Tanion Nelthar
Race Breton
Gender Female
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Status Alive
Titles Princess(Formally)
Factions Nelthars
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Family Tyronos Nelthar (Twin Brother)
For the Tanion from the Burned-Mane Canon, see Tanion Nelthar (Burned-Mane Canon).

Tanion Nelthar, also known as The Dragon Princess or Dov Kulaas is a transmuted Breton within the Nelthar Organization.


Tanion is calm and known to observe from the air. She is wise for her age according to Nelthro. She has an extreme amount of interest in Dragons and their language.


Tanion was born in Northpoint, High rock to a breton mother and a Breton father together with her Twin brother Tyronos. They were a poor family and it quickly became apparent to them that they had overestimated their ability to raise both children. They had no choice but to abandon Tanion. And so they did on a beach nearby, they then moved away from Northpoint hoping to forget about the one twin.

Not shortly after however, Nelthro Kanir came along this very beach and picked her up. He looked over the newborn and decided that she might become something great. Nelthro took her to Skyrim where she was trained by the current mad leader of the Nelthar Clan known as Nait Nelthar. She was trained by him only a short while until the return of Alduin and the Dragons. Nait then decided ot give Tanion to his son Naritin to continue the training while Nait had to leave them to alert the rest of the clan.

Naritin however had other plans for Tanion and insted of training her she became a test subject for Naritins transmutations.


Tanion has many powers at her disposal, most notable is her ability to fly due to her large wings as well as her extensive knowledge of the thu'um.

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