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Base Damage 16
Weight 17
Base Value Priceless
Enchantment Target takes 31 points of fire damage, as well as Stamina absorption.
Type One-Handed, Sword
Material Dragonsteel
Current Owner Darius Septim

Tazaarfeyn, also know as Tyrant's Bane, is a unique Steel sword, which has a Dragonbone interior. It was forged by Harold Burned-Mane as a gift for Darius Septim, it was given to him during the battle for the Imperial City in 4E 215. Darius used Tazaarfeyn in his last duel with the tyrant, Augustus Mede, where he killed the Emperor with the sword.

The sword was forged in Harold's personal forge in Windstad, which is heated by Fire Breath. Because of this Harold is able to forge higher tier weapons and armor, like his Dragonbone Ebonsteel Armor, as the Fire Breath shout adds magical elements to the forge.


The sword's enchantment is: target takes 31 points of fire damage, as well as Stamina absorption. However, it can only be used to its fullest potential by someone with dragon-blood. If used by one who doesn't possess this blood the enchantment doesn't work, something it shares with the Amulet of the Nine. Harold achieved this by enchanting the sword with his own blood.


  • Tazaarfeyn was originally an Imperial Dragonbone sword, but since the mod didn't work it was changed to the Sword of the Ancient Tongues.
  • The dragon language inscription on the sword translates to "Dragonborn, by his honor is sworn, to keep evil forever at bay."
  • This weapon is from the mod Sword of the Ancient Tongues by Corvalho1