. After a long journey Jo'Khar and Tanan finally arrived at Solitude. They head for the city's inn. The conman waited for the Khajiit to get them rooms. The mage approached the Argonian and told him he was going to take a small break. He told him that they would meet up later. He handed Tanan the key to his room and then went to get some rest in his own room. After he left, Tanan immediately decided to ditch him. He left Solitude and headed towards Riften where he had contacts with the local Thieves Guild.

Hunt for Vengeance

Part II

Tanan was in the Bee and Barb when he spotted a Khajiit sitting at a table, but what caught his attention was his weapon. The old Khajiit set down his Stahlrim Battleaxe beside him on the table. The weapon was pretty rare to find in mainland Tamriel, as only the Skaal knew how to make them and they rarely traded with outsiders. So it caught the eye of many in the inn. Only a few seconds after the Khajiit's drink was placed on his table, the Argonian sat down across from him. He greeted the Khajiit and introduced himself as a traveling merchant. The Khajiit drank his ale and calmly asked him what he wished. Tanan grinned and said that the priest had a great looking weapon. He asked if it was on sale and how much he'd need to pay to take it off his hands. He figured that the fool probably didn't know just how much Stahlrim was worth to some people. If he played his cards right he could make a small fortune. The priest scowled, saying that it was not for sale. Tanan tried to butter up the Khajiit, saying that everything was for sale for the right price. The Khajiit scowled.

Before the old Khajiit could reply, the Argonian heard someone behind him. He told the Khajiit that he rented three rooms for them. Tanan recognized the voice. He slowly looked up at Jo'Khar. The mage recognized Tanan and immediately tried to grab him with his claws, but Tanan was able to slip away from the table. Tanan ran out of the Bee and Barb. The two Khajiit ran out of the inn and followed the Argonian through the Market District of the city, finally catching up to him in an alley after chasing him for quite a while. Tanan greeted the mage and said that it had been a long time. Jo'Khar told him that flattery would do him no good. He was angry that Tanan had left him in Solitude alone after he went through all the trouble to escape Hammerfell with him. The conman said that he appreciated that, but he had business he needed to get back to. Jo'Khar said that he owed him. He was going to help him find Morgan whether he wanted to or not. Tanan said that he would have to pass. The Khajiit said that it wasn't a request. The Argonian said that he didn't take orders from the mage. The old Khajiit drew his Battleaxe. He told Tanan to listen to Jo'Khar. The Argonian pointed out that this was kidnapping.

Jo'Khar said that this was just the Argonian having to pay off his debt. A Dunmer asked what was going on, joining the three of them in the alley. The mage told her that he ran into an old friend, whom gladly agreed to help them take down Morgan. She pointed out that he didn't look so willing. Jo'Khar dismissed her claim. Saying that Tanan only needed time. He then told the Argonian that he was a part of the group now, whether he liked it or not. Not seeing any way out of there that didn't end in him getting attacked, Tanan sighed and followed. Elvali told them what she learned from her contact. She asked the Khajiit if he was planning on heading there. The mage said that even if Morgan was not there, it was our best lead. With all four of them, they should be able to take them. J'Dhannar nodded with confidence, saying that Jo'Khar would have his battleaxe by his side. The Khajiit and his party left Riften and headed south to the ruined fort. The whole time Tanan was looking for a chance to escape, he had no intention on getting caught in Jo'Khar's revenge quest. However it was impossible with the Khajiit keeping such a close eye on him.

Elvali pointed to a ruined fort and said that it was Darklight Tower. Jo'Khar warned to keep their eyes opened. They wouldn't want the Nightblades to get the drop on them. He readied his spells. Elvali drew her dagger while the other Khajiit gripped his battleaxe. Tanan took out his bow and loaded an arrow. He thought about shooting one of them in the back, but decided against it because he wouldn't be able to escape from the others. The group approached the tower, trying to mask their presence. Jo'Khar had them all sneak in. The inside of the tower looked decrepit, abandoned. The Dunmer whispered to Jo'Khar that it was there they stashed their supplies. She figured that a caravan must already have come by and gotten them. Upstairs they heard footsteps. J'Dhannar pointed out that they weren't alone. The mage nodded and stood up. He assumed that they also knew they were there. So there was no point is sneaking. He told the others to get ready for the fight, they were going all the way to the top of the tower.

As he said that, a Nightblade lunged out of the shadows and attacked the group. The Nightblade lunged directly at Jo'Khar. He would have landed at hit if it had not been for J'Dhannar who saw him coming and hacked at him with Icestone. The priest pulled his battleaxe from the dead Nightblade's corpse. He pointed out that the enemy indeed knew that they were there. The group started up the tower, on their guard now that the Blackhearts were attacking them. They had to fight their way through numerous Nightblades as they climbed the stairs. They just kept coming out of the shadows and attacking them. Tanan was trying his best to stay out of the fights, as he didn't want to put his life on the line for the Khajiit. In fact he was very angry with Jo'Khar for draging him into this fight. He just stayed back and shot at the enemies with his Orcish bow.

Eventually the group made it to the last floor of the tower. They had to fight through numerous Nightblades and were a tad exhausted. J'Dhannar had received been stabbed in his left arm and was having trouble holding Iceblade. The Argonian was pretty unscathed as he had let the others take the blunt of the attacks for him. The room at the very top of the tower was large and circular. There were a few crates with the smuggler's supplies stacked nearby and a table with a map of northern Tamriel and a stack of papers. At the table were three individuals. All of them wearing the same leather armor as Elvali. One of them, a Nord, looked up from the map. His voice was harsh and aggressive, he said that finally the Khajiit showed his face. Like that of someone with the urge to kill.

Jo'Khar asked who the Nord was. The Nord asked if he was expecting someone else, then answered his own question. He said that the Khajiit had been hunting his boss for years now, but only recently got very aggressive. They weren't expecting that. Really caused their organization quite a problem. He looked over at Elvali and muttered that the rumors were true. She had betrayed Morgan. The Dunmer confirmed this. She said that she would help Jo'Khar get justice for his family, she owed him that much. The Nord laughed. He said that he would bring Morgan her head and take over as his second-in-command. In seconds he transformed into his Vampire Lord Form. Tanan began to slowly move back, trying to get out of the room. J'Dhannar prayed to the gods when he realized that he was a vampire. The man said that he was much more and turned into a cloud of bats. He appeared behind the Argonian, grabbing him. Tanan demanded that he let go. J'Dhannar tried to swing at the vampire but he was too far away and too late. The man dug his teeth into the Argonian's neck, cutting through the scales with ease. Tanan began choking on his own blood and died agonizingly in a matter of seconds. His body went limp in the vampire's grasp.


  • Tanan's original name was Tyran Rox, but it was changed to a more lore-friendly name after the user quit the RP.
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