Tandilyn Avalain
Important Information
Race Dunmer
Gender Female


3E 403


Azarain Avalain (Father)
Tabiah Enakis (Mother) (Deceased)
Casil Avalain (Brother)

Status Alive as of 4E 250
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'8
Weight 125 lbs.
Other Information
Affiliation College of Winterhold
Weapons None
Home Morrowind (Homeland), Winterhold (Current home)
I've lived nearly an era and seen more than most. I fear nothing.
— Tandilyn Avalain

Tandilyn Avalain is a Dunmer vampire and mage living in Winterhold and studying at the college of Winterhold.


Tandilyn had been trained to use magic from a young age. Her father announced that he would be giving one of them their inheritance early. Whoever was more skilled in magic by the end of the year would recieve their early inheritance. Tandilyn traveled to Cyrodiil to meet someone who could teach her more. After only a few days in Cyrodiil she had been tricked into buying skooma and using it. She had spent all her money on it after being convinced by a Khajiit drug dealer that skooma would improve her magical abilities. Eventually she became a begger in the Imperial City. She was addicted to skooma and would do anything to get some. She was thrown in jail after trying to steal money from a guard. After getting out of prison she stopped using skooma and joined the mages guild. Later on while she was trying to clear out a cave of vampires she became one herself. She hid her vampirism and excelled at magic. When the mages guild was disbanded she moved to Winterhold and lived there for some time. At some point she met a ship captain named Lucius Atrius and sailed with him often. They began to form a relationship but it didn't last. 







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